Thursday, February 5, 2015

Winter . . . ugh

Miss BossyPants looks like she is having a blast in the snow.   You are definitely having a brutal winter.   (I use my WeatherBug app to check your temps from time to time)   Ours has been quite cold, at times, but our snowfalls have been wimpy, which is the norm here.

A local TV station now has the "Panicometer" which I think is a hoot!   There was prediction of some snow overnight, and this morning all our roads, etc., were bone dry.  Thus, the needle was on "LOL" this morning.    (the photo below was from a forecast a few weeks ago)

It is hard to believe, but in January there is already tree pollen!  Juniper, Cedar and Elm!!!   So my allergies are already acting up and I have to give up walking outdoors.    I think my allergies get worse every year.  What ever happened to "outgrowing" them?  
I am *so* ready for Spring.    A different forum I visit had this photo on it . . . (more LOL alert)  Please excuse the language, but I think most everyone will understand the humor.


At February 5, 2015 at 5:03 PM , Blogger RoseyP said...

Doris, thank you for my morning smile...I loved your posting and yes, Miss Bossy Pants is right. Annie herds me like she would sheep, which is her natural inclination being part of a herding breed but at times, she is overwhelming, a force to be reckoned with. She sees her trainer every Monday morning with puppy playcamp while I do my volunteer work and Sue laughs because when she disciplines Annie, Annie looks away, won't look her in the eye. Sue waits. And waits. Annie now knows Sue means business but we both know Annie is a law onto herself. Meg, on the other hand, behaves herself. And when I get up out of bed, she jumps right up and snuggles down, her head on my pillow, her little red body curled up where I've slept. If you're not a dog person you wouldn't appreciate hearing that...for me, I love it.


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