Sunday, December 26, 2010

cold,windy,raw day

Burr, I dressed in layers, but the wind cuts through everything.
We went downtown at 12:00noon to go to the NFL game. There were about 3 snow flakes on the windshield! This is just wrong for Florida.
The game was awful, our star player was not playing due to injuries, so we left at 1/2 time. Watched the end on TV in the comfort of our own home. Couldn't take the wind.
My next door neighbor's daughter got married on the 18th and they flew out to Parris for their honeymoon on the 20th. I'll have to check tomorrow how the snow conditions were there.
DH now has a head cold, so we are taking it easy.
We had lots of stocking stuffers to enjoy yesterday morning, a good dinner with friends in the afternoon.
All in all a quiet Christmas, but very nice.
Sara in Fla.


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