Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday May 6th

Can't believe the time is flying by and that it's May already. This morning feels more like an April morning, a nip in the air, overcast and rain predicted for later in the day. But the grass is a brilliant emerald green and thankfully, just now, the lawn tractor started after a winter of rest. Always a concern in the country is the fact that machinery breaks down with a consistency of regular annoyance as to when it happens.

Jane, if that isn't the picture of bliss, I don't know what is. Two dogs stretched out on the floor, one upside down in the bed, I love it. Nothing like a dog to love. Ooops, I know, cat lovers would disagree....cats included. But there's something about dogs who stretch out with utter abandon and surrender themselves to relaxation and sleep.

Sara, you truly are humorous. I can imagine through your words, standing at the front of your group with your front tooth coming loose. We're raised to love our siblings and our families no matter what they do...they are family, yet, alcoholics take a very special patience to love. You'll have some things to attend to over the next few days.

Laura, no-one, unless they've lived through an experience and seen first hand, the devastation that nature can impose on human life, will ever relate fully to the tragic events such as the tornados that ripped through Alabama, just as most of us have never experienced or seen first hand the devastation Marion has witnessed in Christchurch. I'm glad you're safe.

Today is devoted to bodily care. A hair cut in an hour's time in the little village south of here and then, the biggest treat of the month for me, energy balancing or polarity therapy with my longtime massage therapist whose hands now disallow her doing body massages and she's doing energy balancing work. She has a small room built onto the back of their old log cabin home down in the valley below where I live and she is one person from whom I draw good energy. Of course, this doesn't preclude annoyances and burps in my day but it's nice to think about a day going smoothly and enjoyably.

Rosey in Southern Ontario, Canada

Thursday, May 5, 2011

wacky things, and sad news

Wouldn't you know it. I have a small speaking gig tonight at my ladies' church meeting, about how our crisis preg. started. On Mon. night while eating a salad my front tooth crown fell into the salad.
OK, got it back in on Tues. the dentist said I need a new crown, had to go to another dentist to have the "post" removed, then on Wed. back to the dentist for a temp. and casts for a new crown.
While very carefully eating some lunch the dang thing fell out again. So back to the dentist at 3:00, hopefully they will use some super glue. I can just see me standing up in front of people and my front tooth falls out!
On top of that last night about 9:30 two police officers come knocking on the door. Evidently my DH's older brother died, and no one could find phone # for us. He was about 75, lived in a retirement high rise in so. Fla. The sad part is that he was an alcoholic all his life, never married, had no will or life insurance that we know of. We will have to have the apt. manager let us into the apt. to get a picture of him, and some identification, such as a driver's lic. for the funeral home.
So--ladies--please, even if you don't have any life insurance, at least hand write your will or burial instructions for those who are left behind. And let someone know where it is.
Will be gone from home several days.
Sara in Fla.


All that running and sniffing is hard work. Now it's time for blessed and well earned rest.

Kit and Rocky Brown

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I'm sure I speak for everyone here when I say that I am relieved to hear that you have survived, even more than survived. Whew, close call.

Jane in NC

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I'm finally back

The power was restored at about 11:30 this morning, just a few minutes short of one full week after it went off. I have been back at work since Monday. I can tell you that a few days of living without refrigeration, lights, computers, and hot showers has really made me grateful for the modern conveniences I took for granted.
On my way to work, I pass areas that were totally devastated in the storms last week. There are homes without roofs with tarps draped over the openings, homes that are completely gone, and homes that look untouched, all sitting within a few yards of each other. There are still power and phone lines down in those areas, and I'm guessing they won't have power for quite awhile. There are lots that used to be full of large trees that are just debris now. Many people have not been able to work for a full week, and if you are paid by the hour, or week, that is a crippling blow. The small businesses in this area were already having a tough time. This may be enough to kill some of them. I plan to eat out quite a bit for the next few days; I don't want to fill my refrigerator because they're still talking about "temporary fixes." Maybe others will be doing the same and saving the restaurants...
I feel for anyone in the path of these storms, and anyone suffering from the results of other disasters. My sympathy just became a bond of common experience, even though we were very lucky in this house.
Back up your files, photos, and important documents, and store them somewhere away from your house! Some people have lost everything but the clothes on their backs.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bee in NZ

Oh dear,,, how awful for New Zealand. I promptly "Goog" it and found a site (that my McAfee deemed safe) with the news story and a video. I am always amazed at people who sit there and videorecord these twisters. I would be hunkered down in a closet somewhere safe!


in Auckland NZ. WE don't have them in NZ but today was different. Two people are dead and a lot of damage. Not far from us, about 15 miles and it then went south and not too far from my DS1's house, which has a lot of plate glass. The weather forecast is maybe for more. I think I will sleep in my bath tonight. Hugs Bee in NZ

Monday, May 2, 2011

Bin Laden dead, justice has been done, the headlines say

I've had a busy day of laundry, etc. today also. Loved reading about the Royals, the lesser and the greater. From all the pomp, to the beauty of the little girl's dresses, and the photo.

Today I'm so glad that Osama bin Laden has finally, after 9 and 1/2 years, met his final end.
We all realize that terrorist will try to continue being what they are, but at least one of the main ones won't be able to do any more harm.
Evidently this was in the planning stages for a year, and was supposed to happen Sat. night, but was put off 1 night waiting for less visibility so they could be as stealth as possible.
OK, that's my story, and I'm sticking to it.
Going to eat more vegetables and fruit, less sweets, and so on for the next 11 weeks. While having the thyroid blood work, I found out the LDL cholesterol and the blood sugar too high.
Also blood sugar too high. Sigh :( there's always something.
Sara in Fla.


Rosey - As you can see, I don't keep up with the royals except what is on TV news. Seems like the little girls' parents are looking out for her best interests re: surgeries. She appears to be a happy child and well-adjusted despite her situation, so is probably being raised right. The entire ensemble in the photo seem so relaxed, unlike royal wedding pics from generations past.

Rain here.... ugh. Mushrooms are popping up everywhere. We're all tired of it, and will be asking for it in August and September. Such is the weather . . .

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Lady Louise...

Well done Rosey ! Fancy you knowing all that about one of the "lessor royals". I do remember the anxiety which surrounded the arrival of this little girl and of the "eye disorder" . Edward and Sophie keep a low profile and they are seldom in the public eye. They also have a son but I don't think I have ever seen a photo of him. Well done to them all, for letting this little girl play a part in this big occasion. It will be something that she will remember forever. What little girl wouldn't have enjoyed all that dressing up ? Who was the other tiny dot ? She didn't look as if she was enjoying herself very much. Fancy having to live your life with those photos on public record !

As I'm typing this, I can hear the American President on the radio with his important announcement. I wonder what the implications of this will be...

Marion (who is having a boring day at home with "cooking, cleaning, washing and ironing on the menu...such is life..)


The little girl at the back left is Lady Louise Wessex, daughter of Prince Edward, the youngest of the Queen's four children. He is married to Sophie and they have two children. That little gal was born prematurely and was born with an eye disorder, exotropia. She is ninth in the line of succession for the throne of England. She has had one operation on her eyes, which is a muscle problem, but its reported that her parents decided not to have another, perhaps until she is older. Her mother, at the time of her birth had a number of blood transfusions. You can read it all on Google by putting in Sophie, Countess of Wessex and Lady Louise Wessex. The little child is also a princess by title but goes by Lady Louise.

There you are, you Americans...more British information from a commonwealth country such as Canada and New Zealand.


wedding photo

LOL Sandy. Thanks for the photo. I had seen the "official" version on the TV yesterday.

As for the one you posted below, it HAD to have been the practice photo. When I click on the photo, it enlarges and one can see the little girl standing up in the back has her eyes crossed, making a silly face. ;o)

Formal wedding photo

Just to take away from Mickey Mouse down below and her sister with the ice-cream sundae on her nice is this. A beautiful picture; priceless with the young lad hamming it up in behind the bride and isn't that little granddaughter of Camilla's a beautiful child. It strikes just the right note, to me.