Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas pictures

Laura & Doris, "white Christmases" are supposed to happen here in Canada, not down your way. The driving must be a concern in that weather without the proper snow equipment. And, a fifty pound, 8 month old puppy...Doris, how big is this pup going to be?

This is our youngest grandchild with a second generation Raggeddy Ann doll taken Christmas night.

Europe and the UK have been hit hard but it's the personal stories that bring it home as to how bad it actually has been over there. SIL Mike, took an overnight flight to London's Heathrow before the storm hit the UK a week ago Friday night; was to have returned last Tues., of course couldn't get out, Heathrow was closed; took a train to Glasgow last Wed. to fly out on Thurs. to Canada, was delayed five hours on the ground before coming into Toronto at 16:40...The east Coast of Canada has been hit by torrential rains in recent weeks and much damage has been done with the high oceon waves. I think another storm is due to hit the Eastern Seaboard of the US today.


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