Saturday, August 29, 2015

Let me tell you a story.     A very close family friend was killed in a motorcycle accident two weeks ago.  He was  51 years old.  He was buried Monday this week.   Lance was on a paved road on his bike, wearing his helmet.  He had stopped at a red light.  He was the second vehicle at the light.  A third car came up behind him, rear ended him and forced him into the back end of the SUV in front of him.  He was killed instantly.   The woman who hit him, is 31 years old.  She was going at least 55 MPH in a 25 MPH zone and was on her cell phone.  The police are still investigating the accident, but one of the officers says she will most likely be charged with vehicular homicide at least.  

There was absolutely no reason for Lance to be killed.   Whatever that woman was doing on her cell phone could not possibly  have been more important than taking someone's life.  I am sure this accident will have a long term effect on her and her family.  I know our family will remember this forever.   Please, do not use your cell phone and drive.  Pull over or wait until you get someplace where you can safely answer your phone. 
Pat in Flint

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Iron Curtain

My husband has collected these 'artefacts' over the years of being here, painted them up black and they are always a curiosity draw for our Bed & Breakfast guests.  Last year they got moved from one side of the driveshed to the other, where they now reside.  Moving anything of DH's amounts to a huge invasion into what he considers his and where his things are placed.  World War 3 the moving of his Iron Curtain took a bit of doing and a lot of sulking on his part.

I now have posted on my toolbar, something that never existed in my life 20 years ago, the URL for the Globe & Mail obituaries as we are at that age.  What I'm noticing now is that all the Mabels, the Berthas, the Wilburs are being replaced by names of my generation....hmmm, that's a message in itself. 

Monday, August 24, 2015

this & that

No, the heat doesn't seem to bother ther dogs much.  They were born & raised here in Fla. so that is the only thing they know.  It was eith the dog flu, which I understand is going around, or an episode of anxiousness.  I won't go into the details, but she was very sick.
She doesn't like living in a condo, yes we can go out on the beach for a walk, but she has to be on a leash, even a long one, and not free to really "RUN" like she would like to do.
We are seriously thinking of letting our 18 year old grand son have her, the mom & dad ( by DD and SIL) will be here Fri-Sun to get more furniture.  She needs more attention, a yard to run in, etc, and they have all that in S. C.
Soon we will be doing remodeling, having workers in and out, noise, etc. and they will upset her more.  Her sister doesn't seem to care about any of that!  Very different dogs even though the same litter.
Still hot and humid here.  We have had several days that were only in the high 80's but so humid that the sweat didn't evaporate, and yucky feeling.  About 4 or 5 days a week we get terrific thunder/lightning storms that blow up quickly, and the air drops about 15 degrees.
No quilting here lately, trying to deciding on flooring.  We did make a decision on a wood for the bedroom, just waiting for the estimate from the installer.
Anyone out there use the "luxury vinyl" flooring?  It's supposed to be waterproof, and used in offices,  health care offices, etc.   We have several samples and are working with a decorator-person.
She is very interesting, raises goats, donkeys, large dogs, chickens, and does interior decorating as a side job.
Got to get some laundry done, then going to a new chiropracted this afternoon.
Sara in Fla.