Saturday, March 3, 2012

we were very lucky

Laura in AL - I'm glad you're okay.

Jane in NC - Glad you're okay too. That shoulder will probably require surgery.

We dodged a bullet yesterday. There was one bad storm cell that left a trail of hail (no rhyme intended) thru several counties. Some people had windows broken and screens torn from the hail. Nobody is complaining after seeing the horrible damage and deaths in other states.


Sorry about the empty post I just deleted. It looked as though I'd just misjudged the preceding weather observation and was swept away by an unanticipated tornado. I was going to amend the post by saying that I'd just checked the NOAA website and learned that we were on the alert list here after all. I was in a lot of pain which I'd medicated and hit the wrong key then gave up and hit the sack. Fortunately all we had was some thunder and fireworks and all tolled for the day 1.25" of rain. Neither pup was disturbed by that and I did take the precaution of filling the bathtub with water as I'm dependant on a well to operate in case we lost power..

Can't wait to get this rotator cuff problem resolved. I get up in the AM feeling mildly uncomfortable and by mid afternoon it catches up with me and I'm in agony by dinner time. I hate the hydrocodone in the 7.5 mg. dose but have to resort to it in the late afternoon. That stuff turns my brain into mush. I can't imagine why anyone would crave the stuff. Oh well. I'll see the shoulder surgeon Monday. The wrist fracture is a mild inconvenience in comparison.

I know it's a bit early in the day for a whine but here it is.


all clear

The fronts have passed us by this time. Unfortunately, some of the people who were hit this time were also hit in the storms last April...The tornadoes seemed to be tracking along the same lines. Fortunately, they were acting more like the usual tornado; hopping along instead of raking a straight path for miles, so the devastation is not as widespread as in April's storms.
I'm just grateful that I could get home from school. The path of one tornado tracked across the roads I use to get home. I had to turn around and try a different route because of downed trees and power lines.
I hope everyone else on the board continued safe...
The only quilting I'm doing right now is on a scrap apple core quilt. I'm contemplating what I want it to look like. So far, I've had to change my plans only once because it was too busy when I started laying out pieces...
Does anyone have Y2K 3 inch squares they would like to swap for fabric? I bought a new mattress after Christmas, which I love. It is however, much thicker, so none of my quilts drape long enough to cover the mattress. I even borrowed a "store bought" quilt to see if it was big enough; it isn't. Obviously, I'm going to have to make more quilts and give the old ones away. What a tragedy! :) But I really did like my Y2K quilt and would like to make another that would fit!
Laura in chilly, but clear, Alabama

Friday, March 2, 2012


No tornado here. There have been alerts in nearby counties but luckily not much wind here... but very gray and depressing. That is a vivid contrast to yesterday with bright sunshine and high temps around 70.

Jane the cripple in NC

tornado areas

I'm sure thinking of all of those who live in areas of possible tornadoes! Take good care and check in when you can.
Hugz to you all,
Mary in Oregon


Laura - I saw the tornado damage in Huntsville this morning, right after it happened. The report was on TV Weather Channel. They've got Mike Bettes up here, ready to report damage if we get anything. We're rated at 9 (out of 10) on the Torcon, which ain't good at all! The ones you're expecting at 5p.m. will be hitting our area between 3 and 4 p.m. Wind here is currently 35 mph and DH said it threw his car all over the interstate while driving home just now. He let his employees go home and he came home early, too. Schools in Middle Tenn. all let out here (except Metro Nashville, who stayed in school) at 11:30 a.m. No sense having buses running and kids walking home when the storms are supposed to be hitting. Don't know what Metro is thinking...

Tornado kit is downstairs, cellphone is charged, Sophie will be on a leash during the dangerous hours, and I hope we still have a house by 9 p.m. tonight.

I hope you all stay safe, too, Laura!

I saw on Weather channel, around midday, that there was some nasty weather near Jane in NC. Jane, if you're reading, please let us know you are okay.

BTW, above is a pic of Sophie that I took this past weekend. Our little princess/diva. ;-)

So far, we're safe

We've had more tornadoes in the area today. So far, we're OK. More are expected around 5:00.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday night checking in

The porta-a-loo idea is a cute one! The hearts are sweet too. Colorful.
We spent 2 nights in the beach hi rise condo this past weekend. A bed, some chairs, a sofa, coffee pot, not much else there yet. The 2 little dogs did ok. They had been there several times for 15- 20 min. at a time, so did alright with the elevator. The weather was not good, gray, very windy, spitting rain. We both slept well in the new bed, so that was a plus, it is very quiet. We are on the 8th floor of a 16 floor place. When we get towel bars & coat racks up a shower door, those things that you don't really think about at home, life will be better. We had the wet bath towels hanging over the doors, clothes on the chairs, and so on.
In a few weeks things will improve and I'll post pictures. Everyone likes the colors I picked out for the master bedroom and bathrooms. My sew-ezi box arrived at home and I took it over, haven't taken it out of the box yet.
I wound up getting the draperies made by a local designer, made DH happy, less work for me, and about the same price. Not colorful at all (beige, beige) However with some throw pillows of the Tommy Bahama fabric, some pops of color here and there it should be OK.
I forced myself to go walk on the beach for 4 miles- 30 min each way into the wind and back again. Burr! One person was just coming out of the water as I was about finished with the walk & I asked him if he was from Canada-he said "Almost-Minn." The only other people out there were lifeguards in training and they had full body wet suits on.
Good news! The DD and family will come for a Spring visit in April. They are tired of the cold, and need a break. Sadly SIL's father is not in good health and is asking to see the grand kids.\OK- The Voice is on TV and DH wants me to join him.
Sara in Fla.