Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tues. evening

Marion-I commend you for making the decision to move.  I know we will have to do it at some time in the future.  Just not ready right now.  DH says he is going to work until this December when he will be 65, and then we will have to make some decisions.
Everyone I know here in the states is nervous with Mr. Obama being elected for another 4 years.  We know we will be paying more in various taxes, and gas taxes have already gone up $.10cents a gal.  As the owner of a small business we never know what the year will bring.
Today I spent 2 or 3 hrs. doing some quilting, and having fun.  It was a nice morning to stay home.  I washed, and ironed all the FQ and 1/2 yard pieces that I bought over the last few days. 
Drove all the way over to the beach to meet with a nutritional consultant this afternoon, and also bought some fresh shrimp at Mayport.  It was worth the drive, yum.
DD is on the phone now, all upset over her eye check up.  She has some white spots on her cornea, and a virus.  She will get some new glasses, and her vision should be better soon.  She is having trouble with a part time person at the post office where she works and is at a loss as to how to handle the woman.  DH is giving her advice.  I think that she will be quiting the job soon anyway, as her hours are going to be cut to 2 hrs. a day at the end of the month.
Going to go watch some mindless TV and rest.
Sara in Fla. --where we are supposed to get our first freeze tonight.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

MARION:  All the best to you both as you prepare to enter the next phase of your life in a smaller setting.  I'm sure there'll be things that you'll miss about this home but hopefully you'll find something not too far away with as much as you need and wish for in a new one.  Have a great time with DD#1 when she visits.

Isn't it amazing how they can count all those little tremors!  I read the other day about a 'deep quake' on the North Island which sounded dire but seems to have been harmless.  Let's hope the big ones stay away, especially in the Christchurch area.

Hope you and BEE have a drier summer this year than last, but not too dry vbg.

SARA:  Sorry to hear about the identity theft around your mother.  Our credit union rang recently to say that someone had spent over $5000 from our Visa card in English pounds somewhere.  Luckily they're very much 'on the ball' and caught it almost straight away.  I still wonder if whoever it was managed to make use of the transaction.  It was still in our statement for 3 weeks or so before it was cancelled.

ROSEYP and KATHI:  Loved the winter photos.

We've just returned from a week in Melbourne visiting with our 2 sons and their partners.  Son #1 has become interested in our family tree research, and went with us to the State Archives there to look into a 75 year old mystery re my father and a bigamous marriage.  As an aside we found lots of connections with County Limerick in Ireland through his maternal grandmother.  Possibly a bit late for me to make a trip over there but I'm sure Troy will look into it all further sometime in the future.  It's nice to know that someone will carry it all on.
We arrived on the Monday and DDIL's DM arrived on the Tuesday from Rochester NY.  The 5 of us did a 2 day trip down to the south coast which was fun.  She was only in Aus for 2 weeks - a long way to come but good for mother and daughter, I know.

We've had a spate of very hot weather  - 2 days in 2 separate weeks ran into the mid 40s C (Over 110F).  Thankfully it's a dry heat - is there anyone who thrives in high temps/high humidity??!!  We just stayed indoors and ventured out when the sun went down.

Off to start the day.  DH (the shopper) bought a ham 'for Christmas' even knowing we wouldn't be here.  Today's the day we'll finally cook it and probably live on it for the next week LOL