Saturday, May 4, 2013

Ter Ter's email addy

If anyone from the old board would like to connect with Ter Ter (Terry) she has emailed me and given me permission to put this out on the board:
I've been hoping she'd post herself but I'm not sure she's going to access the board or not.
It's great to see more pictures and especially of quilts.  They really add such visual pleasure to the new Chat Board.
Everything is greening up here in Southern Ontario, Canada, the grass is growing fast and will need to be cut soon.  We seem to go from one end of the month with snow and shoveling it to green grass growing too fast and needing to be cut. 
Meg and Annie had a dust-up in their dog run today.  They met and collided like two bear cubs and got carried away with themselves...almost into a real scrap.  One word from headquarters here, as I have a good visual up to the dog run, and they parted immediately.  Reminded me of my two kids the only time they had a fight when they were very young, tumbling around.


At May 8, 2013 at 8:53 AM , Blogger terter said...

Not sure if this will work, hi all have not posted in years, always had trouble getting on? Hugs Ter


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