Saturday, February 14, 2015

Please take some pictures of the African quilts to share with us.   I purchased some African fabric long ago but never made it as it was so stiff.  Processing must be much different.  Should have just washed it several times to see if it softened...
We are having almost 60 degree weather and sunshine.  It is an early spring with warning of no snow buildup for water reserves.  Lots of freezing fog this winter with  only 3 snowstorms.  I'm so thankful to see the tulips and daffodils poking their heads up through the soil.  And, thankful to get the debris out of the bed so I can see what is happening there.  Now to plant some summer bulbs.  Have a pink Asian lily, lily of the valley and two different kinds of 'rare' summer blooming daffodils.  They are doubles and ruffled.  Also have some dahlias to put in later.  We are still having heavy frosts.
The Tuscany quilt is finished.  It is a view from a window.  Have never been there so it is all from my imagination.  Learned a big lesson on this one:  I need a pattern, sketch or picture to work from.  This started with a beautiful sunset over the purple mountains in Tucson and grew into Tuscany.  It and the Montana quilt took years to finish because I didn't know where they were going.  My grandson, Austin, helped with the car.  It is a 1932 Chevy.  Am going to back it with canvas as there are many different layers and no batt.  Am thinking it may not hang well as the weight is uneven.  Will let you know how that goes.


At February 14, 2015 at 3:22 PM , Blogger RoseyP said...

This just in from a friend in Nashua, NH: "Here we GO again after 80in. so far this winter. We expect somewhere between 12-24in. with winds of 60-75 MPH
So I figure our smallish amount of about a foot and a half, paltry compared to what's been falling on the east coast and the Maritime Provinces. Not sure I can deal with hearing about tulips poking their heads through the garden, Mary Jo. We're still in the grips of the lowest freezing temperatures tonight and tomorrow apparently.

The African Quilt Exhibit was, as you thought, made by African Grandmothers...instead, it is to raise money through auctioning off the wall quilts, all of which were wonderful in themselves. It is sponsored by the Stephen Lewis Foundation (a former politician, who then worked for the UN) to raise money for African Grandmothers who are caring for grandchildren, sometimes up to 15 of them...when their husbands die of Aids....the site:

Gorgeous Tuscany quilt, Mary truly are an artist.

At February 15, 2015 at 12:53 AM , Blogger Bee said...

well done Mary-Jo. I have been making more and more scenic quilts. I have one big usual one to finish then I will only be making mixed media. If anyone gets the Quilting Arts see the dinner settings in the new issue. I need something on my kitchen wall and am so excited to see these place settings, will have to dye fabric again. I am a messy dyer but whatever.


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