Tuesday, April 23, 2013

From Jane in the North Carolina Mountains

RE: jammies

I'm usually in my jammies by the time I eat dinner.

In a rush this morning. Been quilting with a small group at a nearby Lutheran church which is relatively close to home. The pastor there is very generous with the excellant facility and she joins us for lunch now and then. Only two members of the group are members of the congregation. There is a kitchen attached to the room. The large meeting room has the typical 8ft. long tables and good light. Once a year we make loads of rather crude quilts with donated fabric for the Lutheran foreign ministries. O1ne of the women is 94 yrs old, quilts everything by hand without glasses and drives. She and her husband quit spending the winters in FL because the drive was "getting to be a bit too much". I told her she is my idol. Most of what we do is charity baby quilts that the guild in Franklin donates to hospitals, head start etc. and quilts of valor given to veterans reaching as far back as WWII to the current folks returning from the middle east including those that are hospitalized.

In my opinion we shouldn't have any other returning vets and stop trying to change the culture in the Middle East. Bring those kids home. If they threaten us then bomb the daylights out of them. If they continue to abuse each other give them about 1,000 years to civilize. How long did it take Christians to civilize? They were still burning witches at the stake and torturing Quakers in this country in the 18th century, I guess I should add gassing Jews in the 20th century.

Now I've had my rant of the day.
From Jane via Rosey


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