Saturday, April 27, 2013

Checking in...

Well, it has been ages since I posted here.    I finished the one cheater panel baby quilt (Winnie the Pooh... I just had to have it LOL) and am planning the next baby quilt.   Pinwheel blocks seem to be everywhere right now,  and I have a pattern for a 3-D pinwheel that uses prairie points sewn into the seams to make it 3-D.   I'm not describing this well,  but the pattern is from a quilt guild  project several years ago,  and they are cute.   If and when I get it finished,  I will post a picture, and I'll post a pic of the recently completed W-T-P quilt soon.

I've made DDIL a few maternity skirts and tops, and am currently working on a dress for her right now.  She is so short, compared to me, so it feels like I'm making doll clothes.  Which reminds me,  the kids found out they will have a girl, so there might be doll clothes sewn in the future, too. 

It has rained here all day long, today.   We've gotten over 2 inches and the ground was already saturated before this began.   Good thing I went ahead and mowed the lawn yesterday.   It is cold outside, too, so  this is perfect weather for hibernating.  And sewing.

No other news around here.      Hugs to everyone!


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