Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Bambi in our back yard

Last week, my neighbor had a fawn born right in the middle of her back yard!  She missed the actual birthing process, but was walking past a window and saw a large brown "something" in her back yard, got her glasses for a look, and the mother deer was cleaning her newborn fawn. 

Two days later, on Saturday, it was curled up in the middle of OUR back yard, so I took this photo.  We think mum had gone to feed herself and have a drink from the nearby stream.

It really is cute!  We have not seen it since, and I imagine it has gotten strong enough to do more walking and stay hidden in the shrubbery and trees that line our back property line.

Our area is inundated with deer and this year has had quite the bumper crop of fawns.  A couple summers ago, I had to spray a deer repellant on my rose bushes.   Most likely they will need it again, this summer.   Ack.