Saturday, February 23, 2008


It's beautiful here after several very dreary days. I think that if it is going to be dreary the least the weather gods could do is send with the dreariness lots of sorely needed rain. We are still way behind and there is still a state wide outdoor burning ban in effect.

Knee progress continues to be outstanding. I've been discharged from home health and will continue as outpatient rehab at the hospital in Sylva. I'm driving (the left leg is the site of the recent surgery) and find myself forgetting the cane. They have encouraged me to continue its use to encourage a more normal gait and not let a limp habit to get established. My only and continuing problem is the darned hives which are in full bloom. My family doc has left her family practice and when I called the doc I will be seeing from now on she was booked to the eyeballs and I was asked if I'd like to see the newly employed PA (physician's assistant). Sounded good to me and I was quite pleased with him. He had the nurse give me a significant shot in the butt of prednisone, wrote a prescription for the gradually diminishing dose of prednisone pills for the week. I do have an appointment with a dermatologist on Wednesday but I'm sure the next step will be an allergist and the long process of exploring each of my medications (and there are 13 prescribed meds) and, of course, food. It seems that I just get one problem under control and another rears it ugly head. I'm taking a lot of Benadryl for the itchies too and that's keeping me sleepy.

Ronna, I've thought of you often. I was afraid that you were lost at sea or something. Welcome back.

Sondra, why haven't we heard from you? Busy on the new job I guess.

Greetings to one and all.

Time for my knee exercises and a walk with a very restless white, black and tan pooch who rules the roost hereabouts.


Friday, February 22, 2008

Hi Ronna!! - have wondered how you are doing. So glad to see your post.

Don't be a stranger now
Pat in Flint

West Michigan checking in

Welcome back Ronna!

I'm Baaaaaack!!

Hi Everyone!

Finally, I received my invitation to once more join the WWQP Chat page! I've missed you guys.
I just visited Sondra in CA and lamented that I had been unable to get back on the page since the format changed and she told me to try again. It took her about 12 requests. I guess I did a lot better; I was successful after about 3 tries.

Lots of things have happened in my life, but I am just fine. Still working in the Lab, but half-time at the moment. This suits me fine for the time being.

My Dad died on April 1st and I have been really busy with estate stuff. We had to sell his house, clean everything out, etc. I'm sure many of you have been through this already and know the amount of work involved. I miss him a lot. It was so quick. He was diagnosed in mid December of 06 with a bile duct tumor. Bad news... because in general, people don't live very long if the tumor is large. It often is because people don't show symptoms until the very end.
Although it sounds awful, at least it was quick.... unlike with my Mom. She suffered a long time. Dad had about 6 hellish weeks when he tried chemo to buy a little time. As with Mom, I think it made him go down hill all the more quickly.
Anyway, enough of that for the moment.
I haven't had time yet to catch up on some of the posts to see what's up with y'all, but I'll try to stop in more often!

Ronna in Happy Valley

__/^^^^^o> your local iguana



And that's Friday before winter break from school!! Yeah!! I just have to try to motivate DS through one more day of school and then we get a week off. It has worked out well in Grammar, as we finished a chapter yesterday and will have the test today, and not too bad in Science as we'll finish the chapter today and I HOPE he can take the test today after some review. I did not start a new chapter in History because of the break, but we're going to be left in the middle of a math chapter. Oh, well... I guess we'll just have to review when we pick up where we left off.

Wow, a week without school--maybe I'll get back to my niece's log cabin wedding quilt! I just have a few more blocks to finish, then I can assemble the top. Since it's king-sized and the wedding is June 7, I'm going to try to have someone local machine-quilt it for me. Wish I could hand-quilt it, but there's just not enough time.

Sunday oldest DD turns 21! Yikes! That will be two of my kids who have hit that milestone. How did my babies grow up so fast??? The next one down is 19, so it won't be long before he's there too. Then we've got 12 and 14. Ahh...adolescence. I hope I can get through this with my sanity intact!

Kira update: She is doing well, starting to put the foot down a bit on the leg she had the knee surgery on. She's right on schedule, as the vet's paper said she would start putting weight on the foot after two weeks, and that's what it's been. Unfortunately, this makes her hobble more than just walking on three feet, but she needs to start using that leg again so even though it looks sad, it's a good thing. Poor brave doggie has been so good throughout this ordeal.

Meanwhile, Riley the hound is lying on the floor next to my feet dreaming, running in her sleep and grunting. Talk about the life of Riley!

Must go and home school now. Have a good day, all.

Jean in VT

Monday, February 18, 2008

happy family day !

Here in Ontario we have a new winter holiday...."Family Day"...... I believe it is President's Day in the US and family day in a couple of other as a family we are doing laundry, I am trying to organize some things for our new home, DH is assembly baby stroller, playpen, swing definetly family type things.....

Love the doggie pix's......will have to try to find a pix of all five yorkies....something rare to have them all be together sitting, unless they are all trying to sit with DH !

So if this is a holiday weekend hope everyone is having a good one.....and even if it is not a holiday!


Sunday, February 17, 2008

hum, lost my post?

Anyway, just wanted to say how handsome Sara's boyfriend is, & a dog lover, gees!

Here's my bff with a baby quilt that must get out in the mail here soon.

Marion your trip sounds fabulous!

How are you Jane?

Hope your line dancing by summer.


Good to see you posting Jane, hopefully, that means that you are feeling more comfortable sitting at the computer desk.
The hot weather came to an end last week. The much needed rain came down and the temperature dropped dramatically. We even have a sprinkling of snow on the Alps... Quite a shock ! The farmers are greatly relieved ofcourse and gardeners are rejoicing at the difference a good downpour can bring..
I'm excited today . I am expecting a visit from a school friend from England . We haven't seen each other for over forty years ! The first challenge will be to recognise each other !! She will only stay for two nights but that should be long enough to catch up on a few of those missing years ! We will go to Hanmer Springs tomorrow and sit in the thermal pools . DH has offered to take us out for dinner at night so that will be fun. When she leaves, I must focus on all that has to be done before we leave for Scotland next week. .. Spoke to DD last night and she has organised for us all to go to Ireland for a week in early April, that will be fun, we've never been there before. Not much quilting being done here lately but I have packed my "activities bag" for the trip !
Have a good week.