Saturday, June 20, 2009

Book Recommendation

A friend recommended author Joanne Fluke last winter and I'm addicted. All book titles include food - Fudge Cupcake Murder, Lemon Meringue Pie Murder, Blueberry Muffin Murder etc. because the main character in the book owns the bakery/coffee shop in small town Minnesota. There are between 9 and 12 recipes in each book that are served in her bake shop. Another book I recently read was A Single Thread by Marie Bostwick and I noticed her next book is at the book store.

Happy reading/Happy quilting, Phyllis in Minnesota

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Earlene Fowler's latest book

Sara, have just finished Love Mercy and as much as I initially find Earlene Fowler's writing less than, for example, the exquisite writing of Louise Penny, I am always quickly taken into her story line and her writing, which to me is honest, straightforward and very warm. I did not want to put it down and did not want to finish it. I can readily recommend it.

Nice to hear book recommendations, thanks folks.

Rosey (never sure who I am on any given day..!)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Lost Quilter

I just finished this book not too long ago. I really enjoyed it. I was lucky that my library got it. They are pretty good about getting the new books for the authors I like.

Almost doing a snoopy dance here. I'm half way through quilting a quilt that has been "In Progress" for several years. It was the project that was in the box to take to our Quilt Guilds Sew Days when I didn't have anything else I needed to work on. I finished the top at sew day on Saturday, and have been working on quilting it whenever I get a chance. I just love the way it looks.

more books

I recently read "Prayers for Sale" about quilting ladies in
a small Colorado mining town.
I forgot the author, think it's the Persian Pickle Club author??
It was delightful! A great summer read.

The Lost Quilter

I just started listening to "The Lost Quilter" on CD in my car. I've only heard part of the first cd, but it seems to be as good as her previous books so far.

books with a quilt theme

Hi everybody. It's hot here in Fla. too. We had a doozie of a storm last night sometime about 1:00 AM.
Has anyone read "The Lost Quilter "by Jennifr Chiaverini, or "LoveMercy", by Earlene Fowler? My local library doesn't have either one and before I plunk down $$ for one I want to see if anyone else has read them, or liked them. I was so dissapointed with the last Diane Mott Davidson book. I waited for a year for her to write a new one. It wasn't worth the wait. Sigh. . . .
It's too hot to do anything, so I thought curl up with a glass of iced tea and a good book.
Sara in Fla.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

As Granny P's mother would say....

"I don't care what you say; my mind is made up and it will take more than facts to change it".

I do NOT like machinery...except when it works and it's easy to run with pictures that show me, not tell me, how to run it.

And all this talk about chocolate, which doesn't sit well in my tummy even without dairy in it...I stopped at the health food store this afternoon and bought a container of my Rice dream Vanilla 'Ice' cream and shaved the remainer of my 70% Camino dark chocolate bar on top for supper tonight. In fact, I ate more than half the container; my tummy is bloated to 4 months pregnancy. All this talk about chocolate and see what happens. I do NOT intend to learn how to melt chocolate to dip my strawberries in. You are a bad influence on me, you guys.


Like VCR's

every brand of microwave is different. To get low power on mine, I have to put in the time and then hit the power button repeatedly until I get it down to a low setting. Fortunately, mine has a "melt" button. Remember when people couldn't figure out how to program their VCR's? Microwaves are not quite as bad, but ...
I love technology, but there are 16 text messages on my cell phone, and I haven't a clue how to access them. Since everyone I know is aware that I don't text, I'm relatively sure that all of them are "junk."
Fortunately, the DVR on the satellite is user friendly, as is my new toy, the Garmin Nuvi 205W GPS unit, which I put in my car to help keep me from getting totally lost as I go out of town to workshops and competitions.
I'm usually pretty good with computers, as I had a lab full of them and use them in teaching, but forget the fancy new cell phones that do everything a computer can do. Good grief!
We've had a relatively cool spring, with reasonable rain. Today it is hot, but I can't complain. I live in Alabama. It is supposed to be hot here in June. Fortunately, we seem to be back in the "usual" summer rain pattern, with scattered afternoon thundershowers frequently, so the drought conditions are finally over.
I've finally convinced DH that I really want to be able to park my compact sports car in the garage. Since we have a two car garage, and a separate shop, that is not an unreasonable request. He has filled the garage with junk, and is finally making motions about throwing some of it away. Maybe in a week or two, since he doesn't want to have to pay someone to haul it all away, so it has to go in the garbage a little at a time.


Aw, c'mon Rosey, need help with that marvel of 20th century engineering? Look at the panel on the microwave. Digits 0-9 appear. Also when setting the "instructions" it asks for power setting which, when no choice is made defaults at max, to wit: 9. Just hit 1 or 2 for very low power and Voila!! You have your semi sweet or dark chocolate liquidated. I hope I have successfully cleared the path to sin and pleasure for you. I share your pain.

Love and kisses,

Monday, June 15, 2009

Whew !

Dodged that bullet, Laura..I don't know how to set my microwave on low heat. I could heat the chocolate for just a very few seconds, though, like I do my butter. I don't need any more help in my diet of not eating sweets. Once I start in on 70% dark chocolate (without dairy) I can't stop. I'm not going to even look to see if my microwave has this low heat feature..


Sunday, June 14, 2009

Chocolate warning

Use a really low power setting on your microwave. The chocolate is really nasty and grainy when it overheats. Ask me how I know!