Saturday, July 2, 2011

Annie- Off and Holly -No...

would make a good pair ! We wouldn't be without them though would we ?!?

We are safely home after our week in Auckland with the family. Miss "nearly 16yr old " had a lot to say for herself, mostly unpleasant and mostly directed at her long suffering mother (our daughter..) so that wasn't easy ! The boys were kicking balls or washing mud off themselves most of the time, so not a lot has changed up there since our last visit in March ! We were delayed at the airport on the way up, but got away eventually, our return flight was cancelled (because of the Chilean volcanic ash) and we returned a day later than planned. No real difficulties with any of that, but it did make us realise that we can't always be sure of time and place when dependant on airlines..

DD#1 and her family are planning to descend upon us in late July and August . Although DD gets down here quite often, the children haven't been for eight years so it will all be new for them. We are planning a week in Queenstown for some skiing. They have long school holidays in the UK summer, so are able to have some time in HK before and after their visit here.

Rosey, you are getting very clever with your photos on this page ! I am impressed with the smaller one of the young couple. They do make a good looking pair and they seem very easy with each other and with their roles. Lets hope that doesn't change.

I was amazed to hear about missing quilts. I would be devastated if I ever lost one, they are such personal creations. Hard to believe that you have only just missed that beautiful one in the photo Rosey. If I had made one like that I would have had it on display !

Cold foggy day here today. July is often our coldest month. It was sunny in Rangiora and it looks as if the sun would like to come out here. I hope it makes it, the cold seems easier to cope with when the sun is shining.

Hope the week goes well for everybody.

Our Canada Day July 1st

Sara, I loved reading about your red, white and blue feast. Your Independence Day falls on Monday and our Canada Day celebrations happened Friday with a visit from Prince William and wife, Katherine, the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge. She's gorgeous and he's no slouch to look at either. Lest I be accused of being a royalist, I am, even though I've read Kitty Kelly's book on The Royals. The Brits know how to put on a good show and I admit to enjoying it all.

Very hot, very humid here in Southern Ontario and we're tracking a storm coming from the west which will hopefully cool things down a bit.

I think the new pup will grow up thinking her name is Annie-OFF.


Lee Greenwood's song

OK, I know this is the World Wide quilting page, but happy birthday USA. I love the Lee Greenwood song, "I'm Proud to be an American" -guess you can Google the song if you are not familiar with it.
Yesterday I bought a watermelon-grown in Georgia, blueberries grown in Fla. and today am going to get some yogurt--red,white, and blue. Going to a 4th of July fireworks party on the banks of the river on Monday night. Some places are having their fireworks tonight, since it is Sat. and some on Monday. I'm sure the dogs will hate both! I did buy a Thunder Shirt for 1 doggie who is afraid of loud noises. So far it seems to be working.
Thursday decided I needed quilt therapy, so paid $5.00 to sit and sew at the one local shop close to me. Met lots of fun ladies, did a bit of quilting, and looked around. They opened the Christmas fabric room that afternoon, for those wanting to do Christmas projects. One lady even dressed up in an elf costume! It was good to "talk quilt" with like minded people.
So, happy quilting, happy 4th.
Sara in Fla.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

thanks, Doris

Quilts don't have legs but they can walk. I've just registered the quilt and thanks, Doris. However, I'm surprised at the number of pages on the site. There must be a lot of quilts missing and stolen.


No links here???

I see my link portion of the post below did not post. Argh....

So, copy & paste:

missing quilt

Rosey P - How awful for you!

Have you posted your quilt photo at ?

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Summer Projects

Check the regular board for my post of the 3 tops I have finished so far this summer. They're at the quilter's now. Yay! I just have to move this fabric out of here, but first it comes back bigger and fluffier, full of batting!

I am tottering on the verge of not keeping my eyes open, curled up in my white wicker loveseat on the side porch, contemplating the energy it would require to walk around the corner of the garage and rescue my second line of bedsheets on the line...the fitted bottoms have been washed and back on their rightful beds....instead I tuned into the board which I've so enjoyed with all the news from other people's lives.

Heather, it will be interesting to see how this legal case will go. Some pretty heavy players in it, I should think...with where and how it happened. I know you know how much more serious it could have been and that she should be compensated for this.

Marion will be gone and up in the air flying to Auckland where Bee also lives and ducking volcanic ash.

Doris, thanks for the tip, Miss AnnieBelle is being trained (and that is a euphemism for...'I'll come when you say 'come' when it's convenient for me) with chicken weiners. Not sure that something nice and salty like the jerky treats wouldn't be more to her taste but the fact is, she needs obed. school and I'm contemplating where and certainly when needs to happen soon.

Jane emailed that she's fine but busy so I'm hoping she'll post soon, Sara.

Grace what a lovely pillow for a wedding gift. And, I'm glad to see you back; post more often, please.

And the above quilt has disappeared from my collection. I speak on occasion to quilt guilds and until my last speaking engagement this past spring, have not had someone with me to collect, watch and catalogue that what I bring, I leave with. This now does not reside with me and I'm wondering just where and in whose possession this quilt is now. I shall make another, perhaps next winter's project but it's disappointing when things like this happen. It's my own design, done years ago, in the late 1970's but the quilt travelled from speaking engagement to speaking engagment...and I knew that one was missing...only recently, in having an old student contact me and come to the house looking for the quilt, which she was making and is now finishing...all these years later, I realized that this was the quilt I was missing. I'm now taking a printed inventory list with me when I go out to speak to guilds.


Good news !

The ash has blown away and we are able to fly to Auckland today !! That's good news for us. We haven't seen the family since early March, too long... The youngest grandchild has a birthday tomorrow so it will be great to be with them for that. Hopefully we will return on Friday, ash permitting...
Have a good week.