Thursday, April 11, 2013

Early Autumn here...

It was lovely to see that splash of colour on the page. Thank you Kathi.  The forsythia here, is one of the earliest to flower in the spring and, for that reason, is always eagerly anticipated.!   It's autumn here ofcourse, and the days are shortening and getting cooler.  A suspicion of a frost one morning this week, but nothing too serious yet !

It's the 'calm before the storm" here !  At the end of next week the school holidays start and our two grandsons ae coming down from Auckland for ten days.  That sounded simple enough until the "other" grandparents (who NEVER invite them to stay...) made contact and suggestions about when they would like to see them...THEN the grand-daughter and boy friend got in on the act, and asked if they could come for three days on their way home from some cycling event.. THEN our DD emailed to say she had got "grab a seat" tickets to come down with DSIL for four days, because they felt guilty about not being with their son for his 16th Bday.. but "would we keep it a secret.".... DH and I had promised the boys that we would take them over to the West Coast. Now we can't and we can't even tell them why not !   I'm sure it will all work out well but, for a quiet living couple like us, it does look a bit hectic !

Enjoy the signs of Spring in the Northern hemisphere and, for those of us who used to be known as the Dugs  (Down Under Girls), make sure the wood shed is full.

Have a good w/end.


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The forsythia are blooming!

This year's blooms are soooo yellow that they almost hurt the eyes.  This was taken today which is overcast.  You can only imagine what they look like in the bright sunlight. 


Monday, April 8, 2013

Daughter sick of snow

My DD who has never said anything bad about the weather in North Dakota in 4 years is sick of the snow,  It snowed on Easter Sunday, again yesterday, and they are expecting more today & this week. She even posted a picture on her facebook page of a 1 ft. high snowman, lying on the porch, with kitchen knives in it.  Voodoo Snowman!
I didn't make it any better by sending her a picture of wind surfers at the beach on Sat.  Warm here, about 75 here, the wind has died down.  DH has gone for a bike ride, but I'm just too tired.  The darling doggie children, and ?? kept me awake last night.  Going to take a warm bath soon.
Sara in Fla.