Monday, April 22, 2013

Posting for Mary Jo

Side Note:  Does Eric ever check this website or answer emails directed to him from quilters who would like to post on the site and can't?  Here is Mary Jo's note to the board:

Thank you Rosey, for posting for Jane. I've wondered how she is doing. I can't get in to this site to post either. We moved 11 times in our first 14 years together, flipping houses. I had way too many email addys to remember which one was used to join this group. Know it was from Bend, Or.... I can't access the group as the sign in page will not accept anything but that old addy. Like Jane, have written Eric to no avail.

We soon will hit year 24 and have not moved in 8 years. We moved twice that last time: in the spring in Arizona and that fall to Idaho. Told DH that any more moves would be made by him alone. Twice in a year is mind boggling. It was the right time to stop renovating as the real estate market went down and has not recovered. We had fun buying homes needing TLC and living in them while fixing. It was difficult to get all just the way we wantedto move on to another fixer upper.

Sara, I've been gluten free for 2 years. No more diverticulitis, IBS or ulcers. As a bread maker, I've been very disappointed with making gf (gluten free) bakery items. Can do great cake, banana bread, waffles, pancakes and brownies. Breads, cookies and pie crusts don't work for me. Too crumbly and grainy. Two ready made gf products are great tho, Rudi's and Udi's. Both are available in our markets in the freezer section and on the shelf of some shops. I take my own bread when eating out to have more selections. Other allergies are less now that the gulten intolerance is under control. Had to eliminate dairy long ago, then shellfish and eggs. It does make cooking a challenge. Don't give up, Sara...

We hope to drive home this weekend, a 3 day trip. Hope being an optimistic word. An alternative is to fly. Fred, the cat, is not eager for either. #1 son offered to fly down and bring the new van home after school is out. DH has had 6 trips to emergency in the past 3 weeks and a hospitalization. His TIA served notice that he is very likely to have a 'catastrophic event' within 6 months. He is very weak but breathing better. His bronchitis is on the mend but asthma is a constant. He had a stroke in January but fully recovered. At 87, he's had a great life but doesn't seem to realize the extent of his limitations. He tells me daily that he's getting stronger and wants to get back into the gym in a few days. Good attitude.
Quilting has not been on the priority list as a result. Am enjoying handwork on wooly projects and finishing UFO's. Have packed up 2/3 of the quilt room and gave away lots. Gran was so right when she said, 'Getting old is not for sissies!'




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