Monday, September 22, 2014

Jane in N C info

Yes, I did  and e mailed her.  Rosey filled me in.  thought I responded, but it might have gotten lost in the shuffle.  I remember her dunking in the creek also.  That alone would have been enough for me to move.
At least we know.
I was told Friday by the allergy Doc. that Phoenix AZ is the place to be if you have mold or dust mite allergies, as they don't like the desert.  Maybe you are like me and like the humidity over dryness.  The Colorado Mts. are too high, I can't do that altitude.  Maybe if i stayed in Denver a week, then went on, but not really interested.  Like the east coast better, and a lot easier to get to.  Now if I could just get DD and family to move there!
Frozen is all the rage with little girls of any location.  I understand Norway has felt a growth of tourist  because of it.  I'm sure Halloween will have lots of Frozen costumes.  Jo-Ann's has a display of the light blues and patterns and even Walmart has the patterns out.
Feeling better than Friday, taking Zyrtec and some nasal spray.  Can't spell it.  Glad this Dr. could see me on short notice.  I called on Wed. and saw him on Friday afternoon.
Not as stuffy,and surprised  no sinus infection.  Surprised and happy.
Waiting for DH to arrive for dinner.  He sees the Dermo doc tomorrow for MOHS skin cancer surgery on his nose.  Always something.
Sara in moldy, damp Fla.


At September 23, 2014 at 11:34 AM , Blogger RoseyP said...

Sara, just be aware that Jane's not on the computer...she doesn't know how to operate her Apple so I doubt she'll receive your email. If so, let us know.


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