Thursday, November 1, 2007

Crazy quilts are aptly named.

Remind me of that should I begin another! This one is ready for travel after much stitching. The problem began when I used 136 one inch felted wool squares for the center. They were different thicknesses and didn't embroider down well. Ended up covering the seams with 1/8 inch ribbon and redoing the embroidery. By machine! Handwork isn't fun the second time around. The 69 buttons sewn on had to come off and are now ready to redo.
Returned home to several heavy frosts yet the petunia border is still looking good. Too big to cover at night, so turn the water on them early. Several dahlias are still blooming as is the veronica and one renegade lily. I do like living in the banana belt for gardening. Especially since we woke to 24 degrees in Bend, then traveled across the desert to Burns. The temperature was 11 degrees at the lowest.
Our time on the Oregon coast was lovely. 70 degree weather and sunshine for a few days, partly sunny days and an incoming storm made us happy. Our unit was right on the beach. Mold allergies keep us from living there, plus the kids would be another 10 hours away. Had dinner with 4 quilting friends on the way; we spent a night in Bend (home before moving to Idaho). My sister lives on the south coast; we were at Lincoln City. She drove up for my birthday, best gift ever. We spent an afternoon fabric shopping. Quilty things for me and clothing fabrics for her.
DH is insisting on heading south a week early. Had packed before we left - that will teach me; he decided I was ready. With classes to prepare for, am never ready! Love Sundays with DGD who attends college here. Don't want to miss even one. And, DD and family will be down next weekend. Am leaving several meals for them while they stay here. Nice to have family use the house while we are away. They enjoy it and we know things are ok.
A pot of tortelleni soup is simmering. DGD will enjoy that when she misses meals because of activities. Will sample a bowl for dinner. Used the last of the bananas for chocolate banana bread - her favorite. Made an extra muffin or two to try also.

where is everyone?

OK, it is now Thursday evening.
I last posted on Monday when the nor'easter was pounding us.
The weather cleared out today, and it looks like a sunny weekend ahead. Is everyone in WWQP land out enjoying the fall?
I have a display of pumpkins and gourds by the front door for a decoration.
Tomorrow I'm venturing across the big bridge to a quilt shop and looking for black and white things to go with the Lori Li design. (I'm sure I spelled that wrong, but it sounds right.)
:) time for Jeporady.
Sara in Florida

Monday, October 29, 2007

It was a dark and stormy day. . . . .and night

It is almost 6:00 PM here in north Florida. We have had a No'easter camp over us here, and it looks like it will stay at least 2 more days. This is why I don't want to live on the beach. On the evening news is a luxury home that is about to slide into the Atlantic Ocean. The family has lived there over 20 years, and the wife said that they had 2 weddings on their "deck" and many parties and graduations. When they moved there there was about 70 to 80 feet of beach, now about 2 feet. They had U-Haul trucks and were taking out everything they could. Granted, this doesn't compare with cancer, wildfires, or war, but it is still a loss.
No quilting going on here, between the 4 grands and gardening work and football, the days are flying by. I took 3 of the 4 grands with me on Sat. morning to do prep work (along with about 20 other adults and 20 other kids) to put in gardens at an intercity school. Someone rented or borrowed a gas powered roto-tiller, which made quick work of the digging. The men and boys constructed 8 raised planting beds, 8Ft. by 4Ft. This will be for the different classes to grow their own plants. I somehow became in charge of the butterfly garden. We tilled up the land, pulled weeds and rock out, and got the area ready to plant. For by birthday I asked DH for 2 Lantana plants, so put them in. It is supposed to rain until at least Wednesday, so hope the little things don't wash away.
Birthdays---they seem to come quicker now. I was served breakfast in bed, coffee just the way I like it and a Panara's cinamon bagel. Next year is one ending in 0, so will celebrate more then.
DD has her 37th birthday tomorrow. The babysitting we did Friday night was her gift.
I think I'll takie her some flowers from the grocery store tomorrow morning.
They went out of town for 1 and 3/4 days.
What's going on with our down under gals? Is it Spring/Summer coming on there?
All for now, going to have my soup and salad. DH has a meeting tonight and isn't coming home for dinner. I did laundry all day, and about 1 hr. of quilting.
Wishing I could send our rain to California. . . . .
Sara in Florida

Thank you

Thank you all for your kind thoughts and support. Having a family member get cancer is always a shock as well as a unique learning experience. What I learned from the first diagnosis in 2004 for my mother is cancer is often unique to each individual. The medical profession can provide some universal information but each body responds to each thing differently so there are not quick or easy answers to anything.

Pat, no, there aren't many tests out there for lung cancer. Especially for non-smokers. There are some screening things that can be done for smokers as that is often the cause for lung cancer. But for the average person who doesn't smoke lung cancer is seldom caught early. I think hat is what is so shocking. One finds they are at stage 3 or 4 and there hadn't been any signs of the disease ahead of time. Often the cancer isn't caught until it's moved to other places. Depending on where the tumors are there are, unfortunately, often fewer options.

I agree with you in that we should all have the screenings that are available. We should also live our lives as if we don't know what tomorrow will bring because we really DON'T know what will happen. Prepare ourselves for a long life while also taking advantage of whatever adventures come our way. :-) I know many of you have already learned all this from your own experiences. Life can sure throw us some challenges.

Thank you Marge, for the information on the California quilts. I'll check that site.

Have a good week everyone,
Hugz, Mary in Oregon

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Mary in Oregon, so sorry to hear about your sister. Folks seem to expect that cancer always has a readily-determined cause, but it just ain't so. This is why it's so important to be screened regularly, even if your family hasn't had a history of cancer in the past. Get that annual mammogram, and the colonoscopy, too, just to catch things early if possible. Wouldn't help much with lung cancer, and I don't know enough to know if there's a screening test for that. Some cancers just don't give us much warning. Hang in there, Mary, and take care.

Pat in Rockport, TX

Hi from Oregon

Jean, before I forget, thanks for the update on Kitty. I've wondered how she's been doing. I appreciate you keeping everyone informed. I always wish her the best.

Our weather has finally turned into Fall and can be gorgeous. Even if a tad nippy. :-) I love this time of year with the beautiful colored tree leaves.

I've tried to do a bit of sewing on quilts but sometimes life gets in the way. My sister was diagnosed with Stage 4 terminal Lung Cancer a month or so ago. It's been quite a shock as she didn't smoke and hadn't been around 2nd hand smoke very much. This is the third serious terminal cancer for the family in three years and each cancer has been different and sort of weird. I've been able to share suggestions learned via this board with my sister already. I appreciate the many comments through the years as one just never knows when that information might come in handy.

I've been able to take my sister to her radiation and now chemo treatments. She's doing pretty well but it's still a shock.

In the meantime, I love seeing the various quilt projects that others have shared on this board. And other pictures as well. Thank you all for sharing bits of your lives! It has been wonderful.

Has anyone heard if there are quilts being made for the people in Southern Calif who have lost their homes? I have a simple top I'm working on that I thought might be good to send when it's finished into a quilt. If anyone has information, can you please post it?

Sending hugz and wishing everyone a great week,
Mary in Oregon