Saturday, October 11, 2008

We will all (my entire family, including my 88 year old mother, who has never voted for a Republican in her life) be voting for the McCain/Palin ticket. Sen. Obama's associations, his extreme liberal views, and his tax increases scare us to death. All those taxes on business will cause prices to shoot up on everything, since businesses pass those costs on to their customers and we end up paying them.

Pat in Rockport, TX

Looks like we're behind

I plan to vote for Obama/Biden because of their intelligence and I guess I am just plain liberal. I love you all anyway.

Friday, October 10, 2008


Hi Everyone,
Did you all take any pictures at the retreat?
We'd all love to see some.
I was sooooo jealous, sure hope I can attend the next one.

I was lucky enough to have lunch with Mayme & Diana (& their friends) at the
Quilt show in Grand Rapids Mi. Pat from Flint had planned to come too, but was
sick. How are you Pat? It brought back fond memories of the Mi retreat!
I was in Mi to visit my family & timed it so I could attend the show.
My Dad is in a nursing home so it was wonderful to be able to attend something fun!

It was a great quilt show. There were some astonishing quilts on display & wonderful vendors.
I'm on a fabric diet but a few patterns hopped in my luggage.

Last nite at our guild meeting we were lucky to have Colleen Wise speak & share her quilts.
She has written a book on Shadow quilting, they have an intriguing 3-D effect.
She does many other interesting designs as well & she has a great sense of humor & superb
delivery. We sure get to enjoy some excellent speakers through our guild.

Fall is definitely here, days are getting shorter & much cooooooler! But the good thing about getting old is that summer will be here before we know it! Time just flies!
I'll miss the warm sunshine but hopefully I'll have more time to quilt.
Hoping I will have at least a dry weekend to get some yard clean up done though.

Have a good weekend all, Jill

Thursday, October 9, 2008


We are hearing so much about the elections in America, we also have our elections in Nov but there seems to be as much about the American voters as our lot. We have a lot of racism here , not supposed to be ,but there is and a lot of it is from the Maori radicals. I like to think I don't let a colour change my way of thinking, in our group of quilters we have several different shades of colour and we are all really good friends. Quite often we hear about racial problems here and I can't see why . All are really nice people and we should not judge by race or colour. We live in a multi race area and I love it , always something to learn and the cooking , Yum .I try to live by the Golden Rule and wish others would do the same. Hugs to all from a sunny but cool NZ, Bee, in my asbestos panties.


I must agree that it goes both ways. I've been hearing, over and over again, interviews with people of color that say that they intend to vote for Sen. Obama because he's black. They don't seem to equate this with racism. Imagine the furor that would arise if people said they were going to vote for Sen. McCain because he's white? We were going to hold our noses and vote for Sen. McCain, but when he chose Gov. Palin as his running mate, we were delighted. She's an intelligent woman with more executive experience than the other three people in the race. I think it's appalling the way most of the media have been treating her and Sen. McCain. I'd love to see the unedited film of her interviews with Charlie Gibson and Katie Kouric. Not sure of that spelling, but you will know to whom I am referring. The more we have learned about Sen. Obama's associations, and his extreme liberal views, the more worried we are about him. My 88 year old mother says she's voting Republican for the first time in her life this year.

Pat in Rockport, TX, who will now retire to the closet to don her asbestos undies.

Color of skin, etc.

Yes, I am a color too. Sort of sand, with milky pink undertones.
The only person who would not be a color would be "clear", then we could see their bones, etc.
I'm not for Obama because is a liberal with a capitol "L". I'm conservative, I believe in the Judo-Christian values our country was founded on. Over the past 17 years I've worked in the pro-life comunity and helped to establish a crisis pregnancy center in our city. Now we have three branches. Hundreds, if not thousands of women have chosen to give life to their babies through this center. Men and women have been healed from the guilt and pain of past abortions.
I believe it was Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. who said " I long for the day when a child is judged by the content of his character, not the color of his skin". I believe Obama has "O" content to his character.
I'm not thrilled with McCain, but really like Sarah Palin!
OK, I don't want to stir up a hornet's nest, but Rosy did ask.
Yes, there are people who wouldn't vote for a man or woman because of their skin color. There are prejudices everywhere.
I too have dear friends from Jamaica, from Cuba, Puerto Rico, etc.
--Just as an example of prejudice--I was driving in a mostly "black" neighborhood several years ago when school kids started taunting me--"Hey, white girl-you looking for a Man, white girl". To which I responded -Yes, I'm looking for -----------, I'm his parole agent. They quickly changed their tune! I still remember the looks on the faces.
I'm sure Jane in N.C. could add some stories about the court system.
OK, it's too early in the morning for heavy stuff. Going to eat some cereal, have some tea, and start the day.
We quilters have something in common other than politics and skin color.
Sara in Fla.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I can think of many reasons to refrain from voting for Obama but pigmentation is certainly not one of them. Actually, I've been surprised and gratified by the fact that I've heard almost nothing about that even here in the old south. My problem is that I can't think of much of a reason to vote for McCain either. I've got to get busy and learn about the NC offices up for grabs. Elizabeth Dole is about the only one whose name I know. She's not a grand stander but that doesn't mean she hasn't worked hard.

Very sleepy right now but excited. I spent several hours this afternoon sorting fabrics and piling them up according to color and approximate size. I'm less than halfway but I found a few treasures I'd forgotten about. After the retreat I'm really psyched to work with it again. Except for the 15" block I made for the hand surgeon I haven't done much of anything since the accident. Now if I could just shake this sinusitis.


Tell Me It Isn't So........

I've just finished listening to the WNED Buffalo news with Jim Lehrer. It has been reported that some people in Penn. were canvassed as to who they would vote for as President of the United States and some people said that they wouldn't vote for Obama because of his colour. Surely, in this day and age, prejudice against colour doesn't exist...but apparently, it does. Tell me it isn't so.

I am a person of colour. I am white. My Jamaican friend, Lynette, told me once that in the world in which she grew up, whites were referred to as Pasteurized Wasps.

With the world in such financial crises, I can't believe that some people are actually concerned about the colour of a candidate's skin. Wouldn't it be more intelligent to be concerned about their ethics, their experience, their qualifications for the job than about the colour of their skin.

And I'm having trouble posting this...wonder if there is some prejudiced 'bug' stopping me from expressing my POV (point of view).


still reading

Still checking all three BB, but am only able to post to two. I still have not figured out how to get onto the yahoo site properly. Enjoy reading all of them though. Need to say Hello to TerTer and some of the Dugs. We've been in each others lives for a long time now. All of them lots of fun.
I realized something the other night. You know when you can not sleep and all this stuff goes through your head. Have to admit , most problems are solved in the nighttime. At least mine are.
With the retreat that we have we now have met some of the poster and now every post they write is so much more fun. When I see a name that I have met I can visualize her in my mind and the post takes on a whole new meaning. I can see the twinkle in the eye, the slight smile around the lips or the shake of her head, and even the full out gale of laughter.
You have all made my day(or night as the case may be. LOL
Looking forward to many more retreats and meeting many more of you.
Later and have a good time.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Reporting in from 1/2 Marathon

I promised to report in and tell you how I did. But first. . . .
Rosey-Thank you for you comments. I was waiting for you to say, "But now I'll go my seperate way" or something to that effect. We all have such different personalities, but isn't that what makes life interesting?
The race day started out grand. It was still dark, about 3,000 people there. The Navy band played. The Marine Corps had the color guard and we sang the national anthem.
The first 5 miles were good, I saw the sun come up, there were bands along the way, and lots of water stations. At 6 miles I wanted to quilt, as was going too fast. My GF & I slowed down, walked more and made it to the 10 mile mark. Then I really wanted to quit, as we were some of the last 5 or 6 people there, and the police motercycle was right behind us.
Finally made it to 12 miles by now in the hot sun by the riverwalk about 10:30 AM. Had to just walk the last mile and a bit and jogged over the finish line.
Time 15.35 per mile-total 3hr. 23:30 min. We then called our DH's and met at Cracker Barrell for breakfast. All was going well until about 2PM when I developed a killer headach. After moaning, taking Advil, etc. DH decided I must be dehydrated, so brought me 2 large glasses of water. That did the trick. I then drank Gatorade, etc. until about 8:30 PM (we were watching football on TV-our team won.)
Sunday morning I was just fine! Moral of the story-drink lots of liquids the 2 days before the race. Don't have any wine with the spagetti the night before.
Not doing this again next month, but probably will do the 1/2 in Feb. for the breast cancer run.
DH is tired of me getting up at 5:30, I'm trying not to wake him or the dog, but sometimes I do.
OK, have neglected the yard, etc. This week in Mamogram week, oh joy.
In the local press breast cancer, pink ribbons, etc. are in the news. I'm running to support reseach to find a cure.
OK, off to face the day and let the dog out for the 3rd time.
Sara in Fla.

Monday, October 6, 2008


Rosey's comment about BB friendship is so well said. Thank you for expressing just how I feel.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sunday morning in the country

Seems to be my standard title for want of a better subject heading.

Laura, I'm sorry to hear of your sister's cancer. How many of us, but for the grace of god and our immune systems going out of whack, would suffer the same fate. It must be painful for you to see her facing this ordeal again.

Bee, Marion, good to see DUGs logging in and I'm also sorry, Marion, to hear that your friend is not doing well with her bout with cancer. Bee, whatever medication is rejuvenating you, maybe we should all be on it.

I've had a very busy September, between full week-ends of B&B guests, volunteering at the horse trials which took up five or six energy-packed days, then the following day, guests from Grace's retreat arrived for a few days.

Which leads me to's been a great bonus in my life to have met such wonderful people over the Chat board and the internet but it also leaves one open to the occasional meeting of a few who can cause stress and I suppose like the broad section of our social lives anywhere, the variety is not a chosen choice. One chooses who one wishes to be with meeting people personally; over the internet, the choice is not always there. I have been greatly gifted with many of the internet connections I've made...Jean, Celia, Doris W., MaggieMM, Heather S., Kathi, and many others from my retreat here years ago whom I may overlook mentioning...I thank you all for the input of friendship, however brief, in my life on the internet...Celia from NB, most of all for her gift of laughter which she's left me with in smiles these past few days; Jean, whose mighty skill and pithy humour in driving brought them through the most wonderful colours in Algonquin Park, Kathi, whose quiet politeness and soft-spoken humour helped us all enjoy ourselves here last week. Tired as I was, it was my pleasure to spend time with you folks.

And now to get myself back in the kitchen to cook breakfast for four guests at what time, we did not determine last night...unusual for me not to ask so it will be a surprise for us all. And I'm back to baking dog bisquits again for my groomer who wants to order her Christmas gift dog bisquits and the money will go to Aussie Rescue (ARPH).

I taught another introduction to colour workshop yesterday all day and it went very well...a different concept for quilters...they made nothing in the workshop but were required to work with their eyes and minds.

The sun is shining so brightly at the moment, breaking through the overcast morning sky at 7:52 a.m. and I'm back to my post in the kitchen.