Tuesday, April 16, 2013

1st the Boston marathon

I hope this is going to post, not happy with the computer at the moment. 1st the marathon, I was up early to watch and just put the TV on when the explosions went off. I am so sorry for all concerned, we had lots of NZers over there either running or as spectators. The perpetrators are not humans. Our friends were not in the elite group and were way back and stopped at a bridge so thankfully missed all the mayhem. I am thinking of Marion and the school holidays. My GD Cara has just started school and is very cross she is not going to school for two weeks. Jo is quite pleased as she has a lot of yarn to dye and the little one wants to help, I can just see her helping,dye everywhere LOL. Cara is so good with Eden and they play really well. The weather here has broken , we have had the most wonderful summer I can remember,not good for the farmers but super for us.Raining and blowing, Gus is such a wuss and tries all doors in case he can find one where he can go outside and not get wet.I have never had a dog who hates water so much, giving him a bath is a major exercise. When Harry was here we used to use our bath,we shower all the time,he took one end and I the other. Sometimes quite a laugh if you don't mind getting wet. Not much happening in the quilting,but a lot of reading, nothing better than sitting on my deck with a coffee and a book. I have been knitting, nothing sensational but little hats for our hospital, great fun and good to feel useful. Now winter is just round the corner I will be back to my quilts, enjoy a change but quilting is definately my first love. Hugs to all, Bee in NZ.


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