Tuesday, April 2, 2013

La Florida is 500 years old today

For those of you  who are history buffs, Florida is 500 years old this month.  Big celebrations in St. Augustine this month.  Ponce de Leon came on shore there 500 years ago, flowers were blooming, it was Easter time, so he named the land "La Florida" and claimed it for Spain.
I  can only assume he didn't suffer from the allergies that those of us who live here have.  One of the worst pollen years, due to mild winter.
If anyone does come to Florida for the celebration, be sure to go to the  Fountain of Youth, it isn't just a tacky tourist place, lots of history lessons, a cross made of 15 stones down and 13 across to represent 1513, and a buried jar with paperwork stating the claim.  Yada, yada, it is worth the trip.
Sara in Fla. who is having teens over to do yard work  today.


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