Friday, September 11, 2015

Spring in Australia

PAT: That is so sad about your close friend; as you say, his death was totally unnecessary. We still see people every day with their phones to their ear, which is bad enough. Texting is downright dangerous.

MARYJO: I do hope you had a lovely time at your re-union lunch.

SARA:  What decisions did you make re your sick dog and your flooring?  Did she go to your grandson, as you mentioned? Is she better now?

MARION: So sorry to hear that you have lost several of your close friends recently. xxx

ROSEYP: Congratulations on having your quilt chosen for the quilt tour. And thanks for the invite re a stop-over in Toronto.  We haven't started planning our trip yet. Have just had Shannon and his wife over for 5 days to stay in our new home. On the Saturday we hosted a family farewell (his aunts, uncles, cousins and their children, as well as Darren's family).  It was a good way to also invite everyone to see our house as well.

Shannon leaves in 2 weeks' time for England, and starts work on Oct 1st. He has a fortnight to pack up their belongings because his wife will then move to stay with a friend for the 6 months she'll stay behind (for work and visa reasons.)  They brought their cat over with them - we are now a cat and dog family.  Aston has taken to us really well but had never met a dog before, being an inside cat. Kody, on the other hand, was brought up with 3 cats, so is very interested in a relationship :-)  It might take some time, but I think they'll learn to live with each other happily enough.

We love our little house; most of our furniture found a new niche or even a different role - we only lost a desk, a QB and 2 armchairs for lack of room.  We have built ourselves a bookshelf all along one wall to fit our 1,000+ novels, most of which had been stashed away for the past 9 years or so. Except for one spare BR which is chocker-block with items we still have to find a home for, the place is obviously ready for visitors or get-togethers.

Apparently, though, all the work of moving, cleaning, organising and worrying whether everything would be ready for our visitors in time took its toll, and the day they left I was diagnosed with shingles (after putting up with terrible backache all weekend).  Hopefully the anti-viral meds I'm taking will ensure that it doesn't take too long to recover. With the painkillers I'm taking, I am spending almost as much time sleeping at the moment, as the cat and dog do!!

'Bye for now,
Fran in Sth Aus.


At September 11, 2015 at 8:38 PM , Blogger Sara in Florida said...

Fran- so sorry you have shingles, I have heard it is very painful.
Yes, dog #1 is with our daughter, DSIL and 4 grandsons. She is evidently doing well, as the pictures of her report. She really needed a yard to run in, and I think is happy.
I have had a hectic, stressful week, I think that the (labor day) holiday on Monday and DH having the day off condensed 5 days into 4 , so have been far behind in stuff. We have sort-of decided on a laminate vinyl tile that we both like for the flooring, but first we are doing the kitchen over. Have had 2 estimates, however our contractor broke his leg in a motorcycle accident, and I don't know if he will be able to work for us. (He does motocross on the weekends) The kitchen cabinets are an off-white, sort of a vanilla color, and we think we will go with a granite. Wanted quartz, as it is more uniform, but is more expensive!

Trying to do some quilting, but fingers swell. Tired of going to various doctors, so soaking hands in Epson salt, and putting warm compresses on them.
Sara in Fla. --hoping for cooler weather soon.


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