Wednesday, April 17, 2013


I also am thinking of the carnage in Boston - not only the athletes but the children who were caught up in it, injured and killed, and the families where more than one was affected.  Such little bombs to see them go off, but they were obviously made carefully, to inflict the maximum damage.  I hope they find who did this.  Thank goodness they found the other bombs before they were able to be set off.  If anyone hears of a quilt collection for the victims and families could you please let us know?  Thanks.

We are off in 5 days' time for a drive around the 'countryside': up the centre to Alice Springs, keep going then turn east and keep driving to Cairns and the Barrier Reef.  We will meet our Oregon friends (Mary, DH +2), spend a week there then drive slowly to Brisbane, taking another week to do so.  We'll part there, after which DH and I will drive to Canberra (our 'capitol'), then Melbourne to see DSs 1 and 3 before heading home.  6 weeks, half the continent and over 10,000 km (6,200 miles).  Certainly a test for a new car!

Marion and Bee - good to catch up on your news.  Little 'Lottie' has her first birthday next week.  We caught up with them a couple of days ago.  I gave her mother my first pair of earrings (sleepers) for when the little one has her ears pierced.  I think I'll start looking for other things to give away - it felt really good.

Hugs to all,


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