Sunday, April 28, 2013

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Marion, I found your posting very interesting.  Do the cones come from coniferous or deciduous trees?  They are large.  I can see that, almost like burning peat in Ireland, this would be a natural resource that I have never known about.  This is what is so great about this blog and particularly the ability to post pictures now.  We all have a slice of life wherever we live that is interesting to others regardless of the fact that many of us don't think so.   I'd even be happy to see Jean posting pictures of flowers out on Vancouver Island (my forsythia is near to blooming, now so I don't mind)....Jean knows that she's not to send pictures of flowers blooming at the end of February because we're still in the depths of winter by then.  Of course, the old rivalry between out west in Canada and central Canada where we all in fun (most of the time).  However, I confess that the west coast of Canada has some pretty spectacular sights.  We're more bucolic here with rolling hills.

Gliding season will soon be upon us and that very long trailer in the picture will open up to reveal a glder plane inside.  And then, himself (pictured here) will disappear out to the glider club and airfield most days until the end of October.  This is why running the Bed&Breakfast is good for me,  it gives me a good focus to my life.  I'm going into my 21st year running it, I hope to have the energy to keep it up for awhile yet.

I hope others post and share in their lives as was lovely to hear from Dot and TerTer.  There are more of you oldies out there, I know.


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