Saturday, July 7, 2007

Rosey, please please

point that cannon towards Minnesota and my veggie garden in particular. I am always willing to share my garden with the deer and rabbits, but this year they are very greedy. The rule is corn is knee high by the 4th of July but because the deer keep munching on mine, I don't think it's much beyond ankle high. I have 2 pea plant, 3 beets and about 10 bean but planted 2 rows of each. The tops are gone from all my tomatoes and green peppers, but the weeds are tall, healthy and very abundant!! I have tried the commercial product made from coyote urine but I think they lick it off the leaves before they eat them. I complain a lot but I need to be thankful I don't make my living from raising veggies and therefore I will find the closest farmers market.
Thanks for lending a ear for my complaining. Just watched the 10 p.m. news and they said the heat index in northwest Minnesota was 106 degrees today.
Take care and enjoy life, Phyllis in Minnesota

like having coffee with a friend ...

Thanks Rosey, for the reminders and the empathy ! I feel heaps better today. I was upset by one hissy fit too many from the children yesterday.

We have woken to a beautiful world this morning. The Alps are covered with fresh snow and they look spectacular against the clear blue sky. The boys have been out collecting ice from the water races and all is well in the world ! DD and DSIL had the night in town, catching up with friends then spent the night there with the in-laws. I took the children to a film. Today I will take the children into town. DD, DGD and I are going to a "Around the world traditional dress" interactive workshop at the Art Gallery. The boys will have the afternoon with their father, they are all going out for dinner with friends tonight and DGD will stay overnight with a friend, the rest of them will return here...... That's today organised... we still have eight days to go !

I've enjoyed the photos on the other page about the disappearing nine-patch. Seems a good way to use up some scraps . Unlimited ways of reorganising the patches.

Time to go. Enjoy the day. (as Rosey reminded us, we don't know how many we have left !!)

More darned grackles

And I'm uncharitably thinking about a cannon to be set up on my back porch facing my bird feeding station and blowing the lot of them to smithereens (sp?).

Marion, what is it that 'they' say: absence makes the heart grow fonder?! Then, think back to the separation anxiety you felt when the kids moved away to the north island. How does that look today?! lol. I used to feel terrible watching my kids pull away in their car, I'd feel down in the dumps and have to busy myself tidying up after they left just to keep the mopes away. But I can truly say that now it is often a relief to see their tail-lights go up and over the hill on our laneway when they leave. I have become used to my life without my children. I am ever so grateful to have them in my life; I worry about them when, even in their early forties, they stumble over life's challenges, sometimes I loose sleep over it, as I've done over this past winter with one of them but they seem to land on their feet and my subconscious mind makes a mockery of me for all my worry about them. You think because they are adults they are all grown up. Sometimes they aren't...and sometimes, neither am I even at this slippery slope age of my life. I vacuumed out my car last night covered with french fries, muffin crumbs and other food related elements and then thought, why is my daughter feeding her children so often. I don't remember feeding my kids continually in the car or out of it. And then I think that my tongue is better kept silent. How many days left, Marion...then think, the house all back to yourself, a quilt project to perhaps keep you busy. It's too bad about DH's back though...odd how things like that happen. Bed is a good place to hide out, I'd have to agree.

And last night I learned that a good friend had been visited by the 'grim reaper'. He was fine when he went to bed Thurs. night; he didn't wake up Friday morning. For him, this was a good way to end his life; for his family and friends, a shock. I grew up with him. His parents were friendly aunt and uncle to me all my life. It is another reminder that my days are numbered, as are all of ours.

And without being attacked for saying so, I'd like to have the grackles days numbered on my feeding station. Truly, they are pests.


Grandchildren ....

Rosey....alas, you know me too well ! I AM ready for a holiday !

It's all been "downhill" since the rapturous reunion at the airport !!! The grandchildren, who behave well for me, give their mother a right run around. We are used to having them here without their parents, but now that they live afar off , they are all here... It's been a difficult week with lots of demanding and ill-mannered behaviour. The weather has been at its worst so we have all been confined to the house. Senseless videos seem to be on all day. I've done baking with them all and card making but nothing satisfies and they continue to make impossible and selfish demands of their mother.. I took the boys (8 and 10) to the library one day . They were reluctant to go and surprised themselves by how much they enjoyed themselves. The grand-daughter went to stay with a ex school friend for a night, bringing lots of "thats not fair" type comments from her brothers. DD has the use of a vehicle and takes off for ChCh from time to time (with the children) and I never know if there are going to be just the two of us for dinner or seven .. one night she returned with an "extra" who stayed for two nights. I find that all a bit difficult . DH, who was full of promises about what he was going to do with and for the grandchildren, put his back out the day they arrived. He has confined himself to bed on and off ever since... Oh the joy of family life !

Time for some wine to go with the cheese I think....
Happy days,
Marion. (who really does love her grandchildren !)

Friday, July 6, 2007


I'm just now watching a flock of grackles giving a male cardinal a wide berth at my feeding station outside my studio window. And I watch also the female cardinals dooking it out with cowbirds and grackles and coming out the winner...Those grackles are so nervy and eat me out of house and home in the birdseed dept. But it's worth feeding the birds for all the pretty ones that come in whose manners are much superior to these black and purple thieves.

Marion, I cannot for the life of me believe that one second is all that it takes to win a race. My heavens. Cathi, the temperatures all around are out of whack, including our lack of rain. Bev, I've seen photos of the floods in England and it's hard to believe. We need rain here badly.

I'm just home from our sojurn at the cottage and the back seat of my car, after one diminutive 'angel princess' with long blond curly hair and the temper of a tiger, plus her ten year old sister, looks like a grocery store in drag. I have to vaccuum out the car before I can put the seats back down for the dogs. On the other hands, maybe I should just let the dogs loose in the car. They'd eat all the crumbs and save me vaccuuming it out. Grandma is decidedly weary after all that driving, back and forth to Georgian Bay, then over to Guelph, where my DD lives. But thank heavens for grandchildren, Marion, would you agree or are you ready for a holiday about now?



...and SW Idaho is sweltering under temps that are expected to reach about 107 today! Even the small mountain town where we have our cabin (over 6000' elevation) is expected to get well into the 90s. It's often on the weather news...but usually as the place that is coldest in the lower 48. I'll bet that MJ wonders if she actually left Arizona behind.


Thursday, July 5, 2007

Explosion of color (colour)

July 5th isn't nearly as exciting as July 4th. We did manage to go fora 15 mile bike ride yesterday morning, then went to an early dinner with some friends. One of the men had been to a fish camp/restaurant near St. Augustine for business last year so we had a new discovery. The food was great, the company good, and the rains held off until we got home about 9:15. Lots of neighbors were doing fireworks, so we didn't really miss any.
I'm doing the entry today for the Explosion of Colour for the U.K. show. Something like a crazy quilt, with lots of reds, hot pinks and orange and yellows. I've been working on it between loads of laundry and doing a Wally-mart run. DH has a meeting tonight, so may do another hour's worth then.
I went to see "Nancy Drew" Tuesday. Although I missed the first 5 min. of the movie, due to traffic, it was cute. Loved the 50's fashions and good boy and girl cookies that I saw. (I used to make them, will have to do it with the grandsons) Sugar cookies with faces drawn on them.
It if doesn't rain tonight I'm going to plant some more Lantana in the front yard garden. It can take the heat and sun.
Next Tuesday morning I'm having someone come give me an estimate of doing a water pond in the back yard. I've seen some, and the labor is expensive, but the outcome is grand. Don't know yet is we can afford this or not, but it's nice to dream.
Quiet day on the BB. What's going on around the world?
Stripy Bear asked about fires/floods in the U.S. It seems that Texas and Oklahoma are getting lots of flooding, and Utah and Lake Tahao, NV. lots of fires. Right now Florida is doing well, as we've had enough rain to put out the wild fires of the spring. There is still a drought going on through the state, but not as bad.
OK, that's all for me.
Going to put on my Dolly Parton patriotic music.
Sara in Florida

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

One second...

Can you believe that a yacht race can be won by one second ? That's what happened in Valencia this morning !! Alinghi gets to keep the cup but NZ put up a good challenge.... The boys can hold their heads up high. It was very exciting with the lead changing five times. Phew.... time to chill , I'm getting too old for this level of excitement !!

The family arrived safely on Monday night and have settled down happily. Such a magic moment when you first set eyes on them at the airport. It's six months since they were here. They are here for two weeks so we look forward to some fun days together..

Sorry to hear of the flooding in UK. Not a happy time there at the moment . Terrorism has changed the world and there are no guarantees of safety anywhere. DD#1 and her husband use Glasgow airport frequently so we were pleased to hear that they weren't there at the w/end..

Time to go. Have a good day.


Hi Everyone,
It has been pouring with rain consistently for about 4 weeks in Britain. We have floods in various places with some people displaced for over a week now. There have been about 4 fatalities, and many injuries. The rain does not want to go away. Wimbledon has been a washout, and I wonder if they will finish on time.
We heard that you have drought in California, and storms in Texas. How are things there??
Stripey Bear. Beverley.

another late night

in NZ , more racing for the Cup , I do wish it would start a bit earlier, 1.30am is a little late . We must win this race or the Cup will stay in Europe. We are feeling so relieved our kids are now back home, missed the bombs in Glasgow and also in London. Do hope they stay home fpr a few years and hopefully all this might die down. Prague was their favourite city and they want to go back for a longer time. I would much rather they stayed here . Fran, about Ellie, she is growing so fast and is now nearly 6 months old , she has Harry under her paw and rules him so well. The old cat and I just watch her while she organises both DH and the dog. Poor baby she has had a rough month, first she had an abcess which had to be lanced and a drain put in , this was after trying to get rid of it with anti biotics, by in jection then the drain had to come out and the next week we took her to be spayed. Last week I decided to put the cat cage away and Ellie took one look and shot under the bed to hide. She is now good but still rather a patchwoprk cat with bits shaved here and there. She makes a very good fur collar and drapes round my neck so well. I think I have hibernated for the winted as I can only get enough energy to read , hopefully this will change when the rain stops and the sun comes out. I intend grabbing a grandkid during the hols and getting them to show me how to post photos on here. I am going potty with my new camera , it is so easy and I have lots to show all of you. Hugs for now Bee in NZ

Monday, July 2, 2007

Happy Canada Day, and Happy July 4th

Wow, it's a celebratory week, isn't it? I'm wishing good weather for everyone.
DH and I are flying up to visit his brother and his wife this week. We'll go up on the 4th. I hope the planes all fly on schedule, no problems, etc.

LOVED the Top 10 Reasons to be a Cat. ROFLOL!

Must run now. A gazillion things on the "To-Do" list before we leave town. Hugs and a Happy Holiday Week/Weekend to y'all!


Sunday, July 1, 2007

Top ten reasons to be a cat

I'd agree but I'm busy right now!

Feline Ditty

Phyllis, that has to be just about the funniest thing I've read on cats. I'm going to send it to a few 'cat' friends, Aussie lover that I am.

We've gone from a meltingly hot week down to in the 50's today but it's been bright and sunny and an altogether pleasant day. It's a fairly quiet B&B week-end so I'm able to do some sewing, washed my car inside and out...that means, distributing dog hairs around a bit and hope I haven't left enough to fly up the noses of my grandchildren tomorrow who will be accomplanying my to Georgian Bay and the cottage for a few days, along with their mother. The RoseyP will be full to the hilt, three dogs, two children, two adults, supplies, sleeping bags and so on. We'll stop at Balm Beach to take part in the food I usually don't eat and can't resist...french fries with not ketchup on them...that's Amurrican...vinegar...and it has to be malt vinegar, salt and pepper...yum. We'll spend a few days at the cottage, likely our last as the cottage may be sold later this month. Having been in the DH's family since 1943, it's more than a sadness but it's day has come.

Off to make a very large salad for supper to combat the rather large BLT that I packed away at lunch time.


The suspence continues...(for me anyway !!)_

No wind in Valencia last night, so no racing ! Today is a rest day.... we now have to wait till Wednesday morning (NZ time) for the next race...

Marion . (who now must focus on the expected arrival of the family this afternoon....)

Cats and Quilts

Knowing there are a number of cat lovers and a cat rescue quilter, I thought you would enjoy this. I think these reasons could be applied to a dog also. A vendor at a quilt show had a small wallhaning his wife has designed based on Letterman's top 10 reasons. Having been around cats all my life I can vouch for the fact that all of these reasons are true.
TOP 10 REASONS TO BE A CAT..............................
10. So I can look beautiful when I first wake up.
9. So I can live nine times.
8. So I don't have to waste time learning to do things, that others will do for me.
7. So I can run the house my way.
6. So I'd have a human at my beck and call to satisfy my every whim.
5. So I can offend and annoy company with impunity.
4. So I can sniff people anywhere without being labeled as a pervert.
3. So I can be a lifelong couch potatoe and be admired for it.
2. So I can clean my private parts in public and be admired for being fastidious.
1. So I can sleep with whomever I choose and not be thought of as a tramp.

Happy Canada Day and Happy 4th of July in a few days, Phyllis in Minnesota

Cats and Quilts

Weighing in

Only 1/2 pound and 1/2 inch off this week, but still, progress is being made.

I went and got Mom yesterday. She's staying with us until the 9th, so we'll be having a nice long visit. I feel very lucky to still have her, and in pretty good health for someone that will be 87 next month. She wants me to make a baby quilt for the lady that sees to it that there's a little pot of tea on her table at breakfast every morning, who's expecting her first grandbaby this year. I don't normally do baby quilts for grandmas. Used to make one for every person that I worked with that got pregnant, but they only had one a year--grandmas can have any number of babies a year, and I didn't want to start down that road--but this lady does take good care of Mom, so I'll do a nice little quilt for her grandbaby.

Pat in Rockport, TX