Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Rainy Florida

Good to hear from Fran & Marion.  Selling and moving are hard work for sure!  I (we) have been here about 6 months, and it doesn't feel like home yet.
I went to one of my doctors yesterday and she asked me how I was adjusting, and I mentioned that, and she said it takes 2 years!  Oh, I've been way too hard on myself.
We are having a mini-nor'-easter as I guess it is called.  Lots of rain gusts and 20 mph winds off and on for 2 days, and expecting for 2 more days.  This is when I'm glad to be rid of the house, as the driveway would flood, weeds grow faster than grass, etc.  Not to mention the roaches that would find their way into the house.
Trying to quilt a bit, but the fingers swell up with the wetness.  Trying to learn to pace myself.
The big Quilt fest is next week on Thurs, Fri. and Sat.  The guilds put it together, but IMHO it is way too big.  I'm going to look but not doing anything else much.
Off to a warm bath.
Sara in not-sunny Fla.


At September 16, 2015 at 10:32 PM , Blogger Marion in NZ. said...

Oh dear.....TWO YEARS..... that's a long time to resettle ! We've been here for thirty years, we built the house and planted all the trees and shrubs, so it's going to be particularly hard to leave all that behind.

At September 18, 2015 at 1:53 PM , Blogger Pat Seals said...

That seems like a long time to get settled in. Someone said everyone is different, so maybe it wont be two years for you folks!! Have you painted any walls in colors you like? Hung up your pictures etc....that will help make it seem more like yours.
Good Luck....

At September 26, 2015 at 8:41 AM , Blogger RoseyP said...

Sara, we've had the same neighbours for twenty-eight years now and they have just sold, are moving on to a more retirement community so that they can go south (Florida) for the winter. New folks will be moving in. I've felt very sad about their leaving here, we've had close ties with them throughout those years and particularly with the grandma who lived with them, Grandma Midge was our Aussie dogs 'grandma', special treats for them when they visited. So, I've resisted looking at new people coming in next door and yet, when I got up this morning I thought, I've been new to places too, I have to have a better attitude towards welcoming new neighbours and so I'm looking forward to getting to know them. In the country, it's important to know and get along with your neighbours even if you don't see them all that much. I know shifting nests will be hard for me too. I've never lived in any one home for this long, myself, nor has himself.

My internet service has been down most of September thanks to a clerical error on Bell Canada's part. On the scale of world events, it's very minor but I do most of my B&B business over the internet and I've had to access my emails offsite...on himself's computer, the keyboard of which may have had roaches hatching inbetween the droppings from years sitting there, sticky mess. Yuck. My sister used the keyboard before I did and when I realized the state of it, she, how can he live like that. Well, she raised four boys and she knows.

And I love Marion's daffodils and Holly...what a great picture.


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