Saturday, April 27, 2013

Boot camp !

I'm sure that's what the boys thought anyway !   Forestry here is big business.  Cones are collected and the seeds are taken out for use, the resulting pile of cones is able to be accessed by those "in the know".  They are used for the open fires that some of us still have.  We have a contact and DH is part of a team who "bag up" cones for those who need them.  We thought the boys would "enjoy" a day doing the same... Strangely, I think the DID enoy it.  They certainly met people that their sheltered lives had not previously exposed them to.  The man in charge of this operation is very elderly and not at all well, but he quietly labours on, The people they delivered to included a lady in a wheel chair who lives with a devoted and caring husband in a very difficult rural housing situation (their choice), they impressed the boys too.They did a good days work bagging up and delivering 250 sacks .

The Bday surprise  went well yesterday. We took the boys out for the Bday beakfast and their parents arrived just as we were seated.  Too soon for me to have the camera ready but I'll never forget the DGS's face. He had just been talking to them on his phone and they were telling him what a miserable and wet day it was in Aucklnad (where they live) and saying how nice it was for him to be enjoying a sunny morning in Christchurch and breakfast out with his grandparents !!!   They are having a w/end together then the boys come back here until Wednesday..

Autumn is here. The leaves are all changing colour and looking beautiful, there are mushrooms popping up everywhere following last weeks rain.

Thank you for posting the lovely photo Rosey.  That's a great web site. I go there often.  Great to hear news of Terter too.  In the good old days she posted almost daily on the BB and I've missed hearing about her life.  Please pass on my best wishes if you are in touch with her .   Lovely to see more activity on the BB this week.  Keeep it up ladies !

Enjoy the w/end.


At April 28, 2013 at 3:09 PM , Blogger Sara in Florida said...

love the picture. I just checked my facebook page and there is a picture of grandson #3 taking the Christmas lights down from the roof. The snow in No. Dakota is finally melted. Hope you are really enjoying the visit.
Sara in Fla.


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