Sunday, February 1, 2015

It is bitterly cold here in the country

And Miss Annie, now four, is enjoying herself .  The radar shows a wide blanket of snow across southern Ontario and Michigan at the moment.  I'll find out when the girls go outside for the final potty.

We've had bed & breakfast guests this week-end, our first of the year and my new season.  Saturday morning at breakfast a beautiful sound came from our dining room as our four guests sang the Doxology around the breakfast table.  All sing in a church choir and their voices were glorious.  It is a first for me in the 23 years of running this B&B.  I've determined that I am going to keep a journal this year to record our guests who stay here.  So many memories, most all good, a few not so and before my mind slips a cog or two, I'd better get some of our experiences down for posterity.

The previous storm dropped huge amounts of snow over the Maritimes, New Brunswick in particular.  So far, it's been too cold here to have much snow, one benefit of bitterly cold weather...the snow flakes can't form.  Winter is not over yet.


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