Thursday, October 29, 2015

No birds in winter

Anyone heading into winter and missing the birds singing, here is a link to nothing but birdsong.  Nice to leave on in the background on a snowy winter's day.  Rosey

From mary Jo G., via Rosey's posting service

Thank you for the lovely spring postings.  I can only dream....   Fall is here with rain which is welcome as it doesn't happen often.  The maple tree in front is responding to our first frost by turning color.  It is one of the last trees to lose their leaves and they go fast.  Lime the first day, yellow today.  Red will be next and then the leaves all come down.  Most of the neighborhood trees go gradually.

Still have the back bed to get cleared and planted.  Daffodils and mums will fill it.  And, two lavender plants to plant beside the fireplace.  Not much grows there so am going with hardy plants.

Celebrated three quarters of a century this week.  I'm not sure how or when it happened, getting old.  Was always the youngest in the crowd.  That has changed.  I attended a gals' luncheon of my classmates in Oregon last month.  It was difficult to recognize 6-7 of them.  They were shorter, wider and had gray or white hair that was very short.  It's been ten years since we last met.  Just took a few words to know who was who.  The session had three brunettes, one blond and the rest were gray or white.   I stopped coloring my hair last spring and am gray at the temples.  Was planning to let mother nature have her way but am rethinking that.  When we lined up for photos, I was the second tallest.  At 5' 3", that is a first.  My generation is shrinking in more ways than one.  Several classmates have passed on.

Yesterday my quilt group of six drove to Boise for lunch to celebrate two birthdays.  We ate at the Fork, located in a historical bank.  Lots of beautiful wood, windows and slate.  The food is local and very good.  I had trout and a salad of lentils and quinola.  There were many non gluten options, appreciate that.  Shopping was next.  A great shop sent us birthday cards worth 20% off.  We also had gift cards so shopping was fun.  I found a beautiful large floral from Kaffe Fassat.  Have never used his prints but this spoke to me.  Of course, coordinates went in the cart and I'm set to make a new quilt.  This one says spring.  

Five tote bags full of fabrics made their way to the church's quilt group.  Didn't take much thinking to sort out what would be used and what might wait.  Better that they make charity quilts now than it waits on me. My to do list is long.  Did spend Monday making a flannel top to snuggle in this winter.  It is bigger than expected but needed that last border.  Think this is my last flannel one.  Prefer to work in regular cotton. Purchased teal, blue, purple and green batiks on the Alaska trip to make a mountain quilt.  Think that is next although there are Christmas projects to finish.