Tuesday, July 19, 2016

From Doris, kicking up her heels or somethin'

This is Doris.  This is Doris on a "zip line"???  What is a zip line?  I can see her hanging in mid-air like a monkey.  Doris sent me a note and I felt this just had to be on the Chat Board and as she's not home at the moment and with her permission, here are her two notes:  Rosey who posted this for Doris and..................
from Doris: ..............................................................................................................................
Looks like you've gotten relief from the heat.  The weather here is glorious.   Pic of me on zip line course.   Eight runs down the mountain. Lots of fun but I'm a bit sore today. I am not 50 years old anymore. LOL. We wish we had time to do it again. :-)
DH and I are enjoying the glorious weather on our vacation in Northern Michigan. It is a big improvement over the heat and humidity back home!  We are playing golf, will visit Mackinac Island tomorrow, and yesterday we rode the Zip Lines at the place where we are staying this week.  At our age! LOL. It was a blast, and even though we have some sore muscles, we would do it again.

Hugs to everyone,
Doris W. in TN

Monday, July 18, 2016

Well, since I'm about the only one posting here, I'll put a thought up here that some may read, those who haven't gone over to FaceBook.  This afternoon I was at our local fresh vegetable market about 15 minutes south of here, in the country.  I go there at this time of year 'specially for their fresh peas, which I love but which I parse out into salads as a meal of them would make them all disappear.  I have two rules about choosing my peas...one, they must not be empty pods, I'm not paying for empty pods, and I like my peas hard.  So, as I am pawing through the peas, up comes another woman with the same intent, she likes hard peas and won't pay for empty pods.  We got talking, I told her she looked very much like one of my former colour theory teachers at the Ontario College of Art, who unfortunately, I believe may have passed away, not sure about that.  She told me she was an artist.  A potter, she said.  I told her of the time I was in London and saw what a difference there was between the Chinese porcelain that the Victoria & Albert had and the Delft blue and white porcelain.  She explained the difference why.  The lower plate is Chinese, the upper plate is Dutch.  Then she explained how she made her pottery much the same as the Chinese porcelain and why hers cost what it did.  All this over picking peas.  And pods. 
Although the Delftware potters preferred to call their pottery “porcelain”, it was only a cheaper version of the real Chinese porcelain. Delft Blue was not made from the typical porcelain clay, but from clay that was coated with a tin glaze after it was fired
I'm not a potter but I could spot the refinement in the Chinese pottery right away at the museum.
So, that's the lesson for today,