Monday, March 16, 2015

A quiet week on the BB.

Hope all is well with the regular "posters" . We enjoyed our time away in Auckland. Great to see the Volvo racing yachts and to meet some of the sailors. The teenagers enjoyed meeting my nephew. The DGD was able to on board for a closer look at Abu Dhabi.  The boats have been delayed leaving Auckland because of the threatened Cyclone in the Pacific.  The storm caused death and destruction on Vanuatu but fortunately moved to the east of NZ . so the impact here has been less severe. The boats are due to leave Auckland today.

Cooler days here and a definite nip in the air, early in the mornings, Autumn isn't far away  .  The trees have been under stress because of the summer drought, a lot have lost lots of their leaves already. I'm pleased we have the seasonal changes and am looking forward to Spring already !!  We don't have the dramatic winters that many of you do, it just gets colder !