Sunday, September 6, 2015

From Mary Jo

Rosey's posting service includes being able to tag onto Mary Jo's posting.  Her question regarding Electronic Intrusion, which I took down today because I was tired of looking at it and hoped someone would post to lower it down the list, but they didn't.  It is travelling with the Mancuso shows now until next January.  I am privileged they accepted it as part of the World Quilt exhibit (from Canada).
Now to Mary Jo's note:
What a meaningful quilt.  Death is an unapproachable subject for many which makes it brave of you to post it.  Working on it must have been an exercise in both creativity and acceptance.  You are an amazing quilt artist.  Why did you take it down?  Hope the dog attacker has not been up to more trouble.  
We are seeing the beginnings of fall quite early.  Welcome though because of the many fires.  Idaho has the greatest number of fires in the US at my last look.  They still are raging in the western states but small amounts of rain are helping control them.  Our nearest is now 30% contained.  Smoke is no longer a problem with the cooler weather.  My daughter and son report less improvement north of us.  They live in Lewiston, ID and Pullman, WA.  Unfortunately, they've had thunderstorms with lightning strikes and more fires.
I'm flying to Oregon for a reunion luncheon of three high school classes.  Nice to have them lumped together; more to see.  The girls have a luncheon every fall.  Have not been for ten years because of John's limitations.  Did not go last year as grief was so difficult.  It is better but a long process.  My NP says it is a three year journey so I am half way there.
The Summer Garden quilt (New York Beauty) just came back from the quilter.  She did a wonderful job on it.  Am adding borders which will be quilted before attaching them to the quilt.  Will cover the seams with a bias strip, quilt as you go.  Will use twin needles to do a simple column quilting.  Decided to make it to fit my bed.  The quilting is lovely.
The board is slow.  Feel free to post this if you want.  Eliminate the beginning if you need to.  Thanks.
Thinking of you,


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