Friday, November 30, 2007

Winter is here & it's only November

And another Happy Birthday, added, to you Marge. I'm glad you thought to mention it. This board isn't as spontaneous as the old board but obviously the trade off with spam is completely justified. What did you do for your birthday?

Heather, great to see you out from the land of Oz and posting. South to you, is north to me, and I'm just plain dumb as to what's up there in the north. The north to me would be central Ontario to you. All relative.

Grace, how's Precious doing?

Lots of snow here too, blowing about today in great gusts but didn't leave as much as what looked to be coming down.

Sara, how well I know Red Tide. Interesting phenomenon, I thought it occured more on the west coast of Fla. rather than the east. I used to go to Siesta Key for many years running and there were times when it would spoil our time at the beach entirely. There is no getting around the fact that it makes you choke and you can't get your breath almost for the coughing. I remember the kill was so bad on the beaches that Sarasota brought out the prisoners to clean up.

Winter is actually a cozy time here. Just goes on too long and we all get very tired of it by Feb. but I've said that before. I love getting into bed at night under my duvet, a cup of hot ginger tea, a good book...My Christmas present to me is the new Sue Grafton book, T for Trespass. She has the outline for U and when she returns to CA she will start working on it, apparently.


Thursday, November 29, 2007

Well, it's been a while but I have managed to remember how to sign in and my password...

Grace, we will be joining you in living in a white winterland....over the past 2 days we have received over a foot of snow....lots of shoveling yesterday for the Yorkie gang.....and the snowblower worked first time out !! We may be living 'south' compared to where we have been for the past few winters but it seems the snow has followed us. At least the temps are not so extreme...

Marge....Happy Birthday!

Off to do some cleaning up in the sewing room....leftovers from projects have gotten out of hand and in a tiny room it sure adds up fast...



Hello all, Looks like we will be in a white world for the next couple of months. We have had snow now almost for the last four days. Not a lot but just enough to have everything completely white. I must say it is a cleaner looking place than when it was all brown and gray. Thank goodness it is not really really cold. Guess I can live with this.Well really what else am I going to do?
Marge I will think and wish you a Happy Birthday.I will have tea @ 2 as I need to be in a meeting @ 3 but it will be 3 in the Atlantic provinces.
Have a wonderful day
Now I better get at it.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

an old tradition

Could we reinstate the old tradition of having tea at 3 for a birthday?
How about starting tomorrow November 29th, at three your time for my birthday?
I miss that and since no one has said anything about it, I thought I would try.

Marge in Louisiana


It recently dawned on me that my passport will expire in a few months and I need to take care of that. Don't forget all you US types; we need a passport to travel to and fro the Canadian border. The process has been overloaded lately and I hear that it can take six months to get a passport so best get busy now. That's on my list to take care of this week.


Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Red tide and the curtains from He--

Tuesday evening here. I'm one of those who love to watch "Dancing with the stars" and will watch the final tonight at 9:00 PM. My vote is for Helio, he did the best last night. Marie was to cutsie, the spice girl to spicy, so Helio was the overall best.

I have heard of red tide, and the fish kill that goes with it, but this past week was my first experience with it, and hopefully the last. It is a bacteria (I think) in the ocean that causes fish to die, but also causes eye and lung problems in humans. Although we didn't see any dead fish, the breathing was awful for 2 days, you couldn't even walk down to the ocean without coughing like a bad chest cold.
We did take the bikes, so went for several rides along some bike trails. The curtains were as stated in the title. It always seems to be hard to do something that is supposed to be "simple".
I did get the white liner part hung but had to bring the blue front pieces home to work on them. Had to use a long travis rod instead of what I wanted, so had to put pinch pleats in the curtains. What a pain in the neck. Hope to have them finished by tomorrow at this time.
Our T day dinner was fun, Turkey and all the traditional trimings at a favorite place. We did see the old cars, several times. On Friday night there was an "authenic" old car parade in Ormond Beach, just slightly north of Daytona. It is the 50th Anniv. of their meetings. LOts of fun to watch. It was "cool" cold by Florida standards, hard wind blowing off the beach.
Back to normal-just a setting on the dryer around here.
Sara in Florida

Sunday, November 25, 2007


Hope your leftovers are winding down. We did a turkey breast; about half is left, sliced and frozen for sandwiches - my favorite part. Have a batch of bread in the oven to go with... Holiday meals are simpler for just the two of us. Only cook our favorites. This year it was turkey, sweet potatoes, roast veggies, stuffing, gravy, rolls and DH's pumpkin pie. Did eliminate other desserts, salads, green beans and mashed potatoes. Hmmm - thought I cut back more. Perhaps that is while the scales are going up rather than down.

We've been in AZ almost three weeks. Taught two classes; yesterday's was full and lots of fun. Wide variety of skills and experiences made it even more interesting. It was the Cowboy Boot Christmas stocking. If those who wanted the pattern will send a stamped self addressed long envelope, will send it to them. Am at 6105 W Red Sky Circle - rest later.

Three more classes and then will finish the Christmas gifts. Also working on another quilt for next quarter's classes; the rest are done. ....Tucson, AZ 85713

Weather has been all over the place in temps. 93 when we arrived; 85 much of the next week and 60s this week. Had to dig out the jacket for church this morning. No complaints. DGKs were sledding for Thanksgiving...and wishing for more snow.

MJ Gustafson