Friday, June 24, 2011

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news item for Canadians with dogs

I'm making a quick check in.

For Rosey P and all our BB'ers in Canada, perhaps you've heard already, there has been a problem with some chicken jerky treats for dogs. Here is a link (if it works) or just copy & paste:

Weather here has been in the 80s F and glorious. I played golf today with a wonderful breeze on the course.

Sara in FL - I am definitely making the trip to FL in September,,, will email you closer to the date in case you are not going out of town.

Hugs to everyone!

what I've been up to lately

The last few days with the grands, and all have flown by.
--By the way, WHERE is JANE? Hopefully not ill, but on vacation somewhere.
The gang was about 3 hrs. late arriving on last Thurs. night, so not much visiting there. On Friday DH took a day off and took the kids out to a go-cart rink. On the way out of the garage, one kid left the kitchen door open, and dog ran out. So, another grand jumped out of the truck to run after her, leaving the truck door open. DH didn't realize the door was open and backed up, hitting the open door on the frame of the overhead garage door. --OK, later in the day, he and SIL got hammers out and straightened the frame, so the overhead door would close. He thinks one of his AC people, who works on cars on the side, can fix the door for only about $200.
After that a brunch on Sat. morning with some girls, lots of fun. Church on Sunday -lots of people saying hello. Father's day dinner on Sun. night, his parents, sister, kids, etc. Nice dinner, lots of good food and laughing.
It has been hellish hot here all the past week, 98, 101, lots of smoke from the fires. There was a thunderstorm yesterday, so today was a bit cooler, and no smoke. A relief.
DD and family went to Universal Studios in Orlando last night. They were to go to Universal all day. They will fly out tomorrow at 6:30AM.
Today I mostly did errands and worked a bit on the space men quilt. Fusible applique.
Laundry,laundry, etc.
Lots of my GFs are out of town, going away for summer vacations.
HEATHER-are you in Canada? I was wondering about the health care situation you mentioned.
OK, all for a Friday night.
Sara in Fla.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thank you !

everyone for all the prayers and good wishes for our DDIL Janice and the has been a stressful time...our son is currently on a layoff from his apprenticeship so in one way it has been good he has been able to be home but is more than anxious to get to work now that Janice will be off for a few weeks from her is unbelievable the paperwork involved for all the different insurances that need to be filled out and the kids are finding it overwhelming to say the least....the police report still hasn't been published due to the number of involved parties responsible for the road construction..the malfunctioning traffic lights ... etc etc......But Janice is a very strong spirited woman and always has a zest for life despite the she is making lemonade out of these lemons....she will require physiotherapy but has not even been able to get an appt with the fracture clinic until July 7th! Don't even get me started about this health care system.....we have one of the best but the delays involved with long waiting times is insane to say the least....

We have had miserable cold rainy days the past couple...but tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and +24 Celsius (about mid 70's F) so the drive to DH's dr appt of about 2hours east of here should be enjoyable ... the views are spectacular along our lakeshore and are appreciated by us....

thanks again for the prayers and support.....


Thanks for posting the photo of your cushion Grace. It's very pretty. I used that technique on the top of a covered box I made once. It used a lot more material than I expected it to, but I liked the effect.

Here's some useless information for you all... As of this morning, I notice that the number of "posts" listed on the Chat page is 2912 and on the BB page 1973, nearly a thousand less. I thought that was interesting. (I should get out more , as they say..!!)

The sun is shining today, what a difference that has made. We've had some very grey days this week, cold and damp. I've continued on with my visiting of people in the quake affected areas. What brave souls they are. The living conditions are scary ,at the least , and their properties are very damaged by the liquefaction which has covered their gardens four times since Sept. We had another very sharp shake on Monday night, just on bedtime. DH and I both ran outside. Several more during the night but we were so tired we slept through them ! Yesterday the Govrnmt came up with a plan for paying out 5000 home owners the full value of their house and land. That's a start , but where they will find sections to build on for that price, and how long it will all take, is the big question.

The local council called for volunteers to walk the streets of our neighbouring rural town, to identify how many homes had been vacated and how the remaining people were managing. That was a cold job. DH and I did three streets, we found very few people at home. Lots of very aggressive looking dogs, guarding some properties, lots of empty , very badly damaged homes and only few, lonely people, at home. One young woman said she had been moved there from her home in Christchurch when that "fell down" , another told me that her home had been condemned in Sept, after the first quake . She was still living there . She had "essential services"and seemed comfortable and warm. Apparently able to ignore the cracks in the ceilings and walls and the fact the the floor was on a slope ! She did admit to being frightened during Monday's (5.4) quake.

So that's been my life this week. Would love to hear what the rest of you have been up to !


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hi all, I have been catching up on my reading the BB. It has been awhile since I have been here. Heather I was holding my breath reading about the accident and I guess prayers were heard when I read that eventually all will be well. I am so glad you DDIL is healing.

All of it was interesting reading but I did not make notes. I enjoy reading about NZ and all that is happening there. Guess it is all about learning new thing and some of it become excess trivia in our mind. Not always bad. I also enjoyed all the pictures.

We went down to SO for a wedding in if I can figure out how to post a picture I will do so with the pillow I made as a wedding gift. Some one had posted a folded Dahlia and I said " I have to do that" Once done I saw the pillow in my head and it worked out nicely and became the gift.

Since we have come home about a week ago I can not seem to settle down. I seem to be spending my days reading instead of sewing and it is beginning to bug me., but I just can not seem to get interested in starting anything or even finishing a UFO. Guess I am going through a weird spell.

Okay better go finish the dishes and that will be a job done.

I will try to get here a little more often enjoy the evening or day, whatever it may be.


Sunday, June 19, 2011


So pleased to know that Janice is out of hospital. I hope her recovery goes well. The whole incident must have been terrifying for them all. Sorry to hear that there will be court proceedings to follow, but steps must be taken to solve the problem of the lights..

I will attempt to explain about the liquefaction. It was a word that few of us had heard of until last Sept. , after the first quake. Now three year olds commonly drop it into their conversations... It seem that, when the ground is shaken severely, the soil compacts and the water comes to the surface. With it comes sand and silt, the mixture is a nasty , very wet sludge. Thousands of tons of this stuff have swamped the streets of some suburbs, there are armies of volunteers out there with front end loaders, spades and wheelbarrows, buckets,... anything really, trying to move the stuff. With all this "stuff" coming to the surface sump holes appear . The liquefaction is grey and dirty and you can't see through it. People walking, driving or cycling have all had nasty accidents, having fallen in deep holes.

I visited a man , well into his eighties last week. He told me that he went to check on his neighbour and fell down a hole, losing his slippers in the process. He then returned home where there was no power or water, and tried to clean himself up... He thought it was a great story ! Liquefaction has been a feature of each of the Sept, Boxing day, Feb, and last weeks earthquakes. You can imagine how tired people are. Its really hard work moving the stuff . Unfortunately, in some areas, sewerage from broken pipes and water form the broken mains also join the mixture... When it is cleared a grey dust forms and then that becomes a problem too... Another old lady I visited last week was out in her destroyed garden planting spring bulbs !! She said she need to keep hope alive ! Bless her.

We've had a wet and cold w/end so that won't have made things any easier for people. In the North Island they had some tornadoes.. Wotever next ?!?

All the best for the coming week.

Sunday morning

Our Janice was released from hospital late Friday....she is taking it very slow...her upper body suffered the most trauma and it will be a slow recovery......apprently there are no charges to the truck driver....with the road construction there were two sets of lights and whoever and whichever companies or govt officials had them running at the same time....Janice did have the advanced green but the truck driver did have a green til it was too late to stop in there will be some long lengthy proceedings and lawyers involved it matter what we have all our family members still here with us......does make a person stop and pause and be more grateful than ever.....