Saturday, February 10, 2007

Oh, why did I do it....!?

Do NOT go to see Diane Keaton in "Because I Said So".. forewarned by the movie critics, friend Virginia and I nevertheless said: it can't be all that bad. Well, it was. We left half-way through the movie and thought that the actresses in the movie might have had to go on a diet of Valium, the acting was so hyper. Wonder if Diane Keaton might not have left Annie Hall too far behind....she was AWFUL. And in an awful could she do it after that subtle movie with Jack Nicholson...and where is Dr. Ruth and Elsie Ebert when we need them...have we lost them in the transfer?

I often go the movies with friend Virginia and she always buys a large bag of popcorn to eat in the movie. After sitting beside her for years listening to her munch on her popcorn, I said: maybe I should try something here...and ordered nachos and salsa. Wish I hadn't. The salt would have killed a pig. I haven't bought 'movie house' food ever...what possessed me this time I don't know. Ate half and my tummy is gurgling like a group of groundhogs.

Jane, Shadow is beautiful. Hello, Grace, we had sunshine down here in S.Ont.

Am I here?

I am trying to sign in for the Chat Board...hope this makes it..I'm good to go on the BB...We'll see what happens...luv and hugs and hope this works...Pat in CA


gosh, I'm a day late & dollar short!
I didn't know we had a new chat!
Guess we are really set now. Thanks
Eric & Sue.
I'm off to our guild's Saturday workshops.
We only do it once a year, I wish it was more.
It's a day when we have members teach half or
whole day classes.
I'm on the work crew in the AM & in the afternoon
I'm taking a T-shirt class. I'm using my "Doggie dash"
T-shirts from years ago when I actually ran! Boy is that
ancient history!
I'll be reading & catching up later, so everyone
have a great weekend!

AH HA!! Made it this time. Good morning ladies. It seems the picture gremlin is gone and now you may view She Who Must Be Obeyed. She is waiting for my daily show of obeisance at the foot of the steps outside the utility room. I am supposed to get the ball from her, foot covering in the snow is irrelevant to her. She gets impatient if I take the time to put some shoes or boots on first.

As soon as I finish the binding on the new lap quilt for friend's 90th birthday I'll post a picture on the BB.

The new president of my guild has started a contest among the membership. Each time a member finishes a UFO a picture is to be provided and at the end of the year a drawing will be held and a prize awarded to the lucky winner. Obviously the more entries the more one's chances improve. I certainly have a lot of raw materials.

Jane in NC

I got here too

It took a while but Eric letter got stuck in my filter trap . I was finally able to retrieve it and now I am here too. I have been reading every day . I really enjoy the pictures of all the quilts. I have not fully mastered my digital camera but as soon as I do maybe I can download some also. Of course I could ask # 1 DS to sort of help me. I would like to send you an image of my Y2K quilt. It reminds me of so many of you.
This week was a real sewing day. I finished two wall hangings . One for the church and one for a secret sister that we get to meet tomorrow. I have finally started work on DSGDaughter 25th birthday quilt and so far I am pleased. Mind you her special birthday was last August. I wonder why I am always behind.
Now I will go and see what you all wrote yesterday.At least it is not so cold today , but we have no sunshine.
Hugs to all
Grace in On.

I'm in

At last I found where everyone was hiding. Its good to see all those familar names.

I wish some of those to the east would send us some of that extra snow. It is still bitterly cold here and my poor perennials are shivering in their beds, if they haven't frozen solid due to lack of a white blanket on them. Maybe I should say a thick white blanket, since there is a thin one.

Celia don't ever send your cat my way. I don't need to have any wallpaper removed. Maggie Meadow Mouse's cats also like to be up on top of the cupboards. There must be some element of safety up there.

Well not much to say and I have said it. I am back to hibernating.

Friday, February 9, 2007

Just checking in

Just wanted to see if my post works.

Glad to be here

Happy Quilting!
Karen in KS

Re Assurance

Thank you all for your re assurance. Eric did respond with something that I don't understand but I think it was before he knew the problem is universal. He thought it was my firewall. I don't know what a fire wall is or whether I have one. Right now I don't even have an up to date Norten version going and I'm so mad at them my business will go back to good old freebie AVG. I'm just hanging out until I see a new picture post and will try again. I'm using all the steps others have set out. My photo software is the free Picasa program and it's a Google product and even that's not uploading. It works fine with email. I want to show you all my hairy roommate/tyrant and the quilt I just pieced this past week and was long armed in a two day turn around this week. All it needs is a border. I'm finally getting my quilting mojo back.

G'night ladies,
Jane in NC


I joined and just wanted to make sure I could post.

I hope everyone is well and has a nice weekend!
Sandi in MN

Collecting 'old' posters

It's so nice to see so many oldies here on the board. I guess that the fact that our email addresses have to be added before we post means that the flames and spam will end and this is encouraging. Celia, I loved your description of your cat mishavin', too early for cabin fever...and now where is Grace from Ontario, Anna from Spain, is she lurking, Lady Linda from Wisconsin, what is she up to these days, Jane, it's good to see you and hear about the weather in the mountains of N.C. I'm still residing there in my mind with the third of the Mitford books.

Had four very plump ladies here, all dressed in brown. But their table manners were terrible. They kept scratching for their meal


Hello to everyone and great to see all those joining in again.

I tried to post a picture too as a test, but it seems to be a temporary glitch. Sue just addressed the problem on the BB board, and that Eric is at work right now.

For those who have asked what to do, this is how I post a photo from Windows . Judy In Ohio has posted her explanation on the BB too for posting from a Mac computer.


Click on New Post
Click on picture icon.
Click on Browse and select your picture to be posted from your personal photo folder.
Double click on your selected photo.
Select your layout and picture size.
If you wish to add more than one pic, repeat this in the same manner.
Upload Image.
Type your post.
Click on publish.

It still remains frigid cold here like most of you are all experiencing too. Great weather if you are a polar bear. Stay warm of all you!

My dogs are bored, my cat is totally bored and is being very naughty. I got up yesterday morning and found pieces of my kitchen border paper on the floor. She jumped up into the space between the cabinets and the raised ceiling and played all night. Not one iota of remorse from her either. Just a smug look of "I did this *all* by myself." Bad kitty! 8^

Not too much other news from here right now. Just staying in and trying to stay warm and making mini quilts for the shelter kitties. I have 70 made now. Next week I plan on starting a real quilt with the repro fabrics I got in MI at our last retreat, and those that I have collected since then.

Have a great weekend everybody,
Celia in New Brunswick.

Jane....don't go's not just you....I think there is a snag somewhere in the system....I just tried and got the same error message as it will have to be something for Eric to adjust and tweak.....I had been able to post a pix the first go round last week and thought oh this is so easy....but there is a monkey wrench thrown in somewhere....If Eric let's you know a secret please post here and the regular's happening on both...

Thursday, February 8, 2007


I've been selecting a jpg picture from "my photos" file and the path appears on the appropriate line in the post page. Then I hit the upload button and the little triangle image appears with the gray lines rotating. The rotation stops dead before one revolution is made and the error message is "timeout waiting for external publisher". I am clueless, frustrated and tired. Good night ladies. I'll email Eric for help tomorrow.



Still no luck. It starts to load and then I get an error message. I'll try again and write down the error message text. Such things have never made sense to me.



Hi all.. I am a really old timer to this place.. guess I first found the BB about12 years ago, but really over time became a "lurker", just reading, rarely posting. I figured that I would set up the google account so I could post so here I am..
While I am here I would like to send a BIG hello to Marty.. how are ya??
It will be great not to have to deal with the spam that was on the other board that would have worked its way into this board soon enough.

Not sure why two postings went up....when sent to publish it was taking forever so I just signed out and then later redid another one...figuring the first was lost in cyber I know it wasn't lost just , just taking a detour !

cat rescue

Jean, I am always in awe of your cat rescue mission. I would be one of those people who would prefer a cat and not a fluffy kitten. Unfortunately I live on the other coast and can't stop by to pick one up. The cat I have now was a stray and the vet estimated him to be 4-5 years old. That was 8 years ago. He isn't a fluffy kitten, but sure acts like one a lot of the time. I've never had a cat that likes to play as much as he does.

We have a rope-like cording with two wooden beads on the end hanging in the large opening between the living and dining room. He will bat that around and really get it swinging sometimes. And there isn't an ink pen or a bottle cap that he doesn't steal.

We are still in brutal wind chill temps in the Boston area with that being in the extended forecast for another 7-10 days. Brrr.....

Sues in MA

Oh Jean....a red convertible and a Mustang to boot! Dh's type of car and I have agreed he should have one....but only when we don't live north of the 55th parallel ! Not only the weather issues but the highways 'up here' tend to kick up a lot stones with the way they are done.....will have to wait til we are further 'south'

And please post about the's nice to know that not all of Canada is under a frozen ice tundra at the moment

Oh, Jean....a red convertible....and a Mustang to boot! DH's dream and one I said yes......when we are not living north of the 55th parallel ! Besides the weather issues for such a vehicle the roads tend to kick up an awful lot of stones due to the way they are made til you get to more 'southern' highways in the province.

As far as the's nice to know that even in Canada eh! there are warm spots at this time of the year!

Off to start the day and get DH moving! Late night and a Brazillian menu for supper at the business dinner didn't sit well with him.....

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Mill Bay checking in!

Yes, Heather, there are some flowers but I have promised to keep my mouth shut about them as long as my Eastern Canadian friends are snowbound! LOL Not that the weather has been all that nice for the last few days -- drizzly, wet, foggy and grey are the key words!

The sad part about that weather is that I decided I was going to have a midlife crisis in the grand old style -- just like men do! -- and I bought myself a little red Mustang GT convertible on Monday. Now I am waiting for nicer weather so I can drive it!

Other than that, life is the usual mixed bag. The little old lady I care for is doing well and after months of staffing problems we have a good crew again. On the other hand I had her her much loved dog at the vet yesterday and while we are waiting for the biopsy results to confirm it, it seems that he has a rather nasty cancer, lymphosarcoma. I am going to have to break this news to her once the results are back and we know exactly what we are dealing with. I am not looking forward to that.

I still have a house full of unadopted foster cats, which is making me crazy. Anybody want a lovely cat that is too big to appeal to all those people who only want to adopt little fuzzy cute kittens? I have seven like that...

DH has gone out to play poker with the boys tonight and I think I will take my book and settle in for a very long soak in a bubble bath -- such luxury!

Jean at Mill Bay

Just Testing

Checking in - got my account set up

Wednesday evening

Just in from the pool. Its finally warm enough (82 today) to swim after the sun begins to set. Yearly checkup found another suspicious lesion with a warning to stay out of the sun. Luckily we have a covered patio. I can enjoy gardening in the shade. And, the nursery provided a bounty to fill the 7 pots lost in the freezing temps this past month. Today's favorites are a mix of deep purple and magenta petunias called raspberry and blueberry.

Picked up several sweet fabrics for the baby quilt (DN and wife are expecting a girl in June). Had a zoo animal panel for the back and waited to see what the baby will be to decide on front fabrics. Simple 9 patch, sturdy for many washings. Lots of brights with aqua and hot pink as the main colors. Dots on black will border it.

Learned today of new techniques for dealing with sciatica. Will do some research on the net tonight. Unfortunately my doctor wants to handle all himself and won't refer me to a specialist. Will have to wait until we return for a referral.

MJ in AZ

Wednesday evening

Tis quiet on this page today....We are still in a deep freeze, tho the temps 'rose' today to -18 Celsius but the windchill factor kept it about -38....if the forecast remains true(wouldn't that be strange!) we will keep getting a wee bit warmer...this cold front seems to have a big back in TBay are still complaining that it's cold there too and Winnipeg was colder than we were today...that doesn't happen often enough...

DH is out to a business dinner tonite so I have just kept on sewing thru the day....not a lot of housecleaning going on but I did drag the vacuum out of hibernation on Monday... you have spring blooms yet? Or has the west coast weather been rather shoddy still?

Well back to working on the new wallhanging....tis a McKenna Ryan one so lots of bits and pieces to do

Ideas for guild meetings

Last week I posted a request on the board for ideas for guild meetings and I got several good suggestions. Yesterday I found a great list of ideas - right here at the WWQP! I had forgotten how much information is on the site because I usually just read the boards/blogs. It is great to have both the board and chat up and running and easy to read again. Joleen in MN

feeling particularly stupid ..

Please tell me how to get to the posting page (where I am now..) !! It takes me ages and several hits before I find my way here. There has to be an easier way.
Marion in NZ.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

No camera when I need it

The funniest thing happened yesterday. We have had four very plump lady wild turkeys at our bird feeding station just outside my studio window. They are a lovely black, brown, copper blend and were busy scratching for seeds through the snow when one of the turkeys decided to inspect the source of the seed and flew to the top of the feeding station which is an antique wagon wheel spiked on a pole in the ground. Just the site of this top heavy bird trying to balance herself on the wheel, teetering back and forth, far to heavy for the object upon which she sat, I wish that I'd had a camera. There is never time to catch a moment sometimes other than in our own minds and memories. Needless to say, she soon toppled off and flew to the ground; her feathers rearranged, she waddled off into the pine boughs by the pool and regained her dignity.
Rosey, in a very cold and snowy S. Ontario Canada

Does anyone know

why some of the names on the contributer's list appear to be "grayed out?" It seems to be my name and Judy Martin, and the rest of the names are a darker pink.

We're a quarter of the way through the second semester! Progress reports go out tomorrow. I'm attaching a letter specifically telling the parents what their children can do to improve their grades, in the hopes of avoiding having to call 75 parents. Some of the notes will actually make it home! I don't mind calling parents, if necessary, but telling each and every parent that their darling has not bothered to do his daily work or homework gets a little old. Besides, this way they have my email address, which I included in large print and in bold type. Email is the greatest tool ever invented for contacting parents, when I can get their addresses.

For those who don't remember, I teach math at a very large (1200+) county high school located in a very small town in TN. I am on my second year there, after retiring from Alabama schools with twenty five years of service. Unfortunately, the commute is so long that I don't have much time to quilt.

Hugs and prayers!
Laura in Alabama

Thanks Eric

You are doing a great job. I know, are all saying that. But today I see the link from one board to the other. You did it! I love it. Now I can flip back and forth, no matter which one I go into, just like we had on the old format...
It is so nice to see how many of us there are... We never knew before, how many people are users of this wonderful message board. I know there are many more quilters out there. There may even be some that come to the board and not post, just read, but I hope more will sign up and contribute... Gotcha spammers ! ! We will enjoy our friends and quilting info, with out all that garbage....
Donna, LEH,NJ

another lurker chimes in

Wanted to add my thanks to Eric and Sue for setting up the blog.

Our wind chill in the Boston area is around 0 degrees (F), give or take a few degrees. Just not nice out. My walk to work wasn't too bad though as the wind was at my back and I stayed on the sunny side of the street. I won't be walking home though and will have to use the subway and the bus.

I'll try to post a little more often as I love reading all the chatty things. Hope other lurkers join me.

Sues in MA

Big Thank You

Eric and Sue I am thankful that you care enough to help this old quilter stay in touch with new friends and learn and get new ideas. Thank you for taking my hand and dragging me into the 21st century of computers and quilters. It has been very rewarding for me and keeps me vital on this cold February 6 in Iowa.

Made it, made it, made it!!!! All's well now that I have access to both BBs. It's cold, 11F with windchills below 0F. I know that's not bad for some of you to the north and west but it's downright strange for the DC area.

Many thanks to Sue and Eric for perservering with all of this technology to keep us happy. Marie in Maryland

Where else in the world...

would people be so willing to help ? Thank you ladies , I am encouraged. Terry, I have contacted the web page you mentioned and emailed off a request , it will be interesting to hear back from them.. Judy, I think it is the American Judy Martin that I'm after, but thank you for taking the time to offer an alternative. Jean !!! You're the girl !! That pattern sounds a perfect alternative and I am so grateful of your offer to send it. Yes please ! The actual pattern I am seeking has two rows of bears (all in sailor suits) and three rows of boats. I made it many years ago and my grandson loved it.

Time for bed, it's been a long day !
Marion in NZ.

Monday, February 5, 2007


I do hope you folks up north are staying indoors and staying warm. It was in the 60s here today, and I felt guilty to be walking around with just a sweater on. Our kids in MI have been keeping us posted on the snow and cold there.

I'm not sure which board is the correct one to tell you about our guild's Shop Hop this weekend. One of our members arranged a bus, and for $20 each we travelled all day to three different quilt shops here in south TX, as well as our local shop. We all got our passports stamped and dropped them in for the drawing for a new Janome sewing machine, and for other door prizes. The last shop, in Victoria, TX, gave out some prizes while we were there, and I won a packet of 9 fat quarters! I seldom win anything, so spent the ride home petting that packet. There were 47 of us on the bus. I got to know my seatmate, a new member who's a Winter Texan. She and I shared pictures and talked about quilting and family all day when we weren't in the shops. It was my first shop Hop and I loved it.

Pat in Rockport, TX

I found it!

This was easy compared to the first time. Just wanted to check in and say hi to all.
Brenda in Nn Ontario

Cordless Irons

A friend loaned me her Maytag cordless iron when my old iron died last week. I thought it was great and decided to get one but have struck out trying to find one. They apparently have been discontinued. Anyone know if there was a problem with them or why they are not being made anymore? Anyone have any comments?

Betty in VA


it was big before I posted it...

I'm here too

This is just a note to say that I'm here too. I thought some of you might be interested in my latest "weirdness."
I'm also extremely grateful to live in Alabama. It is cold here (for us), but nowhere near as bad as some of you are experiencing. I recently found out that I produce histamines in response to cold. Therefore, exposed skin breaks out in hives. I didn't believe it either, but I looked it up on line, and then asked my allergist. He didn't even blink, just wrote it down in my chart.
It doesn't even have to be that cold...I went swimming in my father's swimming pool over fall break. The water temperature was 76 degrees, and it was 85 F outside. We came to Alabama when I was 17, many years ago, but I remember swimming in the spring in Illinois, and the water was a lot colder then. I was swimming around enjoying the water, after the initial shock of course, and looked down to see that I was covered in hives. Fortunately, I live on antihistamines 24-7, so they hives went away as soon as I got warm.
I don't know how I made this print so big. New technology...


Love the format

But I'll have to be careful - both the chat and the quiting page show up on my dashboard, along with my own blog - LOL I can see me posting to the wrong place until I learn to look before I post!

The super-cold weather is perfect for quilting the tops I pieced last summer, but it's too cold to crawl around on the floor to layer them. I'm making do by working on a wall-quilt sized Baltimore-ablum style hanging. The background is black, with hand-dyed batiks for the applique. One block is done, and all I can say is my applique skills are not on a par with my piecing.

At 5 a.m. it was -13, with wind chills around -35. The University did NOT cancel classes - I really think they should have. Those of us who are in the offices and drive to work shouldn't have a problem, but I feel so sorry for the students walking around our fairly large campus. We had a snow day just before Christmas; they may not want to close again.

Better get back to work!
Diane in WI

Thanks Sue and Eric!

This is looking great!
Mary in Oregon

Easy Links

Eric, can we have a link to get to the Bulletin Board from here and a link to here on the Bulletin Board page? It would make it easier to get back and forth. I did notice a link on the BB to get to We need one here as well.
Thank you for all the hard work you have been doing these past months to get all this up and running so smoothly.

Donna, LEH,NJ


Now I realize that I'm going to have to watch which board I'm posting to....just answered MJs post on the wrong one.

What I said was, "Oh, MJ. Just wait until you get back to Boise! Donnie Mac's downtown has those fries, too. They are wonderful."


testing the new chat board

Hooray! It works! A big thank and quilty hug to Eric for setting this up for us.

Good Morning!

Nice to be back again, thank you Sue and Eric. Weather elsewhere is sounding nasty. Good to hear our Floridians are safe. Hope those in freezing temps are warm and cozy inside.

I'm working on a desert landscape, third in a series of design to teach this spring. They take on a life of their own. Each is very different - as is the desert. Coming here from mountains, high lakes and trees is a big change. Appreciate the beauty in both states. This quilt is in the same tones used in the early quilts. All were peach or pink with green on cream. More color in these. Didn't think I'd ever use yellow, orange or purple in a quilt. Now bits are in every one.

After church yesterday, we stopped at the golf course for lunch. Eating lunch on the sunny patio in 75 degree weather is just about as good as it gets. Love their sweet potato fries, must be a local thing. Now I'm ready to replant the things lost in the last storms and freezes. Hope spring is on the way.

MJ in Tucson

We're fine

Hi ladies,

I did post on the other board Saturday about the tornadoes. We're fine down here in SW FL. We're quite a bit south of where the tornadoes hit. Sara is in the Jax area so she's a fair amount north of the area on the east coast. DeLand and New Smyrna Beach area took the biggest hit on that side of FL which is well south of Jax. The twenty who died lived in the Lake Mary and Paisley area which is more to the western side of central FL.

Helen in SW FL

Time question for Eric

Bottom of my post says 4:15 a.m. but it is this site coming out of California? Just curious (smile). Lavinia

Thanks Eric and hello to all

Thanks Eric!! Hello to all, have been off the computer for a while due to vertigo caused by doing Spider Solitaire as well as scrolling too much.

Celia, I posted an answer to your thread question on the other page.

Helen, someone posted on the other page wondering if you are okay due to the storm. Sara hasn't weighed in either...I was thinking she lives in Jacksonville, in which case she'd be okay, but had a condo in Daytona, which may or may not have gotten damage -- so maybe she's gone down there. Hopefully we'll hear from her.

I don't post a whole lot, will try to do better. Am also looking into downloading a free program that tells how to reduce pictures to post on the internet. You'll know I'm successful if I manage to post a picture, hahahahaha. Hugs to all. Lavinia-TN

Thank you Eric...

So pleased to have the BB and Chat board back again ! I've been posting for about 7yrs I think and feel I know some members quite well. I have even met a few, which, considering where I live , is quite amazing..
Summer has been late here this year but today has been warm and sunny , I 've been out and about.
DH has "gone fishin" for a few days. A great chance for me to work on my new quilt top perhaps... (!) As he drove off, I tried not to look too pleased...
Can't believe that I'm now a blogger ! Wotever next ?

Thanks again Eric.
Marion in NZ.

Sunday, February 4, 2007

I hope I'm in....

I faithfully read the other boards but never posted. Enjoyed them very much. Thanks to Eric and Sue for providing this avenue of discussion (or lurking!) for quilters.


Another nice page! Thanks so much, Sue and Eric, you are the greatest.

Pat in Rockport, TX

Here I Am

This was a piece of cake this time. Thanks to Eric and Sue for making this so easy for us. It will be nice to have everyone "back home" again. Glad to see all the posts from people that have been missed.

Raeann in MO

Yes Rosey...your temps would be considered balmy by me!.....we are in a deeper than heck cold freeze....the actual temp is -37Celsius with a windchill of about -50 give or take a couple of degrees.....tomorrow morning the windchill factor is supposed to 'rise' to -47 Celsius....needless to say the outdoor trips are few and far between but are still done, especially with the Yorkie is surprising what you do get used to I guess but it will never be comfortable....I have even let the kids back home in N/Western Ontario complain about their temps and windchill factor, tho they aren't as bad as this!

Have been doing lots of quilting the past couple of days....DH's office has been very busy and lots of uncertainties in a lot of areas so the quilting is my way of if I could apply some of the tension energy to some housecleaning it would be a good thing too! But we did make perogies today and I have declared that I will never do it again by myself....DH did the potato filling last night and helped with the rolling and pinching of them so we managed to get about 10 dozen into the freezer and cooked a couple of dozen for supper....he's not sure that my declaration is legal or not!!

Glad to see that this chat site is up and running and so many supporting will be good without spam or anon posters......thanks so much Eric and Sue...

Off to do an outside round with the dogs and then tuck myself into bed...DH has crashed on the downstairs sofa and I will leave him there rather than wake him.....


I'm here too.
Marge in Louisiana

Hooray for the Chat Page!

Thanks, Eric, for this Chat Page! Hope everyone finds it soon.

This is sort of a test, as I have signed in but don't see my name on the list as it is on the BB page.

I've made it here too. I'm having trouble getting used to this but the more I come here, the more I like it. I'm just computer illerate and don't adapt well to change. Could be I'm getting old? I will eventually get the hang of it. I love reading everybody's posts.
Mary in KS

I made it here, too.

I haven't read the posts here yet but did get signed in - I've posted more in the last few days than I have in the several months - I'm actually working on a quilt today. I suppose it is unAmerican to admit, but I am not watching the Super Bowl (or the ads). I'm going to read this new Chat page and then get back to my project. Joleen in MN

I made it here too. This is going to be such fun. I love the fact that we can post a photo here, right with our letter... Keep up the good work, Eric and Sue. Tanks again.

Here is a photo of the mystery quilt that my guild did as a BOM. I did mine in Christmas colors. It looks great from a distance. When I am working on it, I only see it up close...

I got the sewing room organized today. It still need some work, but I feel good about what I did get done.

Donna, LEH,NJ


Background colour

Just wondering, Eric, if you might consider putting a soft colour in behind the postings on the Chat Board. At first, the strong colour of the bulletin board was startling but frankly, it's easier to read the messages and I like it. The Chat Board type is fainter and thus harder to see the print.
Thanks so much for all the work you are putting into it.

It is hugely cold here but on the scale of where Heather lives in northern Manitoba, this might be balmy to her. It was 3degrees F. this afternoon and I'm told tomorrow will be about -30 Celsius. It would help to turn the heat on instead of depending on the two wood stoves but electricity is so expensive here (as likely it is in most placces) that I'm conditioned to bundle up. It's too cold to run the dogs, their paws freeze.


First Photo of Twins on BB Chat Page

You might recall that I posted an old photo of my twin granddaughters as infants on the BB page. (They were resting on a quilt that my daughter, their aunt, had made for them.) This photo is a little over a year old and shows DH and myself holding the girls as they avoid looking at the camera by "practicing" with their toy cell phones. They imitate their mother's way with a cell phone perfectly, tossing their heads to get their hair out of the way as they chatter about going to the store and such. They already have a Dora computer and can play simple Dora the Explorer games. What magical forms of communication will the little ones of today be using when they are grandmothers? Boggles my blogging mind ..... :-)


Premie quilts, hats and boots

I figured that we need pictures on this chat site too. These are for preemies we (our quilt guild) donate to hospitals. 2 quilts, 31 hats and 18 booties all done in the last 2 months. If you blow up the picture you will see that it is upside down. Sorry.
Irene in Wahsington (state)

West Michigan checking in

We're up and running. Thanks Eric . I hope the quilting and chat both
keep up with lots of posters and pictures. No school tomorrow. Wind chill
a big factor. stay warm. Mayme

This is wonderful!

I am delighted to see this side of the Board being converted to this new format. Being able to post pictures is wonderful -- OK, being able to look at other people's pictures is wonderful! LOL And no anonymous posts...

I'm glad to be back. :)

Jean at Mill bay

I'm here, too

This only took about 5 seconds to do this time. Thanks, Eric.

Kathi in Idaho

Lurker Irene

I guess I should post so that you know that I exist. I am a very long time lurker who doesn't have much to say. I do love to read and don't miss a day. Love the pictures here. Thanks Eric and Sue for setting this up.
Off to get ready for football. Must get my hand project ready (booties for Premie babies)
Hugs, Irene in Washington (the state)

This is cool

I think this is cool to have the boards separated again. Not everyone visits both boards so it'll work better to keep everything organized. IMHO. Quilting on the quilt page and chit chat on the chat page.

Thank you Eric for setting this one up so quickly.

Helen in SW FL

Sunday afternoon

Okay, this should be easier the 2nd time around! Testing to see if the chat site is up and running....thanks again Eric and Sue...

This is getting to be a habit!

Hello everyone again! This was much, much easier the second time around. Are we all becoming professional bloggers now? LOL I think Eric may have created a monster in us. 8^ Never thought I would ever be doing this stuff.

Nice to see you all this side too, so hope you will continue to post and make it as big a success as the new quilting format. I will be very happy to stay with both boards. Too much fun has been going on with all the wonderful quilt and sewing room pics.