Wednesday, October 17, 2012

kitchen remodel

The kitchen make-over is in full swing.  Cabinets, sink, and appliances were removed last week by Habitat For Humanity.    They do this for free(!) and I donate these items to their local ReStore.  They price the items and sell, to raise funds for the H for H  projects.

The soffits were removed this week, and all the lighting fixtures are being redone.   We found a few surprises in the soffits --- a sewer gas vent pipe as well as a natural gas line that goes to the upstairs furnace.  All those were adjusted so that we can have walls going directly to the ceiling.

For energy efficiency, I am having  recessed LED flood lights installed in the ceiling.  It should be very nice.

I will try to post some pics.  Well, I have no idea why they won't sort any better, but here they are.

I love seeing the pictures on this blog and before long, this is what we'll be looking at...Miss AnnieBelle out playing in the white stuff...but hopefully not before Christmastime.  Last year was an easy year with little snow but enough to catch this photo of her playing out in it.

Just wanted others to know that I emailed Eric and it looks like we might all be orphans on here.  Haven't heard from him; don't know how you guys get on to post without him responding to you but the offer is there if you want to send them to me or others, I'm sure it's no bother to post for you...not as much fun.  Keep trying Eric.  Surely sooner or later we'll get some responses.

just checking !

and I'm pleased to say that I got onto this page straight away, after clicking on the "New Post" notice at the top of the page.   Keep trying ladies.  For weeks I couldn't get through and then, suddenly , it all changed.

Holly is wondering why her friend Gemma hasn't been to play. We haven't taken her down to Gemma's home yet, we'll probably go down for a cuppa on Saturday morning.

We took two Australian visitors to Hanmer for the day yesterday  It's a small mountain village with thermal pools.. a 2hr drive from here.  It was a beautiful day and the countryside was looking spectacular.  Fresh snow on the alps and fresh green growth in the paddocks.  Lots of lambs jumping around and enjoying life.   Blossom trees at their best .  It looked just like the promotional photos you see of this country.  It's good to take visitors and to see it through their eyes. They were very enthusiastic about it all and we stopped for lots of photo opportunities !


Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Marion in NZ - what a lovely photo of the beagles in the garden.   And spring is upon you.  I always enjoy those first warm days, after what feels like an everlasting winter. 

Our kitchen remodel is coming along.  

Giving it a try!

We'll see if this posts or not......hard to believe summer has come and gone....but we have had whips of snow and heavy frost already.   Yesterday was a lovely overcast and trying to rain.   Probably rest of the week too....Grandsons keeping us busy....2 days a week we have a full house. With other days on occasions. Certainly makes the time fly.  

Am attempting to get 4 quilts done for Xmas.   2 are sandwiched and ready to be 
machine quilted.   The other 2 are still under construction....

Keep clicking

The strangest thing just happened.  I couldn't get past the "sign in" with the Blog stuff, then kept clicking forward and back, and Presto!   This post section came up.  Don't know how.  I think there are little green men in there trying to mess things up.
The quilt in-town retreat was just good fun.  Got lots done, we all had scratchy eyes, don't know whether all the fabric, threads, to  blame, or the old building with yucky carpet, or both.  I don't think the carpets there have ever been really cleaned, or the tile floor mopped.  Several different groups of people use the building, card groups, yoga group, etc.  They are having trouble keeping the lights on, paying for everything in these tough times.
Mary Jo-what college is NNU?  Northwestern Univ?
We are trying to find a way to get DD, DSIL and all 4 grands here for Christmas.  It would be well over $3,000 to fly them down from Fargo, N.D. to Jacks. Fla.  Way too much.  Next is to check into a rental van.
I admit to being a Dr. Oz geek, and it is almost time for him, so will log off.  He is on locally at 4PM.   Trying to avoid artifical sweetners and lose weight is a challenge.  So far have lost 1 and 1/2 lbs. in 1 week, not stellar.  But, I wasn't home in my own nest, so hope this upcoming week will be better.
Hugs to all my cyber quilty friends,
Sara in Fla.

Monday, October 15, 2012

From Mary Jo G.


I've not been able to post or to comment for a very long time. No replies from Eric, either. Thank you Rosey for posting this one. I follow your posts. We've been in the Boise area for 7 years this month, doesn't seem that long. Two grands have graduated from NNU, the local college in that time. Both are employed locally. A third is a freshman there. We love being close to them and seeing more of family as a result. #1 son and wife are in a tiny fishing village in AK where they want to make a difference in chilrens' lives. Both have less than 20 per class, big difference from 42 and 48 last year. We will make another trip to AZ, perhaps the last one. Am planning to clear all out there and leave it ready for new owners (hopefully). DH is not happy with that situation but it is time. He has not fully recovered from the auto accident 4 years ago and has less good days as time marches on. I'm recovering from thyroid cancer and 2 resulting surgeries. It is a kind that recurs; quarterly ct scans keep it in check. The back is a continual problem, likely aggravated from doing too much. Caregivers do that. I've discovered wool and am working on two applique quilts. One is the flannel shown on the cover of August's Quilt Mania. Appliques are in wool. Need to get a label made for a wedding gift this weekend, a bright cheddar quilt. Am quilting another, nearly done with it. Thought to applique and quilt at the same time, won't do that again. Do not like the way the back looks with decorative stitching. Live and learn. The garden is ready to be put away for the winter. We have a few tomatoes rescued before the last frost. I'm looking forward to planting in AZ, mostly herbs and flowers - maybe a tomato or two. Wishing you all a wonderful, quilty week.



My email to the above address has just been returned by the Postmaster...or whatever that thingy is called when email comes that didn't work.  Let's hope Eric checks his emails once in awhile.  I'm not sure that I understand why they run the board...what do they get out of it?

For Eric or Sue

I don't know if either of these people check their emails, this board or the other one but Jane Brown and Mary Jo G. have both emailed me asking if I've had any luck in reaching Eric at the email address given above.  I've emailed him just now requesting that he respond to requests to join the Chat Board...but I don't know what else to do, frankly....I have no idea how this board is run...but we'll keep trying somehow.  And if Jane and Mary Jo want to email me personally, I'm happy to put their postings up on the Chat Board for them.


Sunday, October 14, 2012

Preparing for winter

The arrival of our winter's wood is always exciting.  First of all, we can hear this big truck coming up from the crossroad a half mile south as it starts up the slight hill towards the end of our laneway; then up and over the hill on our laneway and down into the property where it takes no time at all to off-load the logs.  Then my husband cuts the wood into lengths with a chain saw and today, my son and family arrived to help run the log splitter and stack the wood.  We'll rent the log splitter again in two weeks and should get enough wood cut for winter.  Although we have an electric furnace, given the cost, we'd rather heat with wood.

Jane Brown is having trouble signing onto WWQP BB & Chat Board.  Eric is not responding to her request to rejoin the forum.  I'm not sure that I understand what is happening or why.  Is there anything we should know about this board that we don't know or are not being informed about?

Having a nearly five hyperactive granddaughter here all day is a wee bit wearing.  Grandpa Jock came into the family room to lie down and be in charge of looking after her but when I checked on them, she was measuring everything in the familyroom with his metal tape measure and said:  Grandma Rosey, don't disturb Grandpa Jock, he's trying to sleep.  Who was looking after who?

Rosey in Canada