Monday, August 24, 2015

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No, the heat doesn't seem to bother ther dogs much.  They were born & raised here in Fla. so that is the only thing they know.  It was eith the dog flu, which I understand is going around, or an episode of anxiousness.  I won't go into the details, but she was very sick.
She doesn't like living in a condo, yes we can go out on the beach for a walk, but she has to be on a leash, even a long one, and not free to really "RUN" like she would like to do.
We are seriously thinking of letting our 18 year old grand son have her, the mom & dad ( by DD and SIL) will be here Fri-Sun to get more furniture.  She needs more attention, a yard to run in, etc, and they have all that in S. C.
Soon we will be doing remodeling, having workers in and out, noise, etc. and they will upset her more.  Her sister doesn't seem to care about any of that!  Very different dogs even though the same litter.
Still hot and humid here.  We have had several days that were only in the high 80's but so humid that the sweat didn't evaporate, and yucky feeling.  About 4 or 5 days a week we get terrific thunder/lightning storms that blow up quickly, and the air drops about 15 degrees.
No quilting here lately, trying to deciding on flooring.  We did make a decision on a wood for the bedroom, just waiting for the estimate from the installer.
Anyone out there use the "luxury vinyl" flooring?  It's supposed to be waterproof, and used in offices,  health care offices, etc.   We have several samples and are working with a decorator-person.
She is very interesting, raises goats, donkeys, large dogs, chickens, and does interior decorating as a side job.
Got to get some laundry done, then going to a new chiropracted this afternoon.
Sara in Fla.


At August 28, 2015 at 11:25 PM , Blogger Fran (Sth Aust) said...

Sara, we have just put vinyl tiles in our family room/kitchen area of the new house and are delighted with them. Yes, they are supposed to be waterproof, etc. They are quite large, rectangular tiles and ours look like stonework. Quite expensive though...

At August 29, 2015 at 6:08 PM , Blogger Sara in Florida said...

Fran, thanks. I'm finding that EVERYTHING is quite expensive. DH really wanted to go with porcelain 20 x 20 " tiles. They are about the same price, but to rip up what is here now, level, then install the tile would make it more than the other things. The labor is the most expensive part, not to mention being on the 12th floor gives us more problems with disposal. We are supposed to have one or two more choices to see on Mon. or Tues.
We did pay for and order the real wood for the bedroom. Looking forward to having it, as the carpet that is there is awful.
DD and SIL here, and will take the 1 dog with them back to South Carolina tomorrow when they go. They have a yard, which is a plus, but the dog doesn't like car travel. They said a 30 day trial run should tell them.
No quilting here. Going to Chiro. Dr. twice a week, and to see my mom once a week.
Sara in Fla.

At August 30, 2015 at 8:09 AM , Blogger Fran (Sth Aust) said...

Sara, I should have also told you that these tiles are very soft and warm to walk on, easy to clean and also to lay. Householders could do it themselves if they are that way inclined, I'm sure. We watched the lad laying them and it was mostly just using a special glue on the edge of each tile. If one is damaged in some way it is apparently quite easy to lift, as the glue stays quite 'tacky' underneath, and then replace (we have extra tiles as they had to be bought per box of 10). Hope that helps.

We are the opposite to you - DS and DDIL are coming to visit for a week before he moves over to England. They are bringing her cat with them - we have the dubious honour of being his next owners. DH is happy with the idea, but I just can't work out yet where we're going to put the kitty litter box (Aston is an indoors-only cat) and how he is going to get on with our old dog.

Hope the chiro visits are helping.
Fran in SA

At September 1, 2015 at 3:23 PM , Blogger Sara in Florida said...

Thanks so much Fran! We are leaning more and more to the vinyl tiles. Between visiting my Mom on the other side of town (horrible traffic) nd planing on a kitchen re-model there isn't any time or energy to quilt. Took my machine in yesterday for tune up anyway. It's been years. Should not have lifted it, as re-hurt the back but doing better after an adjustment at noon.
Yes, doing better with this new chrio. group, although they are hevy on pushing "extras" Right now going Mon. & Wed. and feeling taller and many less aches and pains.
Sara in hot, humid Florida who is thankful that so far there is no rain today.


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