Saturday, December 20, 2008

Holiday Greetings

So sorry to hear of all the financial worries over there, they seem to be much worse than here. We always follow on from the States so things are not so good here and getting worse. At least our weather is warm, not having ice and snow like all of you.Glad to hear the walking wounded are improving and it sounds as though some quilting may be happening soon. We have had to cancel Christmas this year , as our DIL's mother is terminally ill and may not make it to Christmas. She is an integral part of our celebrations and we can't celebrate without her. It is our newest grandchilds first so we have to do something for her but the rest of us are not in holiday mood. I have been making her a Christmas stocking, one of those Brucilla , ones and have so enjoyed it. Very fiddly but fun. She is going to be a very lucky girl as we have gone overboard , twenty years since our last grandkid, and this nana has had so much fun making toys and clothes for her. The best part of all this is that her mother is now into sewing and knitting and we are getting on so well. We haven't before and now is such fun, I can talk to my DD and not get into trouble . For some reason we have never been very friendly and now we really have a mother, daughter relationship. My dream come true. Better go, I can hear DH stirring so our day is starting. Hugs to all of you and keep warm and safe, Bee in NZ.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Good news

I am so relieved. I went back to the surgeon today for my six-week checkup, and all is well. The physician's assistant had me move my arm (meaning move it with the other hand!) various ways, and she says I am exactly where I should be. Whew! I was afraid I was behind on my mobility. She also said I don't need the sling anymore and I can now drive again. Yes!! Oh, and I can take Advil again. I wasn't allowed to take that for the first six weeks (supposedly I needed inflammation at first to heal?) and I'd been making due lately with just extra-strength Tylanol. I like Advil much better, so am glad to be able to use that now.

I was also told to slowly start using the arm. She said it will hurt, but I need to start using it some, just not to lift more than five pounds. Ha! I can't lift much of anything right now, the arm is so weak. But she says after some aggressive physical therapy (ugh!) when I come back in seven weeks I should be able to lift that arm on its own over my head. The thought of pretty much having my arm back in seven weeks motivates me to do that nasty PT. Remind me I said that tomorrow while my physical therapist is stretching the arm over my head. Yesterday I told him I felt like I was on the rack--you know, the ancient instrument of torture? I kid you not!

Went to DD's school Christmas concert tonight. The school choir sang and the two different hand bell choirs (one of which DD is in) played. So beautiful. A lovely kick-off for their Christmas vacation, which begins after school tomorrow.

Off to bed with me now. I'm finally starting to sleep a little better too! And to all, a good night!

Jean in VT

checking in

It's been a while since I checked in. I hope everyone is doing well. Our weather here has been dreadful. I cannot remember when we last saw the sun. It's been cold, it's been freezing, we had some snow a week ago, lots of rain & drizzle, and fog that comes for several hours then leaves. Is this what it's like to live in the UK and Ireland during winter? I'm thinking the answer is 'yes.' Although we should see highs in the 60s over the weekend. Typical Tennessee. And it will get cold again on Monday but the sun should put in an appearance.

SARA IN FL - I hope you are *NOT* getting the cold virus that has been going around here. It starts with a sore throat and takes forEVER to go away. I'm still in the throes of it after over three weeks, and slowly feeling better every day.

JANE & JEAN - take care and heal quickly. You need to be in good form by the time Spring arrives.

Hugs to everyone,

Doris W. in TN

And I'm as likely to forget, too

I hope everyone has as good a Christmas holiday as they could hope for. Not everyone has family about and it makes it all the harder I think but if I was alone I would plan a special day; look for a nice church service, maybe volunteer somewhere serving Christmas dinner...For me it would be getting out if I was alone; as it is, my three 'kids' with their families will come Christmas day weather permitting and that is a big IF. The turkey may stay wrapped in a sleeping bag in the freezer for more days than I'd hoped. I'm picking up a fresh bird on Sunday...just being defeathered tomorrow.

We are told that a storm is coming Friday, Sunday and Wed, Dec. 24th. Everyone is concerned about the driving conditions.


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Just in case...

...I don't get back here in the next week, I'd like to wish you all a happy, peaceful Christmas season. I hope everyone gets to spend good time with their loved ones, and that you all enjoy the really important things about Christmas: love, sharing and hope.
I'm almost ready. I have a lunch for my students tomorrow (our last day), and then I have to work like the dickens to get ready to leave on Friday. I managed to arrange dinner out tonight and tomorrow (how smart is that), so I won't have to cook or deal with leftovers. I'll be hand-quilting Jack's quilt until Christmas Eve, I'm sure. That's ok.
We are having very cold weather, as many of you are. It used to be like this 20 or 30 years ago, but we are not used to it any more. It's good to snuggle into the fleece sheets at night under a couple of quilts. Keep warm everyone!
Hugs, Brenda in Nn Ontario

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Film review etc....

Thanks Sara, for the film review. "Australia" opens here next week and I am looking forward to seeing it . I haven't visited northern Australia but DH is keen to do so.. too many dangerous things up there for my liking...snakes and crocodiles to name but two !! Hope that the sore throat hasn't developed into anything worse, not what you need the week before Christmas.

Rosey, sounds as if you're going to have a white Christmas . My mother used to say that they are fine on Christmas cards . (do we ever stop remembering and repeating things our mothers said ???) We've had a humid week here with occasional heavy rain showers . Good for the garden but not so good for the evenings around the BBQ's .

Jean , what a miserable year you've had since you fell and hurt your shoulder. Lets hope that there will be more movement and less pain from now on.

Jane, reassuring to know that you ' ain't dead yet' !!!! Your latest surgery sounded very complicated. I'm pleased that you were able to go to the local nursing home until you felt able to cope at home. I'm sure the residents would enjoy a visit from you and Shadow when you feel up to it.

All is well here. Just the usual busyness of this time of year. DH and I are like "ships that pass in the night" as our days are busy with different activities and groups of people . It will be good to have a few days away next week. We've had our neighbours Beagle staying this week. She and our Beagle are good friends and enjoy tiring each other out. The day she was to go home she disappeared for seven hours ! Not good news. We thought we had a dog proof fence line.. We are surrounded by open country and there was no sign of her anywhere. Her owners were (thankfully) very laid back about it all and said she would return when she was hungry !! We were very pleased to hear her barking , just on dusk. She was the wrong side of the fence so we're still not sure how or where she got out...

We are visiting DD#2 in Auckland for Christmas so I may not get time to post before we go away. I'd just like to thank all those who have continued to post here and to encourage more lurkers to say hello !! I'd like to wish you all a very happy time with friends and family and all the best for 2009 . It looks as if it could be a challenging year for many of us..


Monday, December 15, 2008

Forgot the movie review

AUSTRALIA--We went to see it Friday night. More than a chick flick, but that too. Beautiful shots of the country, a WW II movie, and great costumes. I didn't know anything about the Australian natives, but trust that is was a somwhat honest potrait.
It is about 2 and 1/2 hrs. long, but very good, I'd give it 4 stars.
Sara in Fla.

Sports bras, space bags, etc.

Monday morning in not so sunny Fla.
My 2 cents worth on things--If you arn't too well endowed try a sports bra without any underwire. I buy mine at Target, the Champion brand. They sell the same brand at the sporting goods stores (Dick's, Sports Authority, etc.) It helps to try several on. I think the people who make sporting goods clothes think everyone is a size 4.
I just pull it over my head, and it is there. The Danskin (dance clothes) make good ones too, but expensive. If you have an outlet store where you live and arn't too concerned with the colors they have good buys. My rasberry colored one was only $5.00.
Space bags (on the other page) the seals arn't the greatest, and sometimes you have to play with them to get them to work.
I've taken some back when they failed, and the store replaced them.
Whoever wanted to use them for a quilt could wrap it in a pillowcase or old sheet and then use the bag. My instructions said to open it every 6 months and re-fold the contents. If you were really pressed for storage space that would work.
The party last Thursday night was a hit. About 20 people showed up. I think women need to get out with other women and laugh and catch up. We had 3 kinds of tea, and lots of goodies. The ladies brought many packs of diapers, lots of cute outfits, onsies, etc. This should help out lots of women in the next few months. Almost 500 diapers! Several people were generous and brought cases of them.
Trying to fight off a sore throat this morning and laying low. Will drink some O.J. and tea in a few min. Things have gotten off to a slow start here on Monday morning.
Sara in Fla.