Saturday, June 27, 2009

I'm still around

but it has been a long time since I posted. I try to keep up with the posts and all the news. It has been very busy but I am finally catching up. I wonder for how long. Many commitments are now done so that feels real good and it is finally summer . We had quite a hot week here but now it is terrific.
We've at last decided that it is safe to go to Southern Ontario for a visit.LOL so that is where my focus is now.
I was reading another quilt page when I came across this, and I felt so bad that I decided I needed to post the following. Just in case.

This is an email that was posted on Karolina Kwilters today - worthy of passing along to help find the owner....------------ --------- --------- ------On Sunday, June 21st, one of my neighbors found a quilt on the westbound lane of Hwy 64 near Tarboro, NC. She says the quilt was wrapped in one of those plastic blanket packages. The quilt appears to be newly made, in wonderful condition.She says it is hand and machine quilting. There is no label attached and she cannot find a signature. She wants to return it to its owner, as she is a needleworker, and says she would be sick if she lost one of her works.Please pass this email around and if anyone knows anything, call Alison Boyette (252-813-1594) or email me at mom4matkat@...

Wouldn't it be wonderful if there was a happy ending to this story, mmmmm I hear noises coming from my kitchen so I better go and check
Have a great evening if it is evening where you are.Otherwise have a good day
Grace in On

Friday, June 26, 2009

Just checking in!

Wednesday and Thursday this week, I gave a talk on quilting at the library for their story hour. I did a trunk show, read them "The Quiltmakers Gift", and then had them color a quilt block. Both groups seemed to enjoy it, and so did I. I just love to share my quilting! DS, Isaac who is now 6 just had to go with me both days. He is quite the talker, so I had to threaten him that it was my program, not his. He was really proud to show off his quilt made of blocks made by his "Cyber Aunties" when he was born.

We are in the middle of wheat harvest here. So far so good. I'm holding my breath till it's all cut and out of the fields. Last year our whole crop was destroyed by hail.

One of my nieces was chosen to be Kansas Junior Miss back in May. She is now in Alabama for the America's Junior Miss program. Finals are tomorrow night. I'm so excited for her! If she wins, I'll have to come up with some kind of special quilt for her.

Good to see a little more action on this board lately. I really miss our old chat board where you had to read every day or you would miss some of it.

Happy Quilting!
Karen in KS


Donna, absolutely beautiful. I have always wanted to make a neutral quilt ,now I think I definately will. Many hugs Bee in NZ.

Friday afternoon and it's hot

Good Friday afternoon to everyone. It's been a wierd week here in N.E. Fla.
HOT. That means my DH is working hard and making $$. A good thing, however he doesn't get home till about 9:30 PM, with the cell phone still in his ear. I know that he is "making hay while the sun shines" but it does get tiring eating alone every night. One night I took sandwiches over to his office so we could eat, he would eat, and we had a bit of a visit.
It's been in the high 90's and 100 two time this past week.
JANE-You didn't get what you went after, but you are getting a custom made outfit for DD's wedding. Bespoke, as they say in the mystery books.
DIY Blog cabin-is again building a house in the Ashville, N. C. area. I plan to enter the contest every day once they allow it. Aug. 12th I think. Would love to have a vacation home in the mountains.
I've done too much lifting of mulch bags, etc. in the yard this week. This afternoon lay down with an ice pack on my back for about 1 hr. and fell asleep.
Good news on the right eye. Our friends call us directly when their A/C is out, so this time DH said--call in your markers, and contact your GF and get her husband to give you an appt. Well, I did! Monday afternoon at 1:45 will get to see him, until waiting 2 weeks. Seems there is a bubble on the retnia, a result of the catarac surgery and laser surgery. This person is a retnia specialist, and they are good friends, so I'll go.
The regular eye Dr. said it is a condition treated with special eye drops and we are going to Charleston and Myrtle Beach S. C. from the 2nd to the 12th of July. I wanted to be able to treat the eye while I'm away and not wait until I got back.
Yes! S. C. in the heat of the summer. I think it's even hotter there than here. DH and his best buddy want to play golf. I'm taking my portable machine to do some quilt binding.
The thunder just started, so I'll sign off now. Waiting for a good soaking storm.
Sara in Fla.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I made the trip to Asheville based on the co-owner's assurance last week on phone that the machine was ready to go. Her husband, the other owner who is the fixer was out at the time. Well, you guessed it. Got there and neither of the responsible parties was in and an employee and I sifted through the junk and machines in the little work shop room and mine hadn't been touched. The lady who helped me was mortified when she learned how far I had come. Unfortunately that shop is the nearest dealer but next time I'll just ship it. I should have done that anyway as the Juki people say that if there isn't a dealer within 50 miles they pay the shipping charges. Now I wish I'd just brought it back with me. You are all familiar with the old saying, "old too soon, smart to late".

This is not a quilt shop but has a collection of veddy expensive silks, wools and some cottons for $18/yd up to $30/yd. There are at least three seamstresses there who make custom clothing some of which I've seen and is great. You guessed it, even as I have been looking around in mid priced department stores lately for something tailored in linen or cotton to wear for DD's rehearsal dinner which will be held out of doors at 5:30 in southern CA in which would require natural fibers with no poly because of the heat, I got to looking around and ended up spending more money I can ill afford by buying a linen/rayon blend for pants and a cotton tweedy looking stuff for a jacket and being measured by the seamstress who'd been helping me. The linen blend was less than $9/yd but the cotton is $18. Both fabrics are 52" wide. At least it's not silk for $28! She says the labor will be in range of $140. At least I know it will fit. (It had better or she'll not get her $140!) She will also send me home with the pattern. I can make an outfit but can't make it fit since my old age heft has outgrown my size 8 skeleton. I'm not having it lined as I don't want to sweat through the proceedings. I'm wearing a previously worn silk outfit for the wedding which will be out of doors at the same hour.

DORIS, your Cavalier is adorable. I guess that's the only spaniel which isn't a hunter but a wonderful family dog which prefers the human lap to any other environment. If you look at portraits of English royalty from early 18th C. and perhaps earlier, there is frequently a Cavalier in the area, particularly when children are portrayed.

DOGS: DD asked me the other day if I want another dog. She is half serious. Her fiance has one that she described as ancient, very sweet but needs a home as her cat, whom she says doesn't like anybody, and the dog can't coexist even if there were more space. My initial response was horror at the idea that the two step daughters shouldn't losing a dog they've had most of their lives in favor of a cat that doesn't like anybody. She agrees that it's very strange but they don't seem to be too attached. I also said I was not prepared to pay to ship the poor old girl but I'm already looking forward to meeting her along with the rest of his clan. I think any kid who has lived with a sweet, gentle dog as described must be missing a piece and I wonder if DD isn't just trying to justify her cat to the detriment of the dog. Quien sabe? A blended family does create its problems and I'm glad I don't have to solve them.

Time for the gym and spray the weeds in my shrubbery beds and the lawn that is spreading into the gravel driveway.

Jane in NC

Monday, June 22, 2009

checking in....

JEAN IN MILL BAY - what a wonderful experience to see the baby twins. Good to see you post!

JANE IN NC - I'm so happy that you are able to make that walk to your mailbox and back, after all you've been through with the knee.

WHAT'S NEW .... not much but we'll have a new A/C system upstairs in a week or two. Staycation it is this year, and now I'm glad for it. The heat is 91F -- summer arrived early! -- and DH and I are sick of it already.

Sophie is now almost seven months old and still growing. We discovered a house with three Cavaliers this morning, in the subdivision behind ours. Lots of tail wagging as they all introduced themselves. (LOL) I'll try to post a picture here and let's hope it works.

Hugs to everyone!


This is too wonderful a topic to hide in "comments". What a day brightener, JEAN. One who was in my company last September as you were would not guess that I am capable of having or noticing such a moment but I've come a long way since then.

A few hours ago during my power walk down and then back up my .4 mile driveway which has a serious grade I took note of the avian symphony in the surrounding woods. I am very partial to the wood thrush, an "LBJ", little brown jobbie", type bird. One seldom sees them as they like the heavily wooded areas. But, once you hear one in the early morning and early evening one never forgets. It's a very complex flute like song and quite beautiful. I was also treated to rufous sided towhees who were telling me "drink your teeeeea." Along with their call, "towheeeee". There were other musicians in the background which were less distinctive which means I can't identify them.

Unfortunately my Juki is in the shop in Asheville, seventy five miles distant and I need to make the trip to pick it up. It's a wonderful week on my calendar for the first time in over a year in which nothing appears but a weight watcher meeting and the ongoing need to get to the gym and Friday's very social hand quilting at the frame and lunch with friends, often including new friends.

Off to the shower and into the car for the 1.5 hour drive each way.


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Wonderful world...

Hello, all!
It has been a very long time since I posted here, although I read every day. Life has continued to be extremely busy, although I am getting to enjoy some gardening and other hobbies more than I have for a few years. Still not getting much quilting done, but I have certainly filled the time with my volunteering with feral cat rescue. I presently have about 30 foster kitties in the house. Many of them will be leaving for the pet store or for other foster homes in the next week and then maybe I can finish some of my innumerable UFOs.

In the meantime I wanted to share an absolutely perfect experience with you all. A few days ago I was driving a narrow and winding back road, on my way to pick up some cats, and I saw a bit of movement on the side of the road ahead of me. I braked nicely in time to see a tiny spotted fawn step out into the road, closely followed by its twin. I came to a full stop and they stood in the middle of the road, about six feet in front of me, looking at me and the van with the biggest eyes! After several minutes of this I shooed them off the road and carried on. During this entire event the radio was playing Louis Armstrong's "Wonderful World" -- the perfect soundtrack for a perfect moment!

Is anyone else having perfect moments this summer?