Friday, May 3, 2013

greetings from soggy Fla.

It has been raining cats and dogs since 8:00 AM on Friday.  A bit of a break right now, but it has been crazy.  sort of a Nor' Easter, without the Nor'.  Wind! A tornado did a bit of damage in my GF's neighborhood in Mt. Dora.  They had hail, some tree limbs off, but their house is OK.  She is one of the few people in Fla. who have a basement, so they went down there while the storm was overhead.
Last night was quilt guild meeting, but at 4:15 when I wanted to go it was just too windy, rain coming down sideways.  My SUV on the bridges is a bit scarry, so decided to stay home.  DH was at a meeting, so the doggies and I snuggled on the couch and I worked on a binding.
He is at Publix, our local grocery store.  I went to see Mom at the nursing home, just got back.  She enjoys my visits, likes the coffee, but when I leave she doesn't remember I was there.  At least she knows who I am.
Going down slowly with the eating stuff.  1and 1/2 C. of coffee instead of 3 in the morning.  No Cokes, or chips, lots of veggies, some grapefruilt.   The type of high blood pressure med. I am on doesn't conflict with grapefruit, thankfully.  It is just a diruretic.   (I know, TMI, too much information)
So, was going to interview a new lawn company today, but since the lawn has standing water, we put it off till Monday.  The church kids did lots of weed pulling and triming, and put down 9 cu. yards of mulch about 2 weeks ago, and it sure looks nice.  Just a few "clean up" things to do.  Two more knock out rose bushes to transplant.
OK, hear DH in the garage, will sign off.  Everyone have a good weekend!
Sara in Soggy Fla.


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