Sunday, October 18, 2015

The Nor'Easter is on it's way

High winds, high surf right now.  The palm trees are making a "swooshing" noise outside.  It's supposed to drop 10 degrees tonight and get windier.
Hopefully, the kitchen wall is getting taken down completely on Wed.  I will have to wrap things in plastic--the couch, chairs, etc.  Then we will have an island where a wall was, and it will be open to the living area.
The next week the cabinets should arrive.  After that we hope to take about 4 days to go see our daughter in S. C. and be tourists for a few days and relax.  We will take the puppy with us.  She has been sick with an upset tummy, so we went to the new vet. on Friday afternoon.  $$$ later and 2 perscriptions later she is feeling better.  She has been very calm and is doing OK without her sister after the first 2 days of being lonely.
I've been doing a few walks on the beach in the morning, about 7:30AM.  Trying to work up from 2 miles to 3.
Fall is here, broke out the jeans, and lightweight jackets.
Sara in Fla.


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