Saturday, November 7, 2009

Missing folks

Sara, there are more than just Anna missing. The other board was fun but it became infested with spammers and it spoiled it for the rest of us. I think of Bertie in Illinois, Celia in New Brunswick, MJ in Arizona, Linda Harrington in Minnesota, Katie in the UP and so on. Perhaps boards have their day, I don't know.

Over the summertime I have been helping out a soapmaker whose handmade soap I discovered at a gift shop not far from here. Tired of throwing out the ends of soap with each guest who stays at the B&B here, I asked her if she would make smaller bars of soap for my guests. I now have lavender soap, honey lemon, almond, etc. in attractive small bars and I give each guest a small plastic bag to take the soap home with them. soap ends for me to clean up. I also have a small basket of her larger bars of soap here for guests to buy if they wish. She has had a booth on Saturdays at our local Farmer's Market all summer and I've gone into town to help her for about 2 hours each week. For that, she pays me with one free bar of soap. I will work for free Her website is: if anyone in Canada is interested. She doesn't ship across the border. It's wonderful soap.

The weather, which we Canadians talk about all the time...has been beautiful today (for November). People were walking around in shirtsleeves but for most of the week past we had fat white rain...that translates into show showers. I believe Grace, further north and east of us, has snow on the ground. Hard to see 'white' coming so soon, isn't it Grace. Winter is long enough without the insult of having it start too early in the season. Tomorrow promises more of the same. I hope to have a quiet day with a good book, do some more sewing on the binding of my latest quilt and sit in the sun even if I wrap up.


Thursday, November 5, 2009

Where is Anna?

Has anyone heard from Anna in Spain? I miss hearing from her.
Sara in Fla.

Pedigree Dogs Exposed - documentary on US TV in December

For those of you who receive BBC-America TV channel and are dog lovers, you'll want to watch this documentary that was first shown in the UK:

"The fallout from this documentary led to the BBC dropping its coverage of Crufts, the UK's equivalent of the Westminster Show. Pedigree Dogs Exposed premieres Tuesday, December 10, 8:00 p.m. ET/PT "

I watched it on YouTube a few months ago, and it was very educational, and quite shocking at times. I was particularly appalled at the mother/son and father/daughter breeding that is condoned by the UK's kennel club.

Accidentally posted this over on the main BB page (no caffeine yet this a.m. ....)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Thank You, Jill, for your help.

This is a test - hope it works. I've been trying to find out how to post on the board and could not, for the life of me, do more than reply to someone's message. Finally, I e-mailed Jill and she graciously told me how to get on both this and the Yahoo site. I finished a lap quilt for DDIL#2 and wanted to show it. That's another challenge. It's in the camera and now I have to figure out to get it here. She wanted a pink and black color scheme - Yuck! The pink turned out to be more toward salmon, so I paired it with many shades of green and called it Pink and Black and Forty Shades of Green (she is Irish born). It turned out nicer than the description!

Margaret from Long Island, NY

Wednesday in Chilly Minnesota

Remember when we used to do a snoopy dance when we finished a project. Well, I am dancin' this morning. I finished putting together my Blooming 9-patch last night and actually finished a a few other UFO's a couple weeks ago. With a quilt show coming up in March, I have a little incentive to get some projects moved to the "Done" pile. I have so many projects waiting for me that I really needed to get some of the oldies but goodies (and a few not so goodies) completed. After a bag - see below! - I am starting on my BC blocks next. Lisa, who MQs some of my things, has me on her list so I need to have something to give her when she calls!

Last Thur & Fri I went to the Des Moines AQS with a couple of my friends. We saw lots of people from our area there as well and got lots of good ideas. While the show was very good with TONS of vendors, our state show is outstanding so we are a bit spoiled here in Minnesota when it comes to quilt shows. We didn't see many big quilt kits for sale. Bags were popular, there was quite a bit of hand work--embroidery -- and wool everything. Wool wall hangings, wool applique quilts, wool bags, etc. I ordered a wool wall hanging with Ecclesiastes 3 - "To everything there is a season..." around the border. They showed it in a black frame and it was gorgeous AND a wool bag kit just happened to find its way home with me. I am hoping to start on that today... Are the rest of you seeing lots of wool in your areas? Or what seems to be the "in" thing where you are?

Better get DD up for school.. Joleen in MN

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

walking shoes, quilting

Sara in Fla - I love my Asics but yes, they do wear out fast on the soles. The Gel-Cumulus is my favorite because of my high arches. Shape of the last matching one's foot is so important. I love wool socks, too. Hikers wear them because they won't blister. I've started wearing the shorty version on the golf course.

QUILT GUILD met today. Our program was given by Sue Nickels. Her quilts are gorgeous, and of course I had to buy two of her books and a couple patterns. She gave an all-day workshop yesterday that I missed because that's my volunteer work day. She seems like a wonderful person and I'm sure is a very good teacher.

Must go walk the dog now. Beautiful weather here since Sunday; blue sky, sunshine (what is that???) and everyone is so happy because of it.

Monday, November 2, 2009


Ah-went walking at he beach on Sat. morning after watching the sun come up. There is nothing better than a "cool" morning walking at the beach at low tide.
Back to home this noon.
Last year when I signed up for the 1/2 marathon I knew that I'd need a group to keep my motivation up. The local Breast Cancer group that I was supporting teamed up with Jeff Galloway, who was a 1972 Olympic winner. He has supported himself helping others run, holding running camps, etc.
His method has a person walking/jogging, off and on. The fast people 5 min run/i min walk, the slow people 20 sec. run/ 40 sec. walk, and all in between. The idea is to finish healthy, with no injuries.
His statement is that if you are over 50 you should do every other day. Too much stress on the legs and feet otherwise. That keeps us from guilt also.
SHOES-Everybody is different. I've found that Asic Gel Nimbus are great for me. They wear out fast. They are all made in China, so try on several pairs. (don't know what happened to my font)
When you find a pair you like-try it for 2 weeks then buy a second pair just like them so when #1 wears out you will have a standby.
Don't forget the socks. There are so many of the new blends now that are better than cotton. I found that Smart Wool socks are great even in hot weather because I don't get blisters. After buying 1 pair for $$$ I got them at the discount on line places.
Kelly's Running, ZAPO's, Siera Trading Co. all have discounts if you find the size and type you want. Shoes are like a good bra, when you find one that supports you, and you like buy several. The style will change in 6 months.
Shingles-yikes- I'm so sorry for those who have to suffer so. My DH had it several years ago. After a week of not saying anything, he said he had a rash on his stomach, then on his back. When he finally went to the DR. all he could do was take Tylonal for the pain, as the original outbreak was over. Remembering this I asked my family Dr. for the shot when I became 60, as my insurance covered it. Yes, it is expensive, but better than the pain.
All for now.
Sara in cooler Fla.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


You are right Jane, I've been let off very lightly. The stabbing pains were bad last w/end and it was three days before I was able to see the Dr. The anti-viral medication I have been taking this week seems to have prevented the virus from spreading, I am still taking pain killers for the head pains.. My tummy has not taken kindly to the drugs and that has been my biggest problem . I am very weary and only get up to take medication before mid-day. I'm lucky I am able to do that. I have the "spots" on the scalp, along my hairline, down my forehead along my eyebrow and around my eye. The Dr says to be very careful to check that I can see clearly out of the eye . So far so good.

On a brighter note, the weather has improved considerably and I have been enjoying sitting out in the garden. I haven't left the property since I went to the Dr last Tuesday and I've appreciated my surroundings.. It occurs to me that I take too little time to enjoy our garden and situation here.... rushing off here and there and for why ?

All the best to the walkers for a good week.