Monday, April 15, 2013

tried to post my thoughts about the Boston Marathon, it went "puff"

OK, the thoughts are out there in cyber-land somewhere.
For anyone who hasn't heard 2 bombs went off at the Boston Marathon today.  My heart is sad that Americans (and runners from all over the world) who are top athletes were injured in such a terrible way, and 2 killed.  Running is such a fun sport, good for you, fresh air. etc.  To be a target of a massive attack is just something you don't think about.  Cars, dogs, sliping on used water cups, are all things a runner thinks about.
I'm sitting here in my local 2013 running T shirt.  As I reported over the last few months I had such trouble with my foot, was so happy to be able to walk 9.3 miles in March that my heart just hurts.  We live in a culture of death, from inside a mother's womb to top running events, that one just shakes one's head in disbelief.
On a family note, DD and her gang had a major snow storm in No. Dakota today!  Here I sit in 75-80 degree weather and they have snow at least once a week in April.  She couldn't make it to work, which means the local post office was closed.  School closed.  A few months ago she told me that the never close the schools there.  It's been a hard winter for them.
Going to stop and go put a binding on a quilt before DH gets home.  Think I should do some more "Quilts of Valor" ASAP.
Sara in sunny Fla.


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