Monday, April 22, 2013

Checking in on a Monday evening

Hey Y'All!   Just returned from a long weekend in Savannah, GA.  Didn't eat at Paula Deen's restaurant, but did eat at her brother's place--"Uncle Bubba's".  With my celiac it is kinda booring eating out, but did manage grilled shrimp, grits with cheese, and some corn on the cob.  At the wonderful B & B where we stayed there were people from everywhere.  A couple from Maine, 4 women from Kansas on a girl's weekend, and a couple from England.  (this weekend was a treat for our 35th anniversary, which is today).  We talked about the Boston things, and the England couple said the London marathon was to be Sunday, so I guess it went off OK.
The Maine couple had never had grits, so I tried to describe them, the consistancy of oat meal, but it is corn, eaten with butter for breakfast.  Or, as they did in South Carolina when we visited the grands, red-eye gravy.  Which is basicly grease.  Yum.  The couple was flying to Boston Thursday evening, then driving to Maine, they were hoping to get home.
We had a much needed rest, time away, and did several bike trips.  I climed the Tybee Island lighthouse, 178 steps.  Stoped several times for air in little poke out window areas.  Going down was creepy, as it was darker, but I made it.  DH thinks we are still 30, did a rails-to-trails bike ride that noon, 12 miles total.  Good thing the B & B had a good soaking tub.
I will get results of all the blood tests this coming Thursday.  Thinking new doctor is going to put me on a strict vegetarian diet, which is OK, as long as I can have coffee or tea in the morning.
Looks like Fran in OZ and Bee are checking in.  Fran is going to be a busy woman.
Bee- tried to comment on your reading--I am always looking for a good read.  Sort-of-Agatha Christie type, as the lib. calls it "cosey" clean but good.  I just finished A week in Winter, by Mave Benchly.  Didn't know she died after writing it!  I had never read her books before, and I like this one.  About Ireland and a B & B.
DH is in a meeting tonight, so going to have gluten free pizza.  He won't be home until about 10:00 PM.
DD and SIL are ready for spring.  I hope the Red River doesn't flood as much as they think or it will be a really busy spring for SIL with the crop adjusting.
Sara in Fla.


At April 23, 2013 at 5:23 AM , Blogger Laura in IA said...

That Red River always floods as much as expected and then more according to the usual news reports. It's also likely to be later than usual because Midwest weather has been about 20 degrees colder than usual through April. In SW Iowa I think much of the planting was already done last year, unusual as it was. Then the Missouri flooded much of it out. I don't remember when that last happened. So my guess is your SIL will be busy. DF in North central Minnesota said they still had 30 inches of ice on the lakes. So unusual.


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