Saturday, April 2, 2011

Quilts for Christchurch

We have sent our extra quilts and are making more . We had a sewing day on sat. and sewed like crazy. So much more seems to happen when you are in a group. Lots of chat but plenty of sewing. I also loved the extra hour but someone forgot to tell the kitts. They are becoming so vocal, I do wish I could home these two, they are now 6 months and full of life and jollity. The homes seem to have stopped coming , all the foster mums have been left with kitts, apparently I am lucky I only have two. Love the photos, it really makes a difference to the blog. Love the scenery and the pets , Kathi's mountains are fantastic. I am baking my little heart out, a 3 year old's birthday tomorrow and certain goodies have been requested, including shortbread, that one surprised me. I will be a Nana again in Sept. Cara is very excited just wait and we will see . It is 4pm and getting cool must go and shut some windows before the house cools too much. Hugs to all , Bee in NZ

Springtime in the Rockies

We just got home from spending a few days at our cabin in Idaho's Sawtooth mountains. I thought I'd share some photos I took on Thursday morning. The mountains were out in all their glory.
Four cow elk spent about three days browsing on the hill behind the house. They made sure they kept an eye on us, but weren't terribly interested in what we were doing as long as they got to eat. All four of them looked like they were in pretty good shape even after the heavy snow we got this winter.

The weather up there is warming and the snow is rapidly melting off. That's not saying that we won't have many, many more nights of freezing weather, but springtime is on its way to central Idaho.


An extra hour in bed...

We changed our clocks to winter time last night. I have enjoyed the extra hour in bed this morning ! Not the usual rush to get out of the door in time for church ! Love the photos Rosey. The splash of blue brightened up the page and the one of the cat is beautiful. Sara, a kind thought re. the quilt for Christchurch. We are still busy rehousing and feeding people and I don't know who is dealing with donated quilts. I think Bee and her group are making some and the lady who organised heart blocks for the miners families, intends to send any surplus quilts to Christchurch. We've had a week of beautiful weather. Quiet, sunny days with very little wind. I've had people staying so it made it easier and generally more enjoyable. Nowhere to take anybody at the moment though... The city is still cordoned off, half of the parks are "out of bounds " and the coastline has problems with raw sewage.... We could have driven to the mountains but there have been problems with falling rocks and slips on the road.. Only two of our many cinemas are open and they are both in busy shopping malls, not exactly where I want to be just now ! I'm not complaining, just telling it as it is. Just received an email from UK telling me that six of the girls I trained with, in the early 60's, are having a get together later this month ! I'd love to be at that ! There were only thirty of us in our year. There wasn't much we didn't know about each other after three years together ! I've kept in touch with a couple of my special friends but I'm looking forward to hearing how the rest of them have fared in the last 50yrs !! We were a lively, adventurous group, so I'm sure there will be some interesting stories. (we were training to be Occupational Therapists) Hope you all have a good week. Marion.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hi. I don't know how many of you know this but I have a blog. It's I'm trying to get better about posting regularly on it but you know how that goes....... I just posted pictures of my sewing area.

I love the cat picture! Oh, and the beagle picture, too!

I understand we are to get some rain/snow overnight. I'm driving to Thief River Falls tomorrow, about 5 hours north to do a trunk show and class. I hope it misses us!
Hugs to all!
Sandi in MN

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Quilts for N.Z?

I confess I'm a bit slow. Shortly after the Christ Church earthquakes there were links to where we could donate a quilt for N.Z. Would someone please post that again?
After finishing up both bathrooms (BIG snoopy dance) I'm going through unfinished things in the quilty space. I had started a red, white and blue one, have top finished, and have polar fleece that I was going to put on the back. The blocks are 10" x 6" bricks, no USA stuff printed on it, or flags, just colors of R,W & B.
Would like to send this to the relief effort within the next month, as I know it is going into winter down under.
Put off visiting my Mom for a few more days, need to get my own house in order, and give my brother and sis-in-law some private time. May drive down on Mon or Tues. of next week.
Sara in Fla.

For you 'cat' lovers

This is from friend Susan, in California. Her name is Gaby. It's an interesting picture and quite graphic...very nice. Gaby, unfortunately, is in the process of dying, being an old cat of well over fifteen years of age. Susan lives in the country outside of a small oceon town, mid-way down the state of California. Because of the climate, Gaby has lived outside most of her life; her bed is tucked up high in their carport and she has not been an indoor cat. Yesterday, she disappeared, Susan fearing that she has gone away to die. She spent the day before holding her most of the day outside but the car journey to the vets is a half hour and Gaby gets very upset in the car so Susan has been hoping to avoid this if she can in her last days. But, it's an interesting picture, is it not.

It's still bitterly cold here in S. Ontario but still a dry air mass which is sucking up the snow, not necessarily melting it into the ground so we have many ugly brown patches showing through the white of the snow. It is not a picture showing our best time of It's days like this when you know why people go down south for holidays. Just part of the transition of mother nature, nothing to be done about it except bury our heads in a quilt. Rosey

Monday, March 28, 2011

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Worthwhile viewing.

Sunday, March 27, 2011


And to my American friends, color. I think this is one reason we all quilt. We'd never work in black and white for long, would we.

This photograph is from Jon Katz's blog today. It is the only blog I read on a daily basis as he has a great gift with his still photographs. Out here in the country, downloading videos takes so much time, I don't bother with them but his stills are often very interesting.

Doris, that Sophie is just adorable and very photogenic.

Bitterly cold here in Southern Ontario today and the wind was high. My sinus infection has finally departed, after two months but I'll touch wood on that. The wind today literally took my breath away given that I do experience mild asthma.

It's after ten pm and it's time for bed.