Friday, August 20, 2010


Jane in NC - thank you for asking about the flooding. Nashville did not get the bad rains - only 5" at our house, but the counties directly east of us got hit pretty hard. Measured amounts averaged 8" and one spot just north of Cookeville had 11 inches. Our Cumberland river, as a result, is flooded. People in Nashville who were badly flooded in early May are freaking out, and on alert. I can't blame them. I look at the flooding going on in other countries right now and still say we can count our blessings. Our May flood in Nashville pales in comparison to what is shown on the international news, which is awful.

Sounds like Kit is a bit shy, but with your care and love, I have full faith that she will blossom into a wonderful dog. Please give her a hug for me.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


I will attend the quilt show my guild is hosting tomorrow as a spectator and will take lots of pictures. On Saturday I’ll be working there. I never finished a single quilt to enter this year but will surely be up and running for the NC Quilt Symposium we are sponsoring in 2012. Sondra Horn has entered a quilt and so has a friend of hers from Facebook. Have any other BBers entered? There are more than 300 quilts in the show so I want to be on the lookout for others from the board.

Kit’s progress is very slow but things are better. She’s very sweet and easy to love. She chased tennis balls in the yard today alongside two other dogs from the neighborhood. She wasn’t too pleased when they came into the house afterward and spent some time here. When there is someone here she gets within a few feet of them as long as they ignore her. I’m still the only one who can touch her and I do a lot of that.

We’re having a cold snap here. Temperatures haven’t quite made it above 90*F this week. It’s been very muggy along with the high 80s so it’s still not too much to my liking. The signs of the coming autumn are all over the place; golden rod, bull thistle, Joe Pye weed and Queen Anne’s lace. The buckeye trees always fall first. The leaves start turning an uninspiring brown shortly after the summer solstice and they are falling. There is a subtle thinning of the woods. We have been spared the terrible flooding being experienced once again in TN. Doris, I hope your feet are dry. Please keep us posted.


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

checking in

Sarah - The Asheville show sounds wonderful. Maybe one day I'll get to go. I now have a friend who lives there after retiring. Isn't the Biltmore mansion wonderful? It is so pretty and a lovely setting.

I think today is the first day in over a month that the high temp has been under 90F. Instead, we are treated to (so far) three inches of rain, after an inch yesterday. Flash floods in nearby counties who got more rain than we did. Hope it ends tomorrow, as it is DH's birthday and he hoped to take the day off and play golf.

Sophie has had gastritis/gastroenteritis this week. We're not sure if it is from the garbage she eats off the street as we walk (ohhh, she's a sly one!) or from swallowing an almost whole rawhide chew that was NOT the usual stuff I buy and is getting tossed tomorrow. She barfed up part of the chew, so I think that may be the culprit. She usually doesn't's usually back door trots that affect her (and me w/the cleaning up) from her delicate digestive tract.
Vet hopes there is no obstruction, but after some meds kicked in, she seems to be getting better.

Will someone please remind me why I wanted another dog??? (rhetoric question of course) Gah! This dog is like a one-year-old kid; she'll put anything in her mouth. Dogs . . . . .

JANE IN NC - speaking of dogs, how is your new one coming along? I hope she has bonded well to you and her new home.

I finally finished a quilt that was begun in an AQS-Nashville class..... five or six years ago. It was a mystery quilt when I signed up and paid the kit fee (sight unseen), but I am pleased with the pattern & fabrics. But for some reason, I could not get fired up to finish it, and have worked on it, here-and-there, over the past 6 years. Last week, I decided it was time to put the binding on and
My best guess regarding my lack of enthusiasm about finishing this quilt is because I did not choose the pattern, nor the fabrics, despite it being nice.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Asheville quilt show

Did anyone else go to the Asheville quilt show? It was in a lovely setting in the Garden (s) of the Asheville Arboretium. Inside, not outside.
I wish our city had a facility like that. The place where ours is is big, but just a big concrete room, bad lighting, and not anything in the was of beauty.
OK, back to the costumes and lunch.
Sara in Fla.

Monday, August 16, 2010


I don't seem to be able to find the photos I took this morning...they are in the machine somewhere It was packing day for 'Operation cover-up' today. Lots of things to be packed. I think we ended up with 33 wool bales, all of which are already on their way to the shipping agent. Over 1500 large blankets, 350 small blankets, 1,200 jerseys, 400 baby jackets, 3,300 hats, 2,700 socks/slippers, 2,000 pairs of gloves 350 sets of matching hats and mittens. The numbers always amaze me.

Cold and dreary weather here this past week. Our usual winter is full of sunny, frosty days. This year, it has been wet and sunless.

eeeeeeer yes, Rosey, I did manage to hold my tongue when the DH was driving down closed roads etc....well, almost. He did get the odd icy comment from me ofcourse, just to let him know that I was taking note... !!

Time to get some dinner organised and put another log on the fire. A cozy evening around the fire with a good book is what's ahead of me tonight.

Have a good week.