Thursday, September 18, 2014


So Rosy, and others who know more about Scotland and international  things than moi, why does Scotland want to be independent of Great Brit?  Is it old wounds that have never healed?  Or is it the blood of "Braveheart" still running in their veins?
I have been battling sinus gunk for about 4 weeks now.  Saw my eye Dr. last week, and was doing so much better with the drops he gave me.  Now it is in the sinuses and post nasal drip going on.  I feel like I'm walking through mud just moving around.
Found an allergist who can see me Fri. at 1:30PM, and he is near my home.  have a 14 page question form to fill out.  The printer ran out of ink in the middle of it.  Hopefully DH can pick up one on the way home today.
I'm going to see my Mom this morning, then come home and flop on the couch.
Haven't heard back from Jane in N. C.   I e mailed both the addys that Doris sent me.
I may have her phone # in my old notebook that is totally out of date.
Sara inFla.


At September 18, 2014 at 8:43 AM , Blogger RoseyP said...

Sara, God only knows why the Scots want to separate from the Brits though I'll say that as a traveller, I have found the Scots accents softer to my ear than many of the English...however, I'm married to a fifth generation or more Scot...maybe less...but the Scottish blood runs hot and wild through these three son's veins and without having someone come on here and tell me what a bad person I am, I'll tell you the saying that "a Scot could start an argument in an empty hoose" is no lie. This Scot I live with is fiercely independent and quite truthfully, a challenge many times...but never dull.

I've got Jane's phone number. I can try her again. She may not for some reason want to be found or contacted.


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