Friday, June 5, 2015


Hi everybody. Had a good eye check up at Mayo clinic this morning, still just a bit dialiated. Vision is 20/40 so it is a bit worse, but that was to be expected with the radiation treatment. I finished a small wall hanging that was sitting in the UFO box and discovered in the move. It was squares from a shop hop about 3 years ago. I had done the top, but never put it together, and now that project is done. It may be summer here, but will have to e mail the DD to ask her if anyone wants a quilt for Christmas, as will have to start one soon to get it done by December. We are talking about new flooring in the bedroom. I always wanted tile at the beach, but friends have talked me into engineered hardwood for the bedroom. Not as hard or as expensive as tile, and we need to rip out the modern shag rug for the allergies. I hate carpet anyway, so hard to keep clean. Keep in touch. Let me know of any "beach reads" that anyone likes, chick books, mysteries, etc. Not that i lay out in the sun, but sit on the balcony this time of day to relax. Sara in Fla.