Saturday, September 22, 2007

some info from Joleen

Here's a note received from Joleen on the Yahoo group,
"I have heard many times that there is no such thing as a coincidence. I have been feeling pretty stressed today with an additional procedure scheduled for next Monday, and uncertainty on what treatment lies ahead in the next few months. When I picked up my mail about 11:00 this morning, there was an envelope with a gorgeous quilt block from Mary L. in Kansas. You have no idea how I needed that little boost today. I don't think it was a coincidence that today was the day I received the first block. And, Jill, you are right, I know I would have said "NO, don't do a block shower." Now I'm glad you didn't let me vote. Thanks. Joleen in MN"

For Sara

Tried responding with a personal comment but by the time I'd done it and had to put in my password, I couldn't remember it. So here I am: freezing the pastry works but I tend not to leave it in the freezer for too long as it seems to dry out a bit and is not as nice. I'm glad the pie worked out. I had to wait a day before I stopped salivating, Sara...! I am trying desperately to loose my spare tyre so that I can fit into my winter mean feat, that.

This week-end's guests and a bridesmaid at the same wedding. The other guest, an energetic female vet who used to do large animals but with age, is doing small animal husbandry. She also owns and deals in is off to the Tournament of Champions, which is held now at the Caledon Equine Centre in Palgrave, Ontario...I will be going tomorrow with minister friend Penny to watch the jump-off, if we can get anywhere near the will be crawling with people, horses, cars and trailers. Then, next week, I'm into doing the Wit's End Horse Trials as a volunteer, plus the B&B...lots of work but fun.

Weather here is absolutely glorious. Wish I could bottle it for the winter ahead.

And I am so regretful to hear about Joleen's upcoming health issues and grateful that I have been informed personally and here on the board...thank you, Jill. I respect privacy so am hopeful that we may hear somehow along the way how Joleen is faring.


Friday, September 21, 2007

Ok, that's supposed to say "bottom of the fridge" not ridge.

Pie crust questions

I made your pie crust last Friday. It was a large receipe, and I still have 1/2 in plastic wrap in the bottom of the ridge. Can it be frozen? Or do I just need to use it up?
The receipe was great in my lemon chess pie/tarts. Thanks for sharing it.
Sara in Fla.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Fall must be here.

We've had two cool days, mid 60s, plus rain. What a relief. The long hot summer was too hot. Glad to get out the long pants and socks this morning to wear to work. Am volunteering at a clearing house that coordinates charities in our area. People learn to get out of the poverty cycle through budgeting classes, clothing, furniture, car repair, medical and dental help, gardening, preserving, cooking, mentoring... Children can earn restored bikes by doing their homework, attending tutoring and mentoring sessions.

Still working on the Night Sky quilt. Love the deep blue, teal and purple shades used for the backgrounds. Has anyone seen Jinny Beyer's quilt in the newest McCall's quilting mag? Have to try that....after making the other three for classes. It can be a new year's project; have until mid December to finish the others.

DGD Brooke is a college student here. Love having her nearby; she spends Sundays with us. This weekend we are driving north to her parents, about 5 hours. Lovely drive, through the mountains and along the river. Quick trip tho, Fri - Sun evening.

Guests coming tonight. Love having the house ready for that and cannot understand why it won't stay that way. Only two of us here; must be the cat who messes things up.


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Tuesday morning after the storm

Goodmorning all.
It is 9:15 Am here, and yesterday's rain storm is gone and the sun is shining. We had about 7 to 8 inches of rain all in one day. At least the drought conditions are a thing of the past.
About 30 min. ago the landscape crew I hired showed up and is re-doing the small back yard. They will be laying down a 12ft. X 15ft. paver patio, and landscaping around it. This is straight out of Southern Living, and I'm excited! Also excited that I don't have to do the heavy lifting. If anyone is interested, it is August Southern Living, page 51. Ours will be rectangle instead of round, less cutting = less money.
Things are looking up for DD and the grands. Other than some car trouble yesterday (which was only the engine light it turns out) they are adjusting to public school. The pace is faster, but there are many new friends for the boys.
I'm going to have the vericose vein(s) in the left leg removed this afternoon. It will be a procedure in the office. Thankfully my insurance covers most of it, as it is a medical problem, not just cosmetic.
Please someone send me the snail mail to send a card to our friend who is ill, I'm under the gun to finish up some small wall hangings for a show and can't do a block at this time. sashauer at
Sara in Florida

Monday, September 17, 2007


Great idea, Jill. She did post the substance of her recent diagnosis on the Yahoo BB Board site. I think a support block shower is appropriate. Count me in. I'll email you before I fall into bed. I met Joleen at Rosey's retreat and enjoyed her company very much.



I'm sure most of you will remember Joleen Koch from MN.
I met her at the Michigan retreat summer before last where we
all had such a blast getting to know each other & share our love
of quilting. It was one of the best experiences of my life!

Joleen has not posted here that I'm aware of, but she is having
health problems and I think a block shower is in order to cheer her up!
You can email me for her address. I'm easystitches at yahoo .com

If your unable to do a block I'm sure she'd love a card,
here's the block specs.
9 and 1/2 inches unfinished, unbleached muslin or similar fabric for
background. Think "Garden" when your making the block but design is maker's choice. Please sign.

Thanks , Jill

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Not quilting related but.....

An interesting afternoon, a beautiful day in southern Ontario and a visit to the nearby York Soaring Club and the following...I thought it might be interesting for people to know about and the website is given below. Jock traveled to Halifax last year to pick up the Freedom's Wings new glider with Charles Petersen, the instigator of this programme who will have a halo polished for him in heaven when he arrives for starting this programme and giving it both financial and personal support. There are disabilities of many kinds, some hidden, some not but this programme has allowed those who are physically disabled, the freedom to use their 'wings' instead of their follows:

Charles Petersen: 30 Sep 2003: York Soaring
His Excellency, Lt. Governor David Onley, is scheduled to take a glider flight with Freedom’s Wings Canada on Sunday September 16th. The CBC wrote: “Onley, 57, who has worked for CITY TV since 1984, has been a vocal champion for the disabled. He himself was partially paralyzed from the neck down at age three by polio, and uses leg braces, a cane and a motorized wheelchair to get around. He said his new job — involving touring all over the province — is a great platform from which to promote greater accessibility for other people with physical disabilities.” He will arrive at York Soaring for his flight in an adapted Grob Twin Astir T around 14:00 hr. The Freedom’s Wings program has been offering the disabled Inspiration Flights, and when an adapted glider is available, offering lessons to paraplegic pilots, at several Canadian gliding clubs. Freedom’s Wings Canada operates as a strategic partnership between a gliding club (provider of infrastructure such as runways, tow planes, Instructors, clubhouse), one or more local organizations for disabled adults and children (Canadian Paraplegic Association, Bloorview Kids Rehab Hospital) and the registered charity Youth Flight Canada. More information is available on